Animals are soul too – and we can learn from them

    If you have a pet, you are aware of the bond of love between yourself and your pet. This bond of love exists because you are Soul – a particle of God sent here to gain spiritual experience. Ultimately, to learn how to give and to receive divine love.

    What most people don’t realize is their pet is also soul. Animals are soul, too.

    Soul exists because God loves It. It’s very simple. And when two souls set up a bond of love, it is stronger and more enduring than eternity. It doesn’t matter if the two souls are human beings or if one of them happens to be a bird, a dog, a cat, or another animal form….

    When our dog Molly was about 12 years old, she developed a dry cough that grew steadily worse.

    Molly coughed and coughed, night after night. This went on for months. We changed her diet several times, experimenting with different foods. Each new food brought a temporary improvement, but after a few days another allergy that had been lying in the background came forth.

    We found a very good veterinarian who worked with a natural means of healing and used medicine only in critical situations. He said Molly’s condition had reached a crisis and that it would take an antibiotic to get her past this stage.

    But because he felt antibiotics were not good for the animal, he would try to wean her off them as soon as possible. At the same time, he recommended another change in her diet to make her stronger.

    We tried the doctor’s dietary program. Molly seldom had a cough after that. But a funny thing happened. At the same time Molly’s diet was changing, I began discovering things about my own.

    I learned that anything made with flour caused congestion. In the years I lived on the farm, I got too much of it. At some point my body developed an allergy and began to react. So every time I ate any flour products, my body formed congestion to protect itself against this substance that had become like a poison to it. As I got older, my body’s resistance and tolerance also diminished, and it began to reject more foods it was able to handle before.

    People who watch their pets closely can learn something about healing themselves. There was a parallel between the foods that Molly was sensitive to and the foods that caused us problems. By watching her carefully, we learned about ourselves. She got better, and so did we.

    If a person has the consciousness to change his diet as his body becomes unable to handle the foods he enjoyed in the past, he is able to work in a better state of health than those who continue with the same diet. The people who won’t make changes start to develop a number of ailments, until eventually they can’t carry on anymore.

    The subject of healing is usually thought to apply to humans, but many of us know it also means taking better care of the pets who give us so much love and companionship.



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