10 Energy Boosters for the Holidays


An excerpt from the new book Energy Secrets: The Ultimate Well-Being Plan

Traveling over the holidays? Worried you won’t be able to keep up with the exhausting pace of family, friends, celebrations and shopping, in addition to your normal daily life? We don’t take care of our bodies during the holidays due to hectic lifestyles and bad eating habits.

Consider the following simple guidelines that can turn the feverish frenzy of the holidays into a tranquil time of joy and relaxation.

Rule 1
Eat balanced meals. If you’re escaping to a warm destination in the cold winter months, remember that your body’s metabolism will already be stressed from adapting to a hot climate, so don’t stress it even more by going on a radical detox diet.

Rule 2
Keep your kidneys functioning properly by eating plenty of beets, cucumbers, carrots, celery and parsley. Your kidneys regulate blood composition and expel toxic elements (Like salt! Think turkey and ham?) from your body. Cleansing your liver will make you feel much stronger and healthier.

Rule 3
It is not uncommon to be on vacation and still be absorbed with unresolved matters back home. To help you gain perspective on your situation and to distance yourself from an issue, imagine you are viewing your life from a periscope above your head. From this height, you will view the bigger picture rather than the petty and narrow-minded view from the ground.

Rule 4
Holidays are a time to reconnect with our loved ones, but often we find ourselves feeling disconnected from our selves. To avoid this, meditate with a partner. You’ll stay connected emotionally to each other and to yourself.

Rule 5
The more you notice the positive in your life, the more it will allow you to fine-tune the melody of your soul towards lighter and higher vibrations. By registering positivity and beauty around you, the energy of your holiday will stay with you much longer after you return.

Rule 6
One week prior to your holiday, start taking Rhodiola Rosea – also known as "Arctic Root" – a wonderful natural anti-depressant from Russia that can be found in most health food stores. Continue for at least three weeks from the start of your break. It will help you adjust to a climate change and the sudden drop of adrenaline your body experiences when on vacation. Often people get ill when they stop work, because their bodies are finally relaxing. Take 200mg three times a day with meals. You will enjoy your holiday more and return to work with a sharper mind.

Rule 7
Practice your inner smile! When you wake in the morning, much like a cat, take a few minutes to stretch every part of your body, including your fingers and toes! This will help you to "lighten up," to love yourself more and to be open to fun during the holidays. We take ourselves too seriously sometimes!

Rule 8
Finish your daily showers with the splash of cold water, even if only for a few seconds. This is a wonderful workout for your blood vessels. You will feel more alive all day!

Rule 9
Wear loose clothing made of natural fibers. Synthetic, tight clothing restricts your aura. At work, we don’t often have much of a choice, but on vacation, allow your chi to flow freely.

Rule 10
Walk around barefoot! In modern, concrete cities, we get disconnected from Mother Earth, so walk as much as you can barefoot on the beach, wooden floors, grass, etc. You’ll feel more grounded and connected to the terrestrial energy.

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Alla Svirinskaya
Alla Svirinskaya, Russian bio-energy healer to the world's most elite, is author of Energy Secrets: The Ultimate Well-Being Plan, published by Hay House (November 2005) and available at all bookstores or online at www.hayhouse.com. Copyright © 2005 Alla Svirinskaya. All rights reserved.


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