The Call to Love


    The challenges the human family faces in the 21st century – and in the next seven years, in particular – are awesome ones. It is easy to feel hopeless or overwhelmed by the number and the magnitude of the problems that must be solved. Many people understandably feel that “what I do will not matter; it won’t make a difference.”

    Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. We human beings created the challenges that we face and we have the capacity to meet them. To do so, however, will require the kind of cooperation the world has never seen. All of us will have to rise above self-interest and learn to serve the common good.

    Spirit must be reawakened in the human family: first in our own hearts and then in the hearts of others. Recognizing the need for transforming human consciousness from fear to love, God and all of the messengers are busy at work, building an army of love-givers who will restore health and harmony to planet earth.

    Gradually, people will see God’s foot soldiers actively uplifting hearts and awakening minds. They will see the houses of healing for the 21st century steadily being built, as people heal their emotional trauma and become capable of offering love without conditions.

    These are exciting times, times when many miracles will occur and we will see the power of love in action. But please understand, none of this would be possible if we had not volunteered for this assignment, because nobody else is going to do it. We are the ones who volunteered and the ones to whom this work has been entrusted.

    Coming face to face

    The human family is at a crossroads now. We can no longer live as we have lived in the past. We can no longer afford to be sloppy, careless or impulsive with our creations. We need to create compassionately and be responsible for what we create.

    This is not something we can leave until tomorrow. We must start right now, each one of us. The choices that we make do matter, for we will reap as we have sown. Individually and collectively, we will see the fruits of our actions in this lifetime.

    This is the last generation of human beings who will be able to live on the planet in selfishness and greed. This is the last generation that will be able to pollute the air and the water. If we do not open our hearts to each other and become good stewards for our planet, we will witness the gradual degradation and eventual demise of human life on planet earth.

    We are coming face to face with ourselves now. Every thought, every emotion is out-picturing, not just in our private lives, but on the collective screen of consciousness. There is nowhere to hide.

    The time for denial is over on planet Earth. Each one of us is responsible for what we think, how we feel, what we say, and what we do. The time for transparency has come, individually and collectively.

    Lies and deceptions will no longer be tolerated. Projections must be taken back. We can no longer try to attribute to someone else the thoughts and feelings that belong to us. We can no longer try to make anyone else responsible for what we say or do.

    The storms that are coming our way are not just external ones. There will be hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes in our minds and our hearts. Repressed material will erupt. Secrets will be told. Shame will be exposed and fear will come up for healing. The process of purification has already begun, within us and around us.

    This is a time of great energy. It is a time when the potential for healing and transformation is greater than it has ever been before. If we are ready to heal, this is a good thing. If we aren’t, it is a scary time to be alive.

    The purifying fire

    Until we open to our healing, it is hard to know the power of love in our lives. But once we crack open — once our defense mechanisms shatter and we come face to face with our fear — something incredible happens. Love comes into the dark places where we used to hide our fear and our shame. It begins to inhabit our emotional body.

    A flame is lit that will not go out. It can only grow, illuminating all of the cavernous places within our hearts and minds. It burns and consumes everything except itself. No untruth can stand its heat. No unworthiness can survive its relentless scrutiny.

    As the flame flourishes and becomes a roaring fire, we bring a whole new energy and attitude toward our lives. We begin to live in the light of our own self-forgiveness. We begin to live in the warmth of our own compassion.

    As the fire of love burns, it becomes a smelting furnace, liquefying even the hardest metals. Our neuroses and resistances are dissolved. Our ego agendas are annihilated. Our shame is eradicated.

    As the old world crumbles and falls apart, we begin to build a new world on the planet, brick by brick, stone by stone. New compassionate businesses and institutions arise. They embody the spirit of equality and exist solely for the purpose of serving and empowering human beings.

    So please, my friends, let us not dwell on the old buildings that are crumbling around us. Let’s not focus on the roles we can no longer play or the work that we can no longer force ourselves to do. Instead, let us focus on what we can create that WILL work, for us and for others.

    Creating a new world together

    The world that we will create together will be a very different world than the one that we have now. It will not be a fear-driven, shame-based world, but a world based on acceptance and love. It will not be a world where we are afraid to face our pain and afraid to feel the pain of others. It will be a compassionate world that will recognize our wounds and help us heal from them. It will be a world where we can be profoundly honest and present with each other, an authentic world, in which each of us is empowered to be who we are and to express our creative gifts.

    Let’s not waste time and energy despairing that this new world has not yet taken shape. The seeds are sown. The saplings are springing up. We need to take up the watering can and tend to them.

    Our work of love is calling to us. Our gift is needed. Without it, the world cannot be lifted up out of darkness.

    In Revelations, we are told that a New Jerusalem will be born, a shining city built out of the ashes of the crumbling world. That is the city we are building together.

    It does not matter that only a few of us know how to read the blueprints, dig the trenches and get the foundation in. We don’t need the framers yet. They have been given notice and will arrive when we are ready for them. And the plumbers, the electricians, and the finish carpenters will not be far behind.

    Welcome to the Golden Temple Brigade! Your resume was impressive. Now let’s see what you can do.

    Namaste. I bow to the Spirit within you.

    Next month: Dancing with the Beloved

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    Paul Ferrini is the author of 32 books on love, healing and forgiveness. The above article was adapted from his latest book entitled The Presence of Love which will be available in stores in March, 2006. PaulÕs work has been translated into numerous languages and his transformational workshops have touched the hearts of people all over the world. For more information about PaulÕs books and his inspirational Easter Retreat on April 14-17, visit or call 1 (888) HARTWAY. Copyright © 2006 Paul Ferrini. All rights reserved



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