A Conversation with Guest Speaker Insiah V. Beckman


Connect to Your Higher Purpose and Release Your Fears
Edgelife Expo 2005 | Friday, Nov. 4 | 3-5:30 p.m. in Room 101 C
Tickets: $10 through Nov. 2 $12 at the door, available at (612) 604-4466 or uptowntix.com

Insiah V. Beckman, co-owner of Edge Life and a holistic healer who helps reconnect people with the frequency of love, will join with Michael Underwood at Edge Life Expo in offering techniques to assit people in releasing their fears. She will demonstrate several meditative techniques to help you find peace within yourself. Once you have achieved your Inner Peace, you will touch many others bringing them serenity and also create a reversal on the chaos all around us.

Insiah, as an inspiring co-creator of the expo, what is the main message you want to share with people who attend Edge Life Expo 2005?
Insiah V. Beckman:
There is no better place than The Edge Life Expo to receive and experience several modalities of self-healing and soul awakening. We have several great speakers who provide tools for inner peace and balance and just as many who are well versed in several methods of alternative healing for a minimal fee, plus many one-hour workshops that are free. Every booth at the Expo provides numerous services in all these modalities – some of these services are free and others charge a fraction of the cost to introduce you to a holistic way of life. Where else can you get such a wealth of experience in self-improvement and spiritual growth to improve your life and collectively improve the lives of all those you touch?

How can someone who is not feeling love, or is feeling as far away from love as ever right now, reconnect to it?
People are so lost and confused with all the chaos and fear that abounds around them. This is all part of old paradigms of programming – fear and abuse from past association with family members, mentors, teachers, religions…and the list goes on and on. Of primary importance is to clear old, destructive patterning and to reconnect to your God self. Your God self is your essence or the Spirit within you, that part of you that knows no fear That part of you that just IS – that part of you that has no agenda and is pure Unconditional Love.

In this world of duality, it is not always easy. Practice will bring you results. Find a quiet place where you will you will not be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths to get into a relaxed state. Move away from your mind and focus on your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. Visualize this beautiful white light from source, or creator or God or whatever name that resonates with you for the Great Spirit – the essence of all that is, immersing your whole being and merging with your spirit. Feel the oneness with all life and creation.

When you are in that place, all fear leaves you and you begin to understand LOVE in its true essence. You begin to understand that all that goes on around you is part of an evolution of not only self, but also all creation.

How can each of us, in our daily lives, integrate spirit more fully so we radiate that spirit in our everyday activities? Are there simple practices you do that might benefit all of us?
I learned recently that we are: “Spirit having a Human Experience.” As such, we get caught up in the duality of this place we inhabit. The Human side and the Spirit side: the human side with all the passions of the mind, some good and some not so good; and the Spirit side, which is your conscience that nudges you to follow the truth. Follow your conscience, or train yourself to look at everything without judgment. If an experience does not resonate with you, ask yourself, “Why did I bring that experience into my life? What lessons do I have to learn from it?” By doing that, you don’t get caught up in the drama of the day-to-day mundane activities of the lower mind.

Look at creation with love and joy so that you radiate that spirit wherever you go. It is amazing how a kind word or gesture, even a smile, can make a broken spirit soar from the depths of despair.

What is your perception of what is taking place right now on Earth with regard to the evolution of consciousness?
We are co-creators. What you see around us is part of our collective consciousness. We are in a cause and effect field. There is a lot of release of old destructive patterning going on presently. We have to hold our horses and remain in a state of peace and balance so that we reflect that to others around us and affect the collective simultaneously.

You and Michael Underwood will be speaking on “Connect to your Higher Purpose and Release your Fears.” What do you hope to share with people during this talk?
Moving from Fear to Love and connecting to your Soul’s Purpose on why you are here. Every Spirit has its own journey – some make a difference in a quiet way and others with bells and whistles. Every soul comes with a specific contract and agrees to take this life’s journey to learn specific lessons for its growth or evolution. Sometimes, they go off course and get into all forms of self-destructive patterns. It is so important to forgive one’s self instead of getting into states of remorse and fear. When you work from a place of fear, chaos sets in, and all aspects of balance and harmony leave out of the door. We have a loving God who loves you every moment of your life, without judgment and without conditions. Why put limitations on yourself when you have free will and you are a co-creator?

How can a guest to Edge Life Expo make the most of the experience?
I cannot emphasize enough how spiritually enriching it will be for seekers of truth to visit the Edge Life Expo. It is an opportunity not to be missed with so many options of intergrative healing and spiritual growth under one roof.

Any closing thoughts?
I wish to thank all the wonderful participants, speakers and exibitors, especially those that have supported us over the years – helping us create this phenomenal event and giving people in the Midwest the opportunity to change their lives for the better. For all their energy and input to make this event a success, I thank: my husband Gary Beckman, the visionary; to Michael Underwood, our Expo Director; to our wonderful and talented Editor Tim Miejan; our Sales Manager Cathy Shaffer; our sales staff Carol Muller and Tim Shank (website); and Production Manager Steve Hokenson.

Contact Insiah V. Beckman at [email protected] or call (763) 427-1312.

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