What We Never Learned About Sex


    We are sexual healers. That’s a provocative statement that triggers people in this culture. We work as healers (Anyaa as a psychotherapist and priestess facilitator and Dez as a transformational teacher). Both of us have been drawn into the arena of sexuality, because there is so much power locked up in confusion, competition, obsession and repression about sexuality. We created a weekend to assist people to step deeper into their power. It has become clear to us in our work that sexual issues create power drains, and these undermine our ability to create the health, abundance, relationships and inspiration that is our birthright.

    In our American culture, sexuality is a subject that is generally avoided and considered "private." We are uncomfortable discussing and exploring this wonderful territory for several reasons: Shame, guilt, fear and righteousness keep us locked in darkness and ignorance. Doing work with priestess circles, Anyaa began to notice how the same fear of exploring the sexual mysteries was also true for the feminine mysteries! She noticed that as women worked through their fears of their own deep feminine, they were naturally drawn to re-claim their sexuality.

    Hmmm…so what does that all mean? It seems that when sexuality is seen as sacred, just as when the feminine is seen as sacred, it is restored to a place of respect and honor. It becomes recognized and revered as the powerful and creative force that it truly is. What happens is that we become willing to love each other and ourselves better, creating more depth, sweetness, ease, health, safety and abundance.

    Imagine a world where we learned all that we needed to know about the incredible life-force energy of sexuality! Our goal is to support people in learning the things they should have had the opportunity to learn about when they were young adults. The result is that we discover deeper parts of ourselves and unlock more of our ability to be co-creators with the Divine.

    So what does it mean to be a co-creator? That’s a term that gets thrown around a lot these days. Why is it that some of the things we desire seem to fall into our lap, while other things seem unachievable? Many of us have been dreaming, visualizing, affirming, praying and even crying and screaming for what we want, yet our desires continue to go unmet. We wonder if we flunked Manifestation 101 or if we are just fundamentally flawed. Throughout time, we human beings have sought the secret to manifesting our dreams.

    We believe that one of the secrets that have been hidden from us has to do with our sexuality.

    Building personal power

    Let’s look at what happens between the moment of initial desire and actual manifestation. Most of us realize that it requires some power or energy to make things happen or manifest something. What are the sources of energy available to us and how do we tap into these sources? Where are we building personal power and where are we draining it? Often we are losing power and we are not even aware of it. What’s crucial is that we become more attuned and deepen our awareness to plug the leaks and harness the power within ourselves. Our ability to feel what is happening with our energy and how we are expending it is critical. This requires awareness and sensitivity.

    This is where the feminine comes in. As a society we are conditioned to avoid certain feelings, which dampens our overall ability to feel. Consequently, our response to the emotions and situations that create these feelings is muted and incomplete. Feeling fully and deeply is a good thing! Our ability to feel has a direct effect on our emotional body, which is part of the feminine aspect of ourselves.

    Awareness, responding and choosing are part of the mind or the masculine self. It is in the marriage of emotion and mind that we find the power to manifest desire! Ultimately, the sacred marriage of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in sacred sexuality is reflected internally by the merging of our own emotional body and mind. Externally, this union is reflected by manifesting with ease and grace.

    This healing and marriage is not a mental process, although the mind plays a very important role. Without the masculine mind opening up and letting go of its agenda and its constant bullying, there is little room for the feminine emotional body to stand by its side in total partnership. The emotional body needs to be recognized, reclaimed, protected, honored and exercised. Of course, we see this need all around us. It’s the dilemma of our time. The male systems around us are still controlling nature and the values of the feminine.

    When the masculine mind is willing to relinquish control, stop judging our desires, our bodies and our emotions, and take its divine place as witness and space holder, then the stage is set for something amazing to happen. As the mind opens to receive the backlog of painful and previously unresolved emotions, a merging occurs. It is the divine marriage of the mind and the emotional body, or our internal masculine and feminine. In this new union of love and acceptance, the heart and the body are transformed and reborn. Held resentment, anger and sadness are expressed and released. New information, insights, inspiration and energy that were previously withheld are now flowing in from the emotional body, physical body and heart. Many of us understand this concept, but few are practicing it successfully.

    Tapping unlimited resources

    This new relationship is a conduit to divine energy, and we start to tap into the unlimited resources of the holographic universe. In this place, we feel all of our desire, let go of our desire and experience the merging of our desire with the divine aspects of God~dess: emotions, mind, body and heart. The change needs to happen inside and then it will manifest in our outer lives – and eventually in our larger world.

    What we are talking about here is also known as the Tantric Path. The intensity and passion that is generated during sacred sexual union is the most powerful force available to human beings! On the human body level, making love makes babies and new life. When other levels of consciousness are engaged in this act, any desire can be manifested.

    When we generate energy in our second chakra through sexual expression, we can move that energy in any direction. The challenge is for the mind to take that raw passion and energy that’s generated and to breathe it down through the first chakra, rooting and grounding it down into the earth and physical reality. Then breathing that rooted energy back up through the body connects it with divine energy and desire. As you breathe it back down from the divine, you’re able to bring in divine support, energy and inspiration. This is making love with God~dess! This sacred sexual ritual is personal and can be performed alone or with a partner.

    Make lovemaking a sacred act, a true co-creation! Be willing to run second chakra passion throughout your entire being, and harnessing that fire will manifest your dreams. When we merge in sacred sexual union and are fully feeling our emotional bodies in alignment with our hearts and physical bodies, the combined desire and intent are amplified to a quantum degree. We merge into the Holographic Divinity and are able to manifest heaven on earth.

    "Relationships of Love, Freedom and Power" will take place in the Twin Cities February 24-26, with preview events on February 22-23. Contact Candy Hadsall at (612) 823-1750 or e-mail [email protected]www.babadez.com

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