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Michael Underwood is a spiritual teacher, healer, minister, psychic and professional musician. He performs public speaking on spiritual principles, positive motivation and team building for spiritual and corporate organizations, and conducts individual and group sessions on how to balance and use spiritual principles. At Edge Life Expo, he will join Insiah Beckman in workshop that will teach you how to connect to your higher purpose through wisdom and understanding, and help you to discover why you are here and what to do with your life on this earth.

What was the defining moment in your life when you chose to focus on the inner, spiritual dimensions of yourself?
Michael Underwood:
Throughout my entire life, I have had an interest in religion and metaphysics. When I first moved to Minnesota in 1990, I was going through major change in my life, my Dark Night of the Soul. During this deep dark time in my life, to survive, I started my search for a better way to live my life. Through the guidance of my angels and guides, I was brought to the teachings I present today.

Did you realize your higher purpose for living by yourself? What help did you have in learning why you are alive?
Yes and no, through much guidance of a higher power and the many wonderful souls around me, the light started to come on. The actual realization came through myself, but I could not have done it without the help that was given to me.

You and Insiah will be speaking on "Connect to your Higher Purpose and Release your Fears." What do you hope to share with people during this talk?
We hope to pass on the tools and guidance that has been given to us through the many years of our work. When you have lived in this place of fear and have experienced the release with the help of others, you wish to share this gift. I will talk about the basis of our fears and ways to break through and connect with our higher power. Insiah will share guidance and meditation to help experience this breakthrough.

What is the source of fear in our lives?
The source of most fear is based on guilt. Many times we feel that we have done something wrong or bad in our lives. We are taught through religion that God will punish those who have "sinned," so we go through life feeling we have not done all that is good, all the time. We become afraid of decisions we make and what we choose to do, and we’re afraid that we will be punished or something bad is going to happen to us.

Realize that we make the best decisions we know how at the time. Today we have different information to review that decision than on the day that we made it. So don’t judge or beat yourself up. Humans are not perfect and are not meant to be perfect. Maybe as a soul we are here to experience what it is like to not be perfect. The point is to realize that all we do and all decisions we make are not to be judged and are not judged by a higher power, but we are to cherish the wisdom we gain from the experiences. Thus, we live life embracing every experience and decision we make with love and excitement, instead of fear, growing wiser each day.

A life filled with light often seems confronted with the shadows or darker aspects of this worldly experience. How do we resolve things in our lives that appear to be "less spiritual?"
Embrace what appears to be shadows or darker aspects of this world. As you experience theses aspects, you learn what their characteristics are – and how to change them into light. Change comes from within things in life, not from without. Use the wisdom of those who have passed through these worlds to help yourself and others be the shinning light in the darkness.

Never judge someone or an experience being as good or bad but take time to understand the wisdom that is being offered. This is how we resolve things in our lives that appear to be "less spiritual."

How can each of us, in our daily lives, integrate spirit more fully so we radiate that spirit in our everyday activities? Are there simple practices you do that might benefit all of us?
Take time to meditate, to go within, to know yourself for who your are. Each and every one of us are individually unique souls and have individually unique gifts to offer. Our mission is to discover what our unique gift is and to share this gift with the world. Then on a daily basis just be you. Live being you and not what you believe someone else wants you be. Do this on a daily basis and the spirit in your heart will shine through.

Any closing thoughts?
Just do your best and "Just Be You!"

Contact Michael Underwood at (612) 590-1609, toll-free 1 (866) 381-3343 or e-mail [email protected]

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