Instilling Values in our Everyday Life and Work


    How we incorporate our values into our personal and business life can be difficult. As a society, we have gotten away from integrity, ethics and honesty in our dog-eat-dog world of daily business competition or in life’s competition. We see each other as competition, as an adverse problem, as an obstacle, but we don’t see that we have lost the very foundation that keeps our integrity, honesty, values and ethics high. That very thing is spirituality.

    True Spirituality comes from the heart. It cannot be bought, worn like a costume, copied or taken it from someone else. It grows inside like a burning flame and resonates in everything you do and say, filling the world with light and love, validating your life. It defines – and is – who you are. It validates your work and that of others who come together in unity. It brings out high ethics, honesty, values and integrity, making each of us a better person than what we would be."

    When we see someone else’s work, do we copy it and give them credit for their part of it, and then expand on it? Or do we just copy it and take credit for it. As a society, we accept and condone the taking of information from others. In doing so, we do not see the consequences, the rift that is created, not only in the veil of our world, but in life publicly, personally and professionally, as well as in our karma. It is the stumbling block in trusting and working together.

    As children, we are taught in school many things about values, ethics, honesty, about giving credit where credit is due, and validating someone else’s hard work. Later in life, it has become the norm to ignore the theft of works, ideas and even projects of others. Perhaps this is the result of constant competitiveness to be on top or be the best.

    The time is now, and the place is here, to stand up and make a difference. Come forth and show those around you in your business, professional and personal life that values and ethics are still alive and well.

    We connect with other people every day of our life. Let us validate them. Let us accept and honor their work. Let us see each other for the special person or soul that we are. Let us confirm that each of us is important. We are called to be a witness to the most amazing things in life, to that which brings out the best in each and everyone of us.

    In trying, we may be knocked down by those who want it all now, at any cost, but when we get knocked down, we must get right back up and show the world that this is who we are and that we can be trusted in every way. What brings people to you is the light you not only resonate on the outside, but inside, as well. We do this every day to our loved ones, family, significant others, children, friends, business associates and even the stranger on the street.

    Let each one of us try to show our integrity, values, ethics and honesty in our everyday life, be a role model for all those around us and validate each of our lives. Do this, and yours will be validated beyond your wildest dreams or expectations.

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