A Conversation with Guest Speaker Lynn Young


Lynn Young, who grew up in Chicago and the Twin Cities, is of Native American descent and is the daughter, granddaughter and great-granddaughter of highly intuitive women – women who connected with beings in the spirit world, with Indian chiefs and with guides who would assist them and others in their lives. And she herself, born into this spiritual lineage, also is highly intuitive, but she didn’t own her gift until after years of squelching her insight with alcohol and other drugs.

She chose to become sober in her early 20s when she became pregnant with her children, and she now has been sober for 26 years. On Dec. 12, 1993, during a 12-12 event at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis, she became a vehicle through whom a spirit being called "G" began to impart important wisdom about living in this material world to all people who would listen.

During a conversation in her home in the west metro area, Lynn Young spoke with Edge Life about her initial connection with her gift to channel "G" and her upcoming channeling at Edge Life Expo.

Will you share the inspiring moment in your life when you reconnected with the channeling?

Lynn Young: I had been diagnosed with a tumor and I was going in to have surgery, and then I had an experience where I literally had an out-of-body experience for the first time. There was a moment when I thought I was dying. I saw my body lying there. At first I didn’t know it was me. I looked down and saw this lady, and then I realized that lady was me and that they were operating on me.

It was then that I heard this voice from behind, and when I turned around I saw this really beautiful light – and I saw a figure standing there.

I asked, "Am I dead? Am I dying?"

And he said, "No."

And I said, "Well, good." (laughter)

He said he wanted to show me something. I was at Methodist Hospital, which had an oncology ward for children with cancer. I just saw this beautiful being of light and I followed him. We went down to a six-bed unit on the ward, and when he walked in the children all screamed, "It’s Good! Good’s here to see us!"

The kids all addressed him and talked to him. I remember there was a little girl in a bed. I believe her name was Emily, and you could tell that she was probably on the last turn of her life. As I sat there watching, Good stood there and he said, "Are you ready, Emily?"

And she says, "Yeah, but I’m worried about my mommy."

And he said, "It’s okay. She’ll be okay."

And then she just got up, and then "G," Good, took a hold of her hands and pulled her. A pinhole of light in the wall right behind the bed got bigger and bigger until it almost looked like a circular door opening. I so much wanted to go to the light. I felt a pull like I wanted to go. Good put his hand on me, and it calmed me. It felt like, "This isn’t your time."

I saw these shadows in the circular door of light in the wall, and they were getting larger, coming towards us. All of a sudden Emily shouts, "Grandma!" She ran to her grandmother and they hugged. The little girl was so cute, because she turned to another figure and said, "You’re my uncle Jessie!"

He says, "Yes, I am."

And she says, "I have your picture. Mommy has pictures of you." I was under the impression that he was killed in a motorcycle accident before she was born. Emily had never known him, but she recognized him from his picture. They were there for a while and then Emily said, "What will we do?"

And her grandmother said, "Well, what do you want to do?"

For me at the time, I realized that there is so much more to life and death that we’re not truly open to in our hearts. I stood there and I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I kept thinking, "Okay, wake up, wake up!"

All of a sudden, Emily said, "Well, I want to see my mommy." And then, suddenly the mother came in the room. She must have been out getting a drink, because she had a cup of coffee in her hands. I remember it clearly, because it fell out of her hands when she realized her daughter was gone. It was like I was watching the cup fall in slow motion.

She yells out, "Emily! Oh my God! Emily!" And she was holding her daughter’s hand and crying on the bed, picking her up and kind of rocking her. All of a sudden Emily reached over and touched her mom’s hand and took in a breath of air, and then the tears were quiet, silent, like her mother knew. You could see a sense of relief on her face, like her daughter had told her that she was okay now.

That she was at peace now.

Young: Right. Then her grandmother said, "Mommy will be okay now. C’mon with Grandma." And they went into the light. When I looked at that circular opening in the room, it was like a camera’s aperture, almost closing and it was gone.

"G," whom the children called Good at the time, went over and he put his arms around Emily’s mother. She had gotten off the bed and was standing there, and it was weird, looking at him as he was holding her, and she had her head on his shoulder.

We went down to the church chapel. As we went in, he said, "Do you feel that?"

And I said, "No."

He said, "That’s the problem. You can’t feel love. This place is supposed to be a place of comfort and a place of love – and you don’t feel it."

He raised his arms and a warm feeling, an overwhelming feeling, came over me. I realized that he had filled this little chapel with love.

He said to me, "This, this is the mission. This is what will be. Teaching the world about love."

And I said, "That’s good."

And he said, "Yes, it is."

"G" first came to you at the 12-12 event at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community. What did you experience?

Young: I remember standing there. I could feel my heart, the wind, like my hair was blowing back. It was incredible. That was the night that Good, or "G," came through me. I didn’t channel him there, but that was the night that the gift was given to me. I walked out of there and I channeled almost immediately, but I had no idea where it was coming from, had no way of controlling it.

It was very hard in the beginning. I would go out. I would go to the light, hang out at the light and that would be it and then I’d come back, be in the body and I’d have to hear from everybody else what happened because I’m a full body. I have no memory at all. I’m fully disconnected from the physical when "G" is in my body. What they wanted was pure information, without any filters.

