A Conversation with Guest Speaker Donna Fox


The Akashic Records and You: Forgiveness, Love and The Divine
Saturday, Edgelife Expo 2005 | Nov. 5 | 11:00-12:30 p.m. in Room 101 AB
Tickets: $18 through Nov. 2 $20 at the door, available at (612) 604-4466 or uptowntix.com

Donna Fox, an Akashic Records Teacher and Life/Business Coach, is based in Cleveland, Ohio, but she’s a well-known speaker and teacher in the Twin Cities. In fact, the popularity of her workshop at the first Edge Life Expo still resounds in the Minneapolis Convention Center, five years later. And interest remains high in the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records are the individual records of each Soul’s journey since the beginning of time. Every thought, word and deed is registered in the Akasha and these records can be accessed to gain clarity, expand creativity and heal relationships. Like many people, I really wanted to know more about them and how they could assist me in a practical way in my life. I called Donna this morning and found her story fascinating.

I was curious about who this woman is, what led her down this path and how she learned to open and read the Akashic Records. Donna has a warm personality and a great sense of humor, so I know that those who come to see her at the Edge Life Expo are in for a treat.

Her story is amazing, but I can only touch upon a few highlights here. She first became interested in personal growth as a teenager and credits her mother for teaching her that there is no middle man to God. Then after her husband died of a massive heart attack at age 40, he visited Donna and her three young children several times from the other side. A year later, she heard him say, “Okay baby, I gotta go!” And he was gone. Donna remarried five years later and has been happily married for 22 years now.

These visits, in conjunction with out of body experiences (OBEs) that started occurring around the same time Donna’s husband died, heightened her passion to pursue a spiritual path. Back then, books, information and classes were not as readily available as they are now. Eventually Donna studied The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Fritz, which is about the power of choice and creating what you want. She also spent four years going to a Mystery School with Jean Houston and studied in Michigan with Angel Gail Konz. But it was while studying with a healer in Sedona, Ariz., that she was introduced to a woman from Chicago who told her about the Akashic Records.

Tell us about this experience.
Donna Fox:
The energy of the word Akasha attracted me, so I had a reading done, studied and learned how to open up my own records and those of others. I now speak at expos all over the country on my work with the Records. The energy of the word is so special and attracts so many people who don’t even know what it means.

Ellena Liberman was the first teacher to be named by Mary Parker, and about seven years later I was one of the first four teachers named after Ellena by Mary. This took place before there was an official training program or Akashic Records Consultants International (ARC) was created. In fact, I am one of the founding members of ARC International.

She learned the prayer which opens the records from a man by the name of Johnny Prochaska, who learned it from a Mayan woman. So the prayer that I use is a vibrational key and it increases the frequency and the vibration to make the information accessible. The work that I do and the prayer I teach is to teach people how to consciously access the records so they can work with journaling and understanding and in conversation with the masters, teachers and loved ones of the Akasha. The prayer was translated from Mayan to Spanish to English. This prayer was actually brought forward to the Mayans from the Pleiadians.

The whole purpose of the work is that it has to be an empowering exercise. A consultation is based 100 percent on the client’s questions. Open-ended questions work best. For example, “What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining a healthy loving and relationship?” Or another question might be, “What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining the abundance of the universe?”

Can you give me a specific example of someone who came to you for a consultation (no names please) and how that helped the person?
Oh sure! I was dealing with a woman who asked the question, “What is blocking me from standing in my own truth and power?” What was shown to me was a picture of a Roman soldier at the foot of Jesus being crucified. Now clearly, this is not my orientation, because I am Jewish. I wouldn’t come up with it, because I don’t identify with the crucifixion. Although Judaism is my tradition, I am very ecumenical.

This picture was very vivid and the soldier was crying. So I told her and she said, “Oh my god, I know exactly what that is about! That was a lifetime where I didn’t stand up and speak my truth. That’s where it started.”

When I open the records for people, they’re sitting in the same energy as I am. I never interpret for them. I just share what I get, whether its a picture or a word stream or something I hear or feel. So, from that point, she was able to understand what her core issue was and then she could move through her stuff. That was really poignant to her, because she got it right away. She didn’t stand up for Jesus even though she believed in him. So what I saw here was a past-life flash.

The best thing for people to do if they really want to know how they can benefit is to come to my talks that I will be doing at the Edge Life Expo. I’ll be doing a free talk on Friday and a paid one on Saturday.

Please tell us more about what you will be doing at the Edge Life Expo and how people can prepare for it.
On Friday, we’re going to talk about the global situation. There is a thing that I have called “The Global Day of Understanding,” where once a month I open the records to understand. So I will bring forth a message about the current events. That’s why there won’t be a lot of time for personal questions.

On Saturday, a lot of information about the Akashic Records will be shared, plus there will be a message that is brought forth specifically for the group. The group energy is going to be the barometer of the specifics on this, but it has a lot to do with releasing yourself from the trap of “why” (i.e. Why did this happen? Why can’t I do this?) and choosing a path of greatness. People also will have a lot of time to ask both personal questions and questions about my work. They’ll experience the energy and what happens, because I’ll actually show them how to consciously open the records. That’s why it’s so valuable, especially if they’re drawn to this work.

Do you also have a booth at the Expo?
Yes, I’ll be in booth No. 310. I’ll be scheduling consultations and offering a new Soul Path Reading. You can also sign up for a drawing for a free phone consultation. My two CDs will be for sale. The one called Remembering Your Magnificence is about all the things you wanted to hear as a kid, but didn’t. The other is on forgiveness and includes an energy shift meditation.

Also, please stop by to pick up information on my upcoming classes which will be held in Minneapolis. I’ll be teaching a Level One on Nov. 12-13 in which you learn to open your own records and work with them. Level Two will be taught Nov. 18-20 and you will learn to open other’s records and work with them. I’m offering a special Expo discount, so plan on signing up then or before. The classes also include a personal consultation. I’m gathering questions now for a book I’m writing called “Ask the Akasha,” so everyone please e-mail me with human behavior or global questions that you have.

Donna Fox can be contacted at (216) 691-1233 or e-mail [email protected]

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