Shaping And Initiating Intention To Direct Your Life


Living your life with intention is a key component to living a full, authentic life. The first step in living your life with intention is finding clarity in what you want to create. This starts with the belief that you have the power to create whatever you desire in your life. This is made a lot easier if you are aligned with your soul/higher self and your spiritual life plan. Being aligned with this blueprint can be the biggest challenge for most. While many understand they do indeed have the power to manifest their reality, there can be frustration because their desired outcome does not always happen as expected. A lot of the frustration happens because what the ego wishes is not aligned with the soul. But it’s a start in the right direction.

So how do you become aware of what your soul’s plan is? Begin by asking yourself what you want to create. This can include personal goals in career, family, health, relationships and your legacy. Answering all these questions will create clarity. A lot of times these goals will change, especially as you first begin. Don’t let that frustrate you. Even if you are not aligned with your higher self on these goals, as you continue to ask these questions and work toward goals, it eventually becomes clear.

This process allows you to get to know yourself. Some great tools for this include meditation, healing and energy work, and detoxification. It has been my experience that grounding into your physical body is the best place to start. Great ways to clear out toxins on a physical level include reevaluating your diet, stretching or yoga, and cardiovascular exercise. Physical exercise and dietary shifts move stagnant energy so it can be released. Flushing away toxins and releasing stuck energy help you think and see clearly, thus reconnecting the mind and body. Now your physical body can better receive your higher vibrational energy, which carries information about your purpose and helps you become grounded.

By shifting your physical energy, you also become more sensitive to your emotions and feelings. Be ready for a rollercoaster ride of unresolved emotions and feelings as your energy begins to flow. It helps to have presence while this is happening. Your ability to see yourself grounded and unattached from these emotions and feelings helps you resolve and let go of this stuck energy – but don’t be afraid to feel this energy. It takes persistence and commitment to move through. Energy work and dietary shifts are great ways to release this energy.

Each individual has certain foods that support their health and certain foods that they use to suppress emotions and feelings. The key piece is to find out how you are connecting with your food. Are you eating to sustain your health or is there some other motivation behind it? Becoming conscious about your eating habits takes practice, and you will learn a lot about yourself by making new agreements with your eating ritual. Clearing out old, stuck emotions can happen instantaneously or it may take years to sort through. But it is a key component to finding clarity in your life.

As you clear out your physical and emotional bodies, you will become aware of beliefs you carry. Beliefs are part of the blueprint of your energy body that allows energy to pass through or cuts it off. This is usually the place that causes the most resistance, because you sense something is off but you can’t put your finger on what it is. A lot of beliefs are subconscious, so it’s not a matter of just changing it because sometimes you’re not even aware that it exists! This is where coaching, meditation or other energy work can help. It takes a new, fresh perspective to find these hidden beliefs. And then it takes more persistence and commitment to change it to what you want! This is a major piece of living your life with intention. Your intention starts with how you intend to view yourself.

These beliefs hold so much power, because every cell in your body reacts to these beliefs and are programmed by them. The reason there is discomfort is that your negative or erroneous beliefs do not resonate with your original DNA programming or that of your highest self. This can lead to anxiety and stress. So when you feel this unease, continue to explore what belief is hidden. Again, it usually takes a different perspective to uncover these beliefs. Some ways to shift your perspective include working with a personal coach, talking with a mentor or friend who you trust to be open-minded and support your growth, or incorporating a new meditation that can view your current situation from a different lens.

Meditation is a great way to connect to your higher self or even someone you look up to, living or dead. Invite that person into your meditation space and observe yourself through their eyes. Seek advice and counsel from this person or being and quiet your mind. Ask them to show you the limiting belief that you are carrying. With practice, the answers will reveal themselves. Perhaps it will be during your meditation, or it may come about at another time. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself from this place.

Once you have identified the limiting belief, throw it away and create a new belief. You can create a ceremony and write the belief down, then light it on fire or just rip it up. Then write down on a new piece of paper what belief you want to replace it with. Continue to program your new belief into your system until it becomes automated. Perhaps you can do daily affirmations once or more each day. Or you can go over your list of new beliefs each day in your meditation. On an especially important belief or one that you are having a hard time implementing, write it down and carry it with you throughout the day. Do this for a month. Anytime you catch yourself in your old, limiting belief, take out the card and read it. Living your life with intention is not possible without a full appraisal of what beliefs you hold and programming the beliefs you desire.

It has been my experience, personally and by working with others, that this can be the most frustrating part of healing and connecting to intentional living. There are so many contradicting ideas all around that can steer you back into your old belief pattern. The media, friends and family members, job and economic stress and popular culture can pull you away from who you want to become. Stay true to yourself and continue your affirmations. Eventually you can create new beliefs and begin acting from them. Keep your chin up, smile, be able to laugh at yourself – make it a game.

Living your life with intention takes clarity and focus. Be very clear about who you are, who you want to become and what drives you. Release the debris (physical toxins, stuck emotions/feelings and limiting beliefs) so that you can find your true motivations. You’ll figure out soon enough if you’re being driven by your truth or by something or someone not authentic to your purpose. When you are clear about your path, you can focus your energy on creating it. Every action, every word, every thought you have can support your goal. Now you are living your life with intention. Now you are authentic.

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Bryan Bertsch
Bryan Bertsch is a Meditation Coach and Energy Healer living in Minneapolis, MN. Visit him online at Copyright © 2007 Bryan Bertsch. All Rights Reserved.


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