A Conversation with Guest Speaker Wendi Moore-Buysse

Intuitive readers, or people who are sensitive to vibrations and can receive information from the past, present and future spontaneously, have been with us throughout eternity. Their gifts have helped others navigate life’s often-uncertain path. Intuitives have always been a part of Edge Life Expo, because intuitive life coaching is beneficial to all those who are open to such guidance. In addition to a special room of intuitives at the expo, a special workshop is introduced for the second consecutive year: The Psychic Panel. Wendi Moore-Buysse, instrumental in forming the group in the Twin Cities, speaks to us about the panel and what it offers the public.

Wendi, what can those who attend the Psychic Panel at the 2005 Edge Life Expo expect to experience?
Wendi Moore-Buysse:
Attendees can expect readings, new information and a possible shift in perception – on many levels. Every time a psychic gives a reading, she or he tunes into the personal flow of the person, any energetic flow going on outside of (yet interacting with) that person, and the Universal flow, which is a much higher state of awareness where we all interact with God, the Universe, the Creator or whatever you choose to call it. When several psychics get together, they can carry a much stronger, unified energy current, and because there are more of them, they are able to bring in more information than one psychic could.

Will there be any change in the psychics who will appear on the panel at the Expo?
Yes. This year, there will be Nicole Newlin, Patty Morris, Jessalyn Devereaux, Frank Sowada, Hanakia Zedek and me. We also will have one new member. We have not made the announcement yet as to whom that will be. The Psychic Panel



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