Transforming From Our Duality Selves Into Our Authentic And Integrated Divine Selves


    Many on the earth now are beginning a transformation process out of duality consciousness. This transformation process is taking them from beings experiencing lives created with duality energy into beings of authentic and integrated divine selves.

    We are moving into a new consciousness. Our adventures began eons ago, and yet just a breath ago. We moved from divine oneness into the wall of fire. Going into the wall of fire disintegrated and shattered our divine oneness into infinite identities. It also created experiences of opposing forces. The wall of fire experience is one of learning about and playing with the opposing forces of duality energy. We began doing just that in pre-earth experiences. These pre-earth experiences brought us to a series of earth lives, which began in Lemuria. We have now reached the level of consciousness on earth that allows us to complete this opposing forces experience.

    As we walk out of our duality energy life story, we re-integrate all past lives into our authentic divine self. We move from duality energy consciousness into a consciousness created with this new energy. The new energy is a quad energy, the feeling is one of freedom, and the consciousness is new to all beings. It is creating, expressing and living in Divine ease. Some are now getting glimpses of this new energy consciousness.

    Many are beginning or are in the transformation process of moving out of their duality energy life story. They are preparing to become their authentic and integrated divine self. The transformation involves a gentle and loving facilitation of mind, body and consciousness out of duality energy experiences. This magnificent transformation also includes the re-integration of all pre-earth duality experiences.

    Signs of being in the transformation process include increasing frequency of spiritual remembering, a loss of interest in those activities one once was so passionate about, a deep inner knowing something is happening, a relentless longing for something more, the mind becoming very active to keep you safely in your current duality life story. As the walls of our limited consciousness come down, it is common to encounter feelings of fear. Fear is the response of our duality mind endeavoring to keep us safely in the familiar limited duality life experiences. We go through stages of shifts into higher vibrations as we change consciousness. Each shift is accompanied by physical changes and a period of feeling abandoned. It is helpful to be aware of what is happening in this transformation process.

    We can choose to move through this transformation with ease. We can calm the mind, prepare the body, and say "Yes!" to the integration of eons of lifetimes. We can indeed walk safely through any fears and shifts in vibration. Once we walk out of our duality energy life story, we are our authentic, integrated, divine self living in a new consciousness.

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    Elizabeth Schreiner
    Elizabeth L. Schreiner provides channeled facilitation to those who are beginning or are in the transformation process of moving out of their duality energy life story. Amiel New Consciousness workshops are offered one day each month and can be attended at a frequency that best serves each individual's transformation process. The workshops are conducted in small groups in the Twin Cities area. Introductory and individual sessions are available also. Visit or call (952) 472-7586 for information. Copyright © 2006 Elizabeth L. Schreiner. All rights reserved.


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