Classical Homeopathy: Your own personal vibrational medicine


Everyone has a personal vibration. In Eastern medicine it is called qi ("chee"). In Nichiren Buddhism, it is called your Life Condition. In Classical Homeopathy, we refer to it as your Vital Force or your Life Force.

Your vibration can’t be seen any more than the vibration of a musical note can be seen. But, like a pure tone, it can be measured. When a person experiences dis-ease, his or her vibrational pattern is changed. It is like a scale of notes that becomes perverted. If you have small children taking music lessons, you know what that sounds like. It is uncomfortable and dissonant. It creates dis-ease.

In classical homeopathy, we measure the dis-ease vibration of a patient with the known symptom patterns of natural substances from the plant, mineral and animal families. Just as every substance on earth creates its own unique pattern of crystals that can be seen under a microscope, each substance also creates its own vibration. We can measure the unique vibration of substances by potentizing them and conducting a proving.

Potentizing a substance means that it goes through a process of serial dilution and succussion – striking it 40 to 100 times between each dilution. This continues until, in most cases, all that is left is the vibration or essence of the substance. It is now a remedy.

To measure the vibration of a substance, it must go through a proving process. At least 15 people or more each take the unknown remedy several times over the course of a couple of days until they start developing symptoms. The symptoms are logged on a daily basis until the end of the proving period. Each person in the proving reports similar symptoms, although they do not communicate with each other during that process. The process of measuring the vibration of a substance has begun.

The beauty of the proving process is that it is not cold, hard data, such as one might expect from a drug trial. The feelings, emotions, changes in patterns in one’s life are all included in the proving, making it a unique, yet similar experience for each of the participants.

Homeopathy, which means "similar suffering," is based on the principal of Like Cures Like. When a homeopath assesses the vibration of a patient, she then must find a substance on earth that has a similar vibration – that is, will produce the same pattern of symptoms in a healthy person in the proving process. This is called a "similimum." The remedy is taken by the patient and the healing process has begun. The symphony of the patient’s life begins to take on less dissonance and more harmony. There is less dis-ease. His life and his influence on the universe begin once again to present his own vibration, rather than the vibration of Arnica, Phosphorus or perhaps Tarantula.

A substance is just a remedy when it sits on the shelf or is the wrong one. It becomes a HOMEOPATHIC remedy when the vibration of the substance matches the vibration of the person who is treated with it. Any product you see in the store that claims to be homeopathic is really just potentized.

There are many natural and contrived experiences in life that are crudely homeopathic. You may feel like listening to your Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits CD when you have just had a dramatic break up in a relationship. When you feel like partying, you put on Jimmy Buffett. In Western medicine, Ritalin for ADD/ADHD and Radiation therapy for cancer are both somewhat homeopathic. Both will cause the dis-ease in a healthy person that they are treating in the patient. However, both of these are working on a chemical basis, not an energetic basis as homeopathy is.

Many people are susceptible to the effects of coffee with caffeine. In homeopathy, a well-known acute insomnia remedy is Coffea Cruda – a potentized dose of coffee. However, if you are unable to sleep because of worries over your business, don’t bother with this remedy. That is a different vibration entirely, thus a different remedy is needed.

A trained homeopath will also see remedy vibrations in the lyrics to songs, and the characters in movies, television and books.

In the 1970s, Freddie Mercury penned a song called Killer Queen made popular by his rock group Queen. The Killer Queen needs the remedy Platina, as does Samantha in Sex in the City. Sam Malone in Cheers might have gotten his life together with a homeopathic dose of Fluoric Acid. Napoleon Dynamite depicts Brassica napus oleifera. As for Freddie Mercury, well, he might still be with us if he had been treated with Medorrhinum – many times, with very potent doses, as his personal vibration very strongly resembled that of Medorrhinum.

Classical Homeopathy can be very transformational with the right remedy. Antonio Holley of Ramsey sought homeopathic care for Bell’s Palsy. An added benefit is an improvement in his mood and a reduction in his negativity.

"At work I’m putting my arm around the employees and trying to solve problems with them," he says. "I’m not yelling at the kids so much." His vital force has strengthened, his vibration has changed. He can respond like the compassionate person he wants to be. He has more free will to choose his responses. His life is a harmonious symphony. "I just feel so good, I’m telling everyone about it. I feel like I got religion."

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  1. Dear Kathryn,
    I have a rare phenomena going on that none of the medical specialists have been able to figure out. I have been to nine different specialists, have had upteen blood tests, thousands of dollars of tests done, and still no one knows what is going on with me. I am giving up hope and feeling like I need to be put in a straight jacket. What I would like to know is if there is a homeopathic remedy for inner vibrations. 24/7, I vibrate. I know we all have vibrations, but these are vibrations I feel – like a vibrator is inside of me. No one can see or feel them but me. Everyone thinks I need a shrink. At night it is the worse, waking me up many, many times because I feel like I will vibrate right out of the bed. My dreams are all stressful, and many of them are nightmares. I can hear them with a stethoscope. Have you ever heard of inner vibrations that don’t stop? They have been going on for a year now. Do you do applied kinesiology long distant? I live in Alabama. Thank you!

  2. Stop eating meat and dairy
    Go raw(Lou Corona and
    Drink only distilled water and everything will go away


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