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After 20 years of performing sacred dance and teaching movement and sound healing, it has become very clear that we can create our own reality through embodying our consciousness in form. Our vibration is the key. It is our energetic pathway to creation. Here are five tools to assist you in accessing the power of your personal vibration.

Sensory Experience – Our physical form is made of the same vibrating matter and elements as the Earth. This vibrating matter of our body connects us with all of creation. Our bodies are the portal through which we can create our own reality. To create consciously, we need to "feel" our internal vibration, to connect with it and have a "sensory experience" of it. This deep sensory experience is a way for us to begin to develop mastery of our vibration. To regain our connection with our vibration, there is a need to surrender to the tangible, sensory experience of our bodies and the currents of energy moving within them. Fortunately we have tools to help us reestablish our vibrational experience. Through breath, movement and sound we can open our bodies, releasing stagnant energies and retune to our vibrational state of being.

Breath – Our breath affects our physical, mental and emotional state of being. Shallow breathing and periods of unconsciously holding our breath can scatter mental focus and allow for emotional chaos to arise. Breath is a fundamental way that we can make connection with our body and create stability in our mind and emotions. The sensory experience of breath entering our body becomes an anchor that drops us out of our mind’s chatter, and into the home base of our body. Being present with and surrendering into the expansion of the breath and the internal movement that is occurring, brings our consciousness deeper into the body. This connection of our breath in our body is a basic step in slowing down enough to begin to feel our own vibration.

Movement – Movement is another primary tool for us to use to access our vibrational energy. It can be used to open up our vibrational field and release old energies. Movement creates space to allow more breath to come into our body. Movement can also be used consciously to stimulate sensory experience in the body. When we surrender and stay connected with the feeling sensation of the movement while consciously breathing, we can bring our breath directly into these internal places. Movement helps us access these places and merge our breath into parts of our body that otherwise we would not be able to breathe into. In my classes, people are always amazed when they feel breath in places in their body that they never felt it before. Suddenly they feel a connection with their body, more energy flow and a deep sense of embodied peace. Movement becomes our foundation. It is a place for us to rest and drop our consciousness into. Through movement we are able to rest in our internal sensations and become receptive to the subtle energy vibrations flowing in our body.

Sound – The vibration of our own voice can be a very powerful tool for healing when it is integrated and connected in our body. The vibrating resonance of our voice can move blocked energy and connect us with our emotions. Sound is a carrier wave of information, thoughts and emotion. It can bring our feelings and our intention into a coherent wave frame in our bodies. When our body is fully receiving and experiencing the emotion of our intention, our whole being becomes the vibrating resonance of our desire. Resonating our consciousness through our whole body, we are able to create our reality more rapidly.

E-motions & Heart – When we have full sensory experience while breathing, moving and sounding, we have the opportunity to access another level by becoming deeply receptive to our e-motions. To embrace our emotions requires that we suspend judgment and simply experience them as pure energy-in-motion. Having unconditional acceptance of the energy-in-motion allows it to flow into the place of balance in the heart where we can access our pure creative potential. Our e-motion flows in a current of energy that is an important part of our vibrational essence. Our feelings add the juice to our thoughts that create our reality.

Exercise: "Feeling the Vibration in Your Body" – Close your eyes and stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Take slow deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. On the out breath, allow the exhale to be a vocalized sigh of surrender. Continuing this breath, feel the physical sensation of your feet touching the ground. Breathing and maintaining your connection with your feet, feel the gravity and weight of your body and the support of the Earth underneath you. Imagine you have holes on the bottom of your feet. These holes are chakras that are always open and receiving energy up from the Earth. Imagine with every breath you are drawing liquid energy up from the core center of the Earth, just like a tree draws energy up with its roots. Continuing to breathe while having these simultaneous experiences, and tune into what vibration you would like to have in your body today. Gratitude is one idea. On your next exhale, tone the vowel sound "uh," (like in the word "hug"). Imagine connecting the sound all the way down to your feet and into the Earth. Repeat at least five times. Then tone the vowel sound "aah," while focusing on the experience of the intentional vibration that you chose. Continue this for five minutes or longer, feeling the vibration in your body. The sensations that you will feel in your body from the above exercise is just a small opening to what you can experience when you begin to work with integrating breath, movement and sound. There are specific techniques to create this integration and open up a vibrational wave through the whole body. Mastering the tools to open the body as a portal to receive consciousness as a whole body experience is a practice.

Consciously creating our reality means having a conscious experience of our vibrational state of being. Our personal vibration is our key to manifesting our reality. Let’s increase it and expand it, so we are magnetically attracting like vibration to us. Imagine the world we will have if we are all consciously manifesting through the power of our vibration. What will you create today through the power of your vibration?

Estara will be teaching how to access and enhance the power of your vibration in Minneapolis on November 12-13. Contact Alana Bliss for details at (612) 599-7231.

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Estara is an international Movement and Sound Healing Educator, Sacred Dance artist and author. Estara integrates more than 15 years of experience in energy healing and transformational modalities. She gives presentations at conferences and leads workshops and retreats in vibrational healing, teaching her breakthrough system of integrating breath, movement and sound. She also leads women's retreats in Embodying the Sacred Feminine. Her work has been featured on "Eye on America" on CBS. To learn more, visit


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