A Conversation with Guest Speaker Rita Louise, Ph.D.


Rita Louise, Ph.D. runs a private practice and is a professor of Health Studies at Westbrook University. She is a medical intuitive and a Naturopathic Doctor and has written two books, Avoiding the Cosmic 2×4 and The Power Within: A Psychic Healing Primer. Based in Dallas, Texas, her passion is to help people understand themselves as energy beings, so that they can take responsibility for their health. I spoke with Dr. Louise about her life and work and upcoming appearance at the Edge Life Expo.

I read that at age 12 you were already seeking spiritual self-discovery. Where did this interest originate and how did you pursue it?
Rita Louise:
When I was 12, I loved a show on TV about a mentalist called The Amazing Kreskin. There was also a TV series called The Sixth Sense. Don’t confuse this with the movie of the same name. It had a character named Dr. Michael Rhodes who was a college professor who was interested in paranormal investigations. Dr. Rhodes had ESP. He would use his ESP to solve a case or to avert negative things from happening. I was enthralled by this show.

One of the rules in our house was that we had to read a book a week, so I started reading everything I could find on ESP and related matter, but not on witchcraft. Then I was turned on by Carlos Castaneda. I grew up near Woodstock, N.Y., so there was the whole hippie thing going on and there really was access to spiritual information like the book Be Here Now.

One of the things I learned from Eastern philosophy was that if you became enlightened, you would have psychic abilities as a by-product of enlightenment. So, I just kept reading and reading, because I wanted to have an experience where I would touch something and I would see this person floating around a room, which is what I saw on TV. That just drove me on. So I did that in the 70s. Then the 80s were all full of personal growth. That’s when Louise Hay came out. I studied astrology, numerology and tarot, thinking that if I kept playing with this stuff, somehow in there I would become psychic. But years went by and I still was not "psychic."

When did you finally realize you were psychic yourself?
When I was 30, I found the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I had lived two blocks away for two years and didn’t even know it. And I didn’t find it for another five years. When you’re ready, the teacher will come. Basically, you learn by doing. The institute had a healing clinic and all the psychics would sit in a row working on a client. It was like how, if you’re listening to a conversation, you can kind of track it with your mind, but you don’t really think anything of it. Well, that’s what I was doing.

In class, a woman who ran a beauty salon came in. She was losing business, because her beauticians were leaving and taking their clients with them. At that time in my class, evening people who had completed this portion of the training decided to come in, so there were five additional readers who were more experienced, as opposed to just beginners. So they were sitting there talking to this lady, "Oh, you have this past-life agreement about this, and a present-life contract about that…."

And I was sitting there thinking, "But that’s not getting butts in her chairs!" I didn’t see how that was helping this woman.

But while they were talking, in my mind I kept seeing this woman with long red hair walking up to her work space, taking her purse and slamming it down. When the others finished talking and asked if anyone had anything else, I raised my hand. We were expected to talk with our eyes closed, so I closed my eyes and said, "Did you have someone with long red hair working for you?"

She said, "Yeah."

I said, "Well, when she left was she very angry?"

She said, "Yeah."

I said, "Well, her anger energy is keeping people from coming into the shop."

Now I just blew this off because it wasn’t anything different than what I had been doing for years. Then I opened my eyes and the entire row of psychics were bent over in their chairs with their mouths open, staring at me. What that experience did for me was to validate all the other weird, freaky experiences that I had had in my life. One example is a time when I walked up to a gentleman with whom I worked. I meant to say "Good morning." He hadn’t been in the day before and I found myself saying, "Well, where were you yesterday? Having a check for a brain tumor?"

He turned around and walked out of the room, because that is exactly where he had been! It totally validated that experience for me. I had seen people’s past lives and I had known what I was going to get for Christmas and things like that. It explained why people would call me Radar, and why people thought I was a witch.

You are a Naturopathic Physician. What is that?
A Naturopathic Physician is a holistic doctor who works with people using herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements – anything that is non-invasive to the body. Regular doctors are allopathic, because they give you things that are not natural, and they do surgery. Many Naturopaths work with herbs and supplements, but it really does open the door to doing energy work, to work with flower essences, color therapy and anything that’s non-invasive to the body.

When I work with clients, I have them give me a bit of history and ask what they want to work on. For a long time, I would just ask the person’s name and I would start at the top of his head and would meticulously work through the body. I would look at the brain, the blood flow through the brain. I would look at the eyes, ears, sinuses and the rest of the body, looking for signs of irritation and things that were wrong.

Looking physically or psychically?
Psychically. That’s what a medical intuitive does. So I do an assessment and make recommendations. One of the things that comes up with the assessment is the psycho-spiritual components that sit behind the disease. For example, I had a woman who came with fibroids. I asked her if she was in a relationship and she said, "Yeah."

I said, "Well, you need to dump him, because one of the things you are doing is giving away all of your energy. You’re doing all of the nurturing and not being nurtured. Your body is showing you that by irritation in your uterus and manifesting the fibroids."

She dumped him and her fibroids went away.

What will you be doing at the Edge Life Expo?
In my booth (No. 211), I will be doing medical intuition evaluations and clairvoyant readings and life coaching. My workshop is "Introduction to Energy Medicine." I’ll talk about using our own energy to create changes in the subtle energy system. People will have the opportunity to explore their own subtle energy and create healing on each other in the class. It’s going to be a really exciting workshop. People will also have a lot of opportunities in an open forum to ask questions regarding medical intuition.

Any parting message for our readers?
I just look forward to helping them bring help, healing and wholeness back into their lives.

For more information on Rita Louise, Ph.D., visit www.soulhealer.com, e-mail [email protected] or call (972) 475-3393.

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