The Greatest Show on Earth!


Ladies and Gentlemen, right this way…

In the center ring of the circus today is the greatest act ever! Beings from another dimension will interact with humans who are open to the possibilities of unconditional love and endless growth.

Get your front row seat! Better yet, join in the action with those who work with their highest guides. No need to rush; no need to hurry. You have all the time you will ever need.

Come right this way into the main tent. This is where the REAL action is! Simple, direct and available to all –

Excuse me: sir, madam…don’t be diverted by the attraction of the sideshows. That’s where the phonies set up their acts.

Sure, there’s lots to do there that’s fun, but it is oh, so scary! What the human mind can do to you is amazing, but truly frightening. It can let you suppose that you have the right to change another’s future. It can give you the illusion of power over another. It can allow you to make believe you are anyone or anything and soon even you can’t tell who you are!

Stay away from the Hall of Mirrors, where it is nearly impossible to tell the real from the imitation. All you will see there is the reflection of your own ego.

Walk – no run – right past the Create Your Own Guide booth. You may meet someone special there, but they won’t be authentic, merely a figment of your imagination.

Don’t be deceived by Explore the Astral. Everything there is a creation of the human mind.

Pass all of that up and come this way to see a REAL Feat of Daring! Allow yourself to be a part of the most amazing Light Show ever! Each one who enters can be an active participant, and the results are astounding. You will find what you have been searching for! You will be filled with Love!

You will no longer need to wander the highways and byways searching for enlightenment. Throw away those plastic lanterns, those false illuminations! You can have the real thing: The one and only authentic Light!

Step right up, center stage, and look within yourself!

Copyright © 2005 Steve & Nancy Ives. All rights reserved.

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Steve and Nancy Ives
Steve and Nancy Ives act together as EnergyAtWork, providing healing to those who seek it and a workshop entitled Accept Only Love


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