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Turning in to and utilizing a method such as Tarot cards can help anyone during those times when they need insight to understand the course of their life and their current situation, as well as giving them the inner strength and resolve to decide for themselves the right course of action.

It is a bit of a mystery how the Tarot is able to reveal someone’s situation so accurately. When done properly, a Tarot reading will delve deeply into the psyche. Synchronicity, Carl Jung’s theory that everything in the universe is connected, and that the outer world is a reflection of the inner world, is at play. Using the Tarot to learn more about ourselves utilizes synchronicity.

When we consult the Tarot, we are opening ourselves to a rich inner world. Synchronicity allows us to select exactly the right cards that are required to reveal our particular situation. Our inner and outer selves are connected, and we get to peek into the workings of our psyche through the cards we select at the time of the reading. The revelation of this deeper part of our being helps us to understand ourselves better, and our path in life. Sometimes we recognize ourselves or our situation immediately in the reading; at other times we may be confronted with some aspect of our personality that we have never had to face before. Whether the outcome is enlightening or shocking, it is necessary for us to shed light on our circumstances in order to move forward.

One card that exemplifies this aspect is The Moon. It is a symbol of the unconscious. Although it rules the night, it also sheds light on the darkness. Something that has been hidden deep in the psyche needs to make itself known. Once this dark corner of our psyche has been illuminated, we have the opportunity for a better understanding of what motivates us. It is important to shed light on our dark side so that we can eliminate the negative and become stronger and more confident.

Another example is The Devil card. This card represents aspects of ourselves that we usually repress – our wild and uncivilized aspects. We often dislike and deny these parts of our own personality, while being quick to point out these traits in others. This card reminds us that we are all made up of both positive and negative. When we acknowledge our own weaknesses, it becomes easier to be tolerant of others.

The Hierophant card, on the other hand, represents our need to find spiritual meaning in our lives. It is the adventure of self-discovery combined with the bliss of inner wisdom. It represents finding the inner guide that connects the physical with the higher spiritual realms. Whether we embark on a course of self study or choose to connect with a spiritual teacher to guide us, the Hierophant indicates that it is time to take the steps that will allow us to grow and ultimately find the peace and understanding that we need. And that is one aspect of our psyche that we should be delighted to focus on any time!

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JP Jai
J.P. Jai is an intuitive Tarot reader who offers readings through the mail. She can be reached at P.O. Box 231, St. Francis, MN 55070.


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