Authentic Freedom


Authentic Freedom©
by Lauri Lumby Schmidt

In a world that’s filled with darkness and pain,
Where lives are lost while power is gained,
Fear is the ruler it seems to the eye,
If that’s your choice – is it truth or a lie?

Fear is illusion as are darkness and pain.
Truth is the light in which you can remain
if embracing the path that’s been offered to you.
Freedom the promise when you live what is true.

It’s a path that’s well worn by those who would dare
to blaze it before us; their spirits still there.
Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and friends,
Buddha and Gandhi, a list without end.
Magdalene, Mary, Shiva, Kuan Yin,
The list just goes on – Oh Where to begin?

The point is the truth transcends limitation.
Universal to all, from nation to nation.
Fear is the lie we’re called to release,
No longer prisoner or slave to the beast.

Authentic Freedom the quest from on high.
New life the promise, the old one must die.
Arise from the tomb of darkness and fear,
knowing contentment and joy are quite near.

Shifting perceptions – first step on the path.
Perceiving from love instead of from wrath.
Name now the fears that hold you at bay,
Inviting the truth instead now to stay.
The choice now is yours for free will your gift.
A life lived in fear or in peace truth will lift
you from this existence that feels much like hell.
Pure joy and contentment now in you will dwell.
Recalling the truth of the Presence Divine,
It reigns in your heart in THIS MOMENT sublime.
Not in some distant unattainable time,
But right now within you it’s waiting to shine.

So take heart, be strong, courageous and daring.
Archangels herald truth, hear their trumpets blaring?
Peel back the layers of darkness and pain
while heaven rings out the joyful refrain.
For the greatest wish of the Source that is you
Is to authentically be and live what is true.
To be your true self, both inside and out
Is what this whole journey of life is about!

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Lauri Lumby Schmidt is a native of Minneapolis, is married and the mother of two. She is a trained Spiritual Director, Reiki Master and writer. Lauri has worked in the field of Pastoral Ministry for the past 10 years accompanying both individuals and groups on their spiritual journeys. She is the creator and facilitator of several programs and retreats including: "Chakra Prayer", "Authentic Freedom", "Spirit Dance" and "The Prayer of Divine Attunement". Lauri is the founder of "The Age of the Spirit" intentional community and Spiritual Director of the Harmony Wellness Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Part One of an eight-part poem to be published by Kid by Kid, Inc. Copyright pending


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