I got to that point where I finally realized that I needed to get better at doing this, because I had quit for a while. I got scared. I have been doing it for almost 12 years and I was still very much in the closet. I didn’t tell people about it. I’d have small sessions with one or two people. I think the biggest session I had in the beginning was maybe five, six people. I didn’t want to be ridiculed for what I was doing, and so I was very shy about exposing myself.

Then all of a sudden, people started hearing about it. A friend would tell a friend, and then the group got huge – and then it kind of fell apart. I decided not to take it personally, because everybody has their own dynamics – so I became able to separate myself from people’s issues and bring "G" in. I had quit for a while because I have a sister who is a born-again Christian who told me that I was evil and that I was bringing the devil in.

Tell me about "G."

Young: He is very loving, in fact he’s very enduring. We have several men in the group who are very warmed by "G" and very empowered by him. It’s amazing to watch how everyone is transformed by him. I look at people and they’re not the same people that I knew. You watch their lives change from the experience. I now know that I am a servant to "G" and that I am here to do his will. Whatever it is he needs, I will be the vessel or the vehicle by which it comes.

Now, over the course of the twelve years that you’ve channeled G, have you, you’ve started recording things so you could actually listen to it yourself?

Young: Yes, and it’s funny, when I first heard it I was in a disagreement with the stuff he was saying, because I said, "Well, I don’t believe that."

And Pat goes, "Well you have to believe that."

And I’m like, "I do?" I was just so shocked.

Then I started realizing that "G" was breaking down the whole religious matrix issue and duality and bringing us back to a place of unconditional love where you’re not defined by your religion, you’re not defined by what you do. You’re defined by your own goodness within. When he wrote the Enlightened Principles I was just shocked. He has written principles in a series of nine. We’re now up to 63. "G" says that when you live these principles and apply them to your life, your life is a guarantee to be full of success.

But he always says, "When I become more important than the message that I bring, I am done." It means he’s not looking to be worshipped or followed. He says it’s important to empower people to be better and to know that they are God incarnate, that they’re God’s image. He keeps stressing to us that we create everything in our greatest good.

He said, "I gave one law."

And we all kind of sat there, staring at him saying, "You did?"

He said, "Yeah. One law. That which makes you sick also heals you."

Source grants us everything we want, and our words, thoughts, feelings, actions and emotions, create for us. That’s our power, our creation power – and he talks about that.

What are you going to be talking about at the Expo?

Young: We are talking about the transformation of the Master path. It’s about transforming ourselves to walk a more Master-enlightened path on the journey. "G" talks about the journey and how, if we do the steps of transformation, it will literally change and transform your life, just by doing the steps.

I’ll be channeling. The whole session will be "G." I can do crowds, but I’m really glad he’s teaching it. (laughter) I’m really glad he’s getting up there, because he really has the understanding. I’m really glad that I’m able to be removed from it so that it’s pure information, not filtered through another person or another person’s ideas.

I know I have walked a very hard road in this lifetime and I keep asking, "Okay, when it’s going to get easier?"

And I heard, "When you ask for it."

"G" always says to ask for your highest good and with great ease!

What is "G" saying about the times we’re living in right now?

Young: His biggest concern is that we are walking in a time where unconditional love is literally absent. We live in a physical, human, conditioned love, but actual unconditional love that does not judge, that does not persecute or put down or ridicule or even have an expectation behind it is absent in the world. People are so busy trying to make other people do things. It’s like everybody’s trying to drive each other’s car. We’re constantly trying to say, "My way’s the right way. This is the only way."

And "G" said that you can’t even count how many ways to find Source, so you can’t limit it to one way. Every person on this planet has his or her own language. Each soul speaks a language. It really comes down to us finding our language, finding our soul’s language, so that we can move forward, empowering ourselves. It’s not to put another person down because they believe differently. It’s respecting and honoring that and knowing that whatever choice they make that’s the language their soul speaks – and we have to honor all that. There is no right or wrong to any road. I’ve tried every religion out there, and in every part I have found Source somewhere, somehow. Something "G" said left me with such a profound impact. He said, "Religion is man’s expectation of God. Spiritualism is God’s knowing of man."

And when he said that, I realized that it became personal, that the journey now is about a personal relationship with Source, a personal place within my heart and yours and whoever’s around.

I just have been very fortunate and very blessed, and honored, that I am one that "G" decided to talk through. I’ve got to tell you there were times I wish I didn’t. It’s very overwhelming and people demand a lot from you. But what I realized is that even in the demand, as long as I stay here, centered in myself, moving forward is so easy. So in my life, and in the journey, I’ve just been very blessed with this opportunity to serve others.

One thing that "G" has said for the past 11 or 12 years is the importance of "capturing the moment," because the moment is the only time we have the power to change. The past is done and the future’s not here yet, so all we have is this very moment, this very moment when we can change our lives. It is where we have our power.

He says, "If you capture one moment and then another moment and place them side by side, they become the whole sum of one’s life. Let’s make sure that when you capture that moment, you are at your finest and at your most perfect." That’s what I would hope for anyone.



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