Continuum Center: A Timeline


    1979 – Continuum-MN founded by Hugh Harrison (with John Stout, Michael LaBrosse and Doug and Marcie Wallace), a philanthropist who bought the rights to, then brought to the Twin Cities, the Continuum Exhibit which he had seen on display at the JFK University in California. The Continuum Exhibit is an interdisciplinary cross-cultural exploration of the nature of human consciousness, its relationship to the physical world and to the physical body.

    1980 – Continuum-MN (now operating as the Continuum Center) launched speakers in public forum, a partnership with the Daytons’ Corporation (now Marshall Fields). Speakers included Jehan el-Sadat (former First Lady of Egypt), Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kübler Ross, Alex Haley (author, Roots), futurist Alvin Toffler and astronaut Edgar Mitchell.

    1981 – A national conference on Consciousness and Education was held in Minneapolis, co-sponsored by the Kettering Foundation and the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

    1984 – The Continuum Center, in partnership with the MN State Department of Education and the Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, developed the Whole Mind Learning Project to develop meaningful and results-oriented applications of consciousness research for business, medicine, education, corrections, community development and self-development.

    1988 – The Continuum Center begins to acquire the work of Edward S. Curtis, who, starting in 1898 spent 30 years traveling across the United States and into Canada and Alaska, taking 40,000 photographs of 80 North American Indian tribes. Curtis captured a culture and way of life infused with the understanding that consciousness is in all of life and that all things are interconnected.

    1989 – Discovery of Self curriculum is created, adding a framework to the internal resource development focus of the Whole Mind Learning Project.

    1991 – Discovery of Self pilot program is launched at schools for the most seriously emotionally and behaviorally disordered youth and at a maximum security prison.

    1995 – Resources of the Continuum Center focused on developing various applications of the Discovery of Self curriculum – for audiences ranging from troubled youth and homeless adults to corporate executives and medical professionals.

    2001 – Expansion of the Continuum Center’s speaker and training programs, and establishment of a unique art gallery, event center and office space.



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