Delivering Milo Delivers Big Laughs, Love And Lessons On Life

Milo is supposed to be born…any minute now. But he’s not quite convinced that being on Earth is where he wants to be.

Delivering Milo is an inspiring film that balances drama, philosophy and family friendly fun in a modern day twist on It’s A Wonderful Life and Heaven Can Wait.

Featuring an impressive all-star cast, the film introduces the concept of a "heavenly order" to the process of birth – a unique order and plan for the birth of each child.

Milo is a young boy in heaven (played by the adorable Anton Yelchin) waiting to be born. He’s convinced, however, that life is nothing but a disaster and simply refuses to go. But it’s not quite that simple. Milo wreaks havoc on heaven, upsetting the divine balance and heavenly order of births. Not a single child anywhere on the planet can be born until Milo decides to enter the world.

The authorities in heaven decide to give Milo a taste of what life on earth is all about by giving him a trip to Manhattan. Elmore Dahl, an errant angel-in-training (splendidly portrayed by Albert Finney), is called upon to chaperone Milo on this earthly adventure and has 24 hours to convince him that life truly is wonderful. He must get Milo to agree to be born.

Unfortunately, the more Elmore tries to show him ‘the good life," the more Milo is certain there’s no place like heaven. The visit unfolds in a wild comedy of errors, while Milo’s soon-to-be parents (wonderfully acted by Bridget Fonda and Campbell Scott) experience their own drama as they prepare for the birth of their first child.

The film also includes great supporting roles from Lesley Ann Warren ("Desperate Housewives") and Alison Lohman (Matchstick Men), who round out the cast. You can count on seeing Anton Yelchin emerge as one of the next generation’s leading young men.

Well-paced, fun and funny for the whole family, Delivering Milo takes us on a wonderful journey of birth, life, death – and all states in between. Its sweet message and happy ending remind all of us why we’ve chosen to be here.



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