Do That Which Brings You Joy!


    Do that which brings you joy, and I will take care of the rest!" These words came to me in a dream recently when I was asking Spirit, "What do you want me to do with my life? These words answer for me what my social responsibility is in my whole life.

    I am to be joy. I am to bring joy to others. From this perspective, responsibility is not a burden. "Response-ability" is simply my ability to respond to life from a perspective of deep, abiding love, faith and joy. I take it as my personal responsibility to cultivate this attitude of gratitude every day. I do not assume it is a given. It is there. I must consciously align myself with it each moment. As I consciously align myself with this sacred presence in life, the floodgate of blessings are available.

    As part of my effort in these past two years to figure out what was my life work to do now I had said, "I want to find a place where I couldn’t wait to get there in the morning and I couldn’t stand to leave at night." I have found my place to be. It is a place of service. It is a place where I have an opportunity to provide a spirit of joy, faith and love to those who need it. I am so overjoyed being there I’ve cried at work. I am so happy to be there.

    I don’t think this opportunity is unique. I feel this is the spiritual work we are all here to do. The joy comes in knowing that my goal in life is truly a spiritual work. It is a work of service. I believe it is a work we all have in common: to be of service to the highest spiritual ethic we hold in life – to be of service to all of life! When we are living from an attitude of loving service, people feel the energy. They make the connection to this attitude for themselves and they are transformed. We are all transformed in this process. This giving cycle is a renewing process that keeps on giving blessings to us.

    My greatest lesson

    This learning about doing that which brings me joy has been my greatest lesson in life. I have truly learned at a deep cellular level that life and self-esteem are not about making boatloads of money. Life is about joy. Life is about being of service.

    In the same week all of this learning was happening, I had an opportunity to take a position that was offering four times the money this position was offering. I turned it down. I laughed in true understanding that I had found what I love to do – and it isn’t about money. It’s about joy!

    In that very same week, I was offered another opportunity to do work I love to do. I am doing that other work, too. In that same week I received an answer to the other part of this spiritual lesson. Spirit had clearly said, "Do that which you enjoy and I will take care of the rest." I understood that by living a life of joy-filled service, I am connected to the blessings that life offers us when we remember our connection to life as love, peace, joy and all other spiritual expressions of service.

    It seems to be a very odd paradox, but from a perspective of quiet confidence and trust, money manifests as though the universe is saying, "I see you. I know you. I love you. I am taking care of you." I have experienced this level of care and it is awe inspiring!

    Within the context of these personal lessons, I understand that joy is an expression of generosity. Joy extends beyond personal lessons. I believe there are boundless examples of this generosity and joy expressing in our international world today. One of the most powerful lessons for me has been offered by Professor John Nash, who was popularized in the movie, A Beautiful Mind. His economic theory is based on a "win-win" model of mutual cooperation and respect, rather than the economic model of scarcity and competition that the Western world has practiced for the last 300 years. Nash’s model is presently being used by many of the largest companies in the world – and their profits are skyrocketing, because morale and productivity are markedly up, and absenteeism and turnover are markedly down.

    This is yet another inspiring example to me that our world is changing from the inside out. We are moving toward a more generous life. This example is such a transformative lesson in what an atmosphere of deep-abiding respect and mutual cooperation can do. People respond to being respected and cherished. Everyone benefits. Professor Nash’s economic theory is about being socially responsible AND spiritually responsible. It clarifies our core lesson as humans. Be generous. Be "other-centered." Be aware of our inextricable interconnectedness! Be aware that as we bless others, we are richly blessed in return. We are valued members of the very heartbeat of life!

    When we are spiritually connected with our inner being, we naturally function from a loving, generous spirit. It is not natural to be afraid. It is natural to be generous. I’m so profoundly happy that the business world at large is finally catching on to this spirit. Living from this spirit of generosity is the vitalizing catalyst for erasing the long-standing fear that is such a detriment to the heart and spirit of our very lives. We are debunking the "myth of scarcity." We are embracing the presence of generosity!

    A loving universe

    From this perspective of generosity, we trust that we live in a loving universe where all our needs are met. It doesn’t mean we get everything we want. It means we get everything we need. It means we have an opportunity to share this spirit of generosity with people who may not yet know of this spirit expressing in their lives. We all have lessons to learn about how this generosity works. The more we share, the more we learn this lesson. That is the principle of reciprocity.

    This principle also is called the Law of Love. This spiritual law – the principle of intrinsic order – works for everyone who uses it. It is the binding force that supports all of life.

    By my thoughts and actions, I align myself with such universal laws that are always available and always at work. When I am angry and frustrated, I can simply take a deep breath and align myself once again with the Law of Love. The more I practice these spiritual laws, the more available they are to me. It works the same for you. At any moment, we can start anew. We can forgive ourselves and others and start fresh again. We can center ourselves in love, peace, joy and thanksgiving and begin again.

    We are all here for a divine purpose. As we open to this divine purpose, we will feel the loving presence of the Divine.

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    Cathy Combs
    Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in personal empowerment and spiritual community leadership development. She lives in Kansas City, MO.


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