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Radio Ecoshock –

Radio Ecoshock broadcasts environmental news, interviews, and music – 24/7. Tuning in is simple, right from the main station page at You don’t need to download anything. The station uses whatever software you already have on your computer. There are no sales pitches, no pleas for money, no subscription fees – it’s just plain free. It’s about the planet, not profit.

You’ll find samples from the best public broadcasters, alternative producers, and even podcasts, dealing with the latest environmental issues from around the world. Ecoshock also produces its own news broadcast, and features that run on community radio, college stations, low-power FM, and Net radio stations in several countries.

Radio Ecoshock News, and selected short features, are podcast several times a month. The free subscription address is right on the main page. Fill that into your "Ipodder," "Itunes" or other podcast receiver and listen when you want to, wherever you want, on your computer or MP3 player.

This all-natural radio station doesn’t soak up big bandwidth either. All you need is a 56K modem. Cable users can listen to top-rated eco-radio, while using your computer for other tasks, including downloading files, at the same time. Listen at work, at home, anywhere.

Tune into Ecoshock and you’ll hear about our depleted ocean life, threatened forests, nuclear risks, toxic chemicals to watch out for, and the serious challenges of climate change. What does it all mean for business, your community, your children? Ecoshock offers Green news, solutions and self-help programs as well, with car-buying alternatives, energy innovations, and better consumer lifestyle choices. All this is seasoned with Indie music and the sounds of nature, to relax the mind – and a bit of humor where they find it.

Ecoshock is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the station host is Alex Smith.

Beyond Organic –

The Beyond Organic radio show is a unique environmental radio and multimedia program, addressing issues of organic food and farming, social and environmental sustainability. It is a weekly, one-hour talk and interview show, featuring between 2 and 4 guests, ranging from award-winning author Michael Pollan (Botany of Desire) and Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman, to organic farmers and sustainable seafood specialists. Beyond Organic covers diverse-yet-interconnected issues including genetic engineering, Mad Cow Disease, dead zones, health, nutrition, Slow Food, cooking, gardening, Fair Trade and international trade policy.

Its live webcast is on Wednesdays, from noon to 1 p.m. Central, and it is subsequently available pre-recorded to affiliate stations. Check the website for an updated list of affiliates. The show reaches thousands of listeners across North America via traditional radio stations, satellite radio, webcasting and soon podcasting. Shorter segments, under the "Earth News" and "Icicle Minute" brands, are rebroadcast on the CBS Radio Network and Armed Forces Radio. Shorter 90-second news clips are in development.

Beyond Organic was created by Straus Communications (, and is produced in association with Icicle Networks ( and the Environmental News Network ( The project’s fiscal sponsor is Media Interchange, a non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education and training.



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