Spirituality, Work and Following our Path


    In the present day world of spiritually, it is often a struggle for us to know how to follow what we see as our spiritual purpose. Do we give up our day jobs and have the faith to follow our perceived path 100 percent? Do we have the courage to do so? How do we "Let Go and Let God" when it comes to our spiritual path and financial survival? How do we be spiritual and yet survive in today’s world of business and corporations? Do we have to give up one to have the other? These are the questions I have asked myself many times in my years of struggle to follow what I thought was my spiritual direction.

    When I first became involved with teaching metaphysical classes 15 years ago, I had been an executive in the corporate world for 10 years. Talking to many seasoned spiritual teachers, authors and speakers at that time, I heard many stories of how, in faith, they had quit their corporate jobs to take on their spiritual purpose. But I also noticed how so many of them struggled with the loss of income, surviving on this faith until the time that their spiritual purpose would or would not become financially supportive. I admired the courage of these souls and their faith in their mission. Many times I would beat myself up because I did not have the courage to quit my successful corporate career to put myself 100 percent into my spiritual purpose.

    Through many years of developing my spiritual teachings and classes I managed to be corporate during the day and be metaphysical in the evening and on the weekends. Thanks to my Gemini moon, I enjoyed being involved in these different worlds.

    Two worlds together

    One day I received a call from a gentleman who wanted to create an organization that would combine trained medical experts with alternative health experts, but he did not know how to bring the two worlds together. He believed, through my experience with the corporate world and the spiritual teaching world, that I would be the perfect person to help create a common ground between these two groups. I opened up to this challenge and, through several workshops, helped both worlds to find a common ground to create this organization.

    Several years later, rumors began to develop about our corporation’s financial conditions. I now had 20 years invested with this corporation and was at the point of having a financially successful 401K that would allow me to retire and perform my spiritual work full-time. I had made my plan: two more years and I was free. October 2001 came and the corporation’s stock began to fall. By the end of October, I had lost more than $800,000. The name of the company was Enron.

    Many friends I had worked with on a daily basis for many years were devastated. Many of them were over 60 years old and had plans to retire that year – and they lost almost everything in their retirement accounts that they had worked many years to realize. Now they had lost all their hope and were working day-to-day just to survive.

    By this time my spiritual teachings had become prosperous and also had provided me the hope, faith and tools to survive destiny. I was able to maintain a positive attitude and I became the support to help these souls regain their hope. People would come into my office, shut the door and want to talk about my spiritual beliefs and universal laws. They would attend my classes with open hearts and open minds. I would watch their hearts change and grow positive more and more each day. I was able to bring all my years of spiritual work into the corporate world to touch many people at a time when it was most needed.

    With a leap of faith, I took the last few thousand dollars I had left in my retirement, and with a prayer I invested the money into another energy company that was failing. As of today this company is growing and I am gaining back a lot of what I had lost during this time.

    My spiritual purpose

    As the years have passed, I realize that my spiritual purpose was not to give up my current life in one world to be in another, but to be in both the corporate world and the metaphysical world at the same time. I no longer beat myself up for not have the courage to leave the corporate world; I praise myself for having the courage to bring both worlds together. Through my experience with the business world, I have been able to bring structure, business techniques, marketing and team building into the cultural creative spiritual world by helping to create organizations and events as a minister with Lake Harriet Spiritual Community.

    Through my experience with Metaphysics and spiritual teachings I have been able to bring hope to souls in the corporate world and to help raise their consciousness. I have received awards in our new company for new and intuitive ideas and have created new positions that help to empower people, as opposed to controlling people.

    In the present day world of spirituality, it is often a struggle for us to know how to follow what we see as our spiritual purpose. The only faith we need is faith in ourselves, to trust that we do make the right decisions when we need to, even if we have doubts. Maybe our day jobs are part of following our spiritual path 100 percent. Maybe the only courage we need is to be ourselves, no matter what world we are in. When we can learn to "Let Go and Let God" – when it comes to our spiritual path and financial survival – we will be taken care of.

    How do you be spiritual and yet survive in today’s world of business and corporations? JUST BE YOU!

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    Michael Underwood
    Michael Underwood is a spiritual teacher, healer, minister, psychic and professional musician. He performs public speaking on spiritual principles, positive motivation and team building for spiritual and corporate organizations, and conducts individual and group sessions on how to balance and use spiritual principles. Michael is a minister for the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and an executive for Mid American Energy Corporation. Contact him at [email protected] Copyright © 2006 Michael Underwood. All rights reserved


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