The Pleiadians: channeled by Jules Kennedy


An excerpt from The Risen, a text of valuable information for present-day consciousness

We are with you today as always to enforce and define for you, intention. It is very important when creating on the ascension plane to be clear in intention. Your intention is to serve and be served for the highest good of all concerned. The highest good, however, may be deceiving.

First and foremost, as co-creator with the God source, you must be served with intent for your own personal highest good in mind. You must allow the highest good to perform in your life. You know the highest good at any given time. You know that you serve God when you are operating from the highest good, when you are allowing in your experience the highest good. You serve and you instruct by this model. When you allow the highest good to be the momentum in your own personal experience, then you serve God and the planet very well.

When you intend for something to happen in your life, you must intend it with the highest good for all concerned. Perhaps you have not been intending lately. Perhaps you have forgotten to intend on the conscious level. When you are not operating from full consciousness, then you are intending most of your acts and experiences from subconscious desires and motivations. These will create chaos and what you call "negative experience." When you stay fully awake, fully conscious, you will intend with the highest good for all concerned, and your experience will become quite pleasant and quite plentiful.

Remember that intention goes hand-in-hand with motivation. To have a motivation, which provides the highest good for all concerned, you must be clear about your purpose in this lifetime. We do not say that you must be clear about what your career must be – we say you must be clear about your purpose. You need not be fully aware of your designated lifework to be clear about your purpose.

Your purpose is to serve God, the Creation of all that is. That is why you are here. You are co-creating with the Highest Power. That is your purpose. That is the purpose of each and every soul operating from the awakened consciousness. That is the purpose.

There are humans on your planet who do not operate from this motivation, from this purpose, for they know not their own Divine Source. It is a choice that the soul will make in each and every moment: to serve the highest good or remain asleep in the human form and serve the ego. The ego must serve the highest Self for the true balance of God, of Creation, to take place.

There are many who serve the ego. This is a lesser way of serving, of having experience, which will inevitably no longer exist on the earth planet. Those who remain asleep to the fact that they must serve the highest good will go elsewhere to complete their service to the ego. There will be those who will join you in service, but they must join you from the spirit realm, for their physical bodies had become too rigid, too fragmented from spirit, from Source. Therefore, they could no longer operate with intention for the highest good within the physical form. They still assist in world service from a realm beyond the physical. You most likely have chosen to stay in physical form and serve the highest good.

To serve the highest good, you will need to serve the Self as Divine Creator with God. You must nurture the Self and take care of Self. This may mean that you act desperately to remove yourself from dangerous situations. For when you serve the highest Divine good, you can no longer serve the ego. You will find that your systems, institutions and large corporate entities serve the ego of one or few individuals. This will not work when serving the highest good. You will find that if you continue to serve the ego while desiring to serve the highest good, your body may react via physical ailment and legitimately shut down. This will not work. Listen to your body. Listen to your emotion. Listen to your mind.

If you rattle on and on with judgment and negative talk, it may be that you are in a situation that does not serve the highest good, but serves the ego of one or a few. This can be very disconcerting to the light worker, for it may look as if there is no way out. We stress that you begin once again to operate with the intention of serving the highest good of all concerned.

When you begin working with this intention (and you solidify this intention in your life), the experience of serving others through serving the ego will disappear. You will begin to look at your experience in different ways. You will begin to serve the highest good within structures that feed the ego. Therefore, those structures will begin to change, because you have brought divine intention into your workplace. You will continue with tasks that once may have seemed agonizing, because you were operating from subconscious intentions and motivations. Now you will operate from the high intention of serving the highest good, whatever you may be doing.

You will become clear that your purpose is to serve creation. It will be then that whatever you do will become divine. Creation will become blessed. All activity then will become a service to God. As you do this, you will find your experience becoming quite exalted. You will find your Creation becoming quite intense and complex, yet it will appear to be very simple. You will begin to serve yourself as the highest Self in co-creation with God. You will no longer disrespect the self-eliminating, negative self-talk and self-image. You will see yourself as the divinity that you are. This will not be a glorified ego structure; it is divine inspiration from which you will operate.

Your intention is to serve the highest good for all concerned. Your purpose becomes clarified as that of serving creation. When you function from this place in consciousness it is inevitable that you will ascend into the goodness that you are. So Be It.

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