Edge Life Improving Visibility


Edge Life magazine will enhance its distribution points throughout the Twin Cities, making it easier for the public to find the magazine.

Leap Publication is in the process of placing 250 new green magazine stands, featuring a colorful Edge Life logo for easy identification, in various locations in the metro area. New Edge Life logos will also be added to 50 existing magazine stands.

Currently, the magazine is distributed at approximately 500 locations in the Twin Cities. By adding the new stands, Edge Life will dramatically increase its visibility and access in high-traffic areas in the Cities. Please look for these new stands.

A complete list of our distribution sites are available on our website, www.EdgeLife.net. Click on "Where to Find Edge Life" on the menu on the left-side of the page, and you will be directed to input a Zip code to find the closest distribution point to where you are.

Improving the distribution points is a major commitment in providing one of the best products in the country at many locations in the Upper Midwest. We are grateful to all of our dedicated advertisers and readers for their continued support, which has brought the magazine to its next level of expansion.


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