Catching Up With Your Life!


Welcome to the river of life! You have an inner tube to float along in. It is yours and will never be taken away from you. Float with me down this river of life. We can’t see where the river is going, we can’t see around the next bend, but look there – over you head – and grab that fruit off the overhanging branch and taste the gifts of the river. There are many more branches with all kinds of delicacies here in the river.

Look at all those who float along with us! Honest people, healers, good people who want to float here and experience life and live their lives to the fullest.

Here comes a boulder in the water. You will just float around it. Don’t worry about the obstacles. They come and they go, but you are in your inner tube and always safe.

The river is quickening now. People are saying there are rapids up ahead. Some people are trying to climb out of the river. Look at them holding onto the boulders, clinging to them, fighting against the water. Some are scrambling up the river banks, standing still, watching the river of life go by them. They look sad, don’t they, scared to ride this river?

But we are not scared! We go through the rapids like a great Disneyland adventure! We come out the other side just fine, even if we got a little wet. We see more gifts hanging on branches over the water that we can easily reach. The people on the river banks can’t reach these gifts from there. They must get back into the river if they want these gifts. Let’s holler to them!

"Come on! The water is fine! You are safe here! You belong here! We will be with you! Come on in!"

Maybe one will come out of his or her rut, back to living life – and we will be happy about that.

I hear the rushing of a water fall. Do you? Oh boy, hang on! This will be a big adventure! Swoosh! Over we go, tumbling around and bobbing back up, laughing and quite wet indeed! What an adventure that was! We are safe throughout this ride, and we know it, no matter what happens.

We know there are more bends in the river, but we don’t know what they will bring. We know there are more boulders in the river, but we know not to cling to them. We don’t need to. We know other people are standing on the river banks too scared to travel this river of life freely, the way we do. We feel sad that they can’t do it. It is their choice.

We know that there will be other branches along the river offering us precious gifts, and we need to stay in the river to reach them.

Where does this river go? Eventually when our time has passed, it takes us to a golden sea where all the other souls can be found in peace and joy and harmony. I can’t wait to get there myself! But we have to ride the river until we get there. So in the meantime, I am loving this inner tube, this river, this ride and experiencing it for all I am worth. I am glad you are here beside me!

Copyright © 2005 Maggie Wahls. All rights reserved.

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Maggie Wahls
Maggie Wahls is an indigenous Shaman from a lineage that goes back 8,000 years to above the Arctic Circle. She has been walking this path for over 60 years and offers courses and counseling in the old style here in America. You can visit her at and find her published book at Her counseling is always free.


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