Radiant Frequencies: Ancient healing wisdom

    "I believe that symbolic language is the one foreign language that each of us must learn." – Erich Fromm, The Forgotten Language

    Radiant Frequencies is a healing tool that uses symbol, color, sound and the language of light to impact the different systems of the body. Symbolic language is able to bypass the filters of the mind. It was gifted to me through a spiritual connection with the Egyptian master, Thoth, on the lunar eclipse on April 24, 2005.

    I was spending the weekend in Burlington, Vermont, after a two-week artist fellowship at Vermont Studio Center. I had created an immersion experience through my art with the energy of Venus that had connected me very deeply to Egypt. On the morning of the lunar eclipse, I took a bus downtown and hadn’t been there long when something told me to go back to my hotel. I arrived at my room and got very sick. I was compelled to write in my journal and immediately felt connected with Thoth. During the next hour, 44 symbols and their meanings came to me, like a flash of lightning, on to the pages of my journal. I am very familiar with the quality of the spiritual connection through which this came, because it is the same way I receive visionary art. The sick feeling remained until all the symbols and their colors were given and the process was complete, and then I spontaneously felt better.

    At first I was surprised and excited about the possibilities of this healing tool. The more I thought about what I had been given, the more my resistance grew. I can be as skeptical as anyone when it comes to the non-tangible. I began to consider what others might think of such a thing: "How do I know this will heal people? Why would it come to me? Thoth, come on, are you crazy? Who do I think I am?" I imagine many people who are either giving or receiving healing, question if and how healing happens, and visionaries frequently question their visions. I am no exception.

    When I returned home, I did research to find out why this information would come to me through Thoth, thinking it would alleviate my resistance if I could find tangeable evidence. I wasn’t convinced that Radiant Frequencies could work at that point. I didn’t feel comfortable telling anyone about it and actually felt a little embarrassed when I did.

    During the past months since Radiant Frequencies came to me, I have resolved the questions in myself and I have come to recognize their healing power through first-hand experience. I realize part of my resistance to share this information came from my psychotherapy training over the years. I was trained that it is best to experience firsthand any technique you want to use on clients, before you offer it to others. This belief comes from age-old wisdom that says you cannot safely guide another where you haven’t gone yourself. I needed personal experience that this system works to feel comfortable sharing it. I know now that I was connected to an ancient stream of wisdom that needed to come forward at this time, and if I didn’t do it then someone else would.

    Before I write more about Radiant Frequencies, let me share a bit about Thoth, one of the Ascended Masters. The Ascended Masters are connecting with and blessing many healers at this time with ancient wisdom regarding healing and balance, to assist in our current evolution on Earth. Thoth was an ancient healer who used light, color, sound and symbol. He worked with the Language of Light, creating pictures and hieroglyphs, which were healing and transformative.

    Thoth is often referred to as the original author of the Hermetic texts, a collection of magical works said to contain all the mystical knowledge of the ancient world. He revealed to mankind the healing arts, mystical wisdom, magic, art, hieroglyphics and astronomy. The caduceus carried by Thoth is used as the modern symbol for medicine. The caduceus represents the DNA helix, shown as two intertwined snakes, and it contains the crystalline frequency of all morphogenetic fields, which connect all living beings through the Language of Light.

    Thoth believes that healing is very simple, that we make it more complicated. Radiant Frequencies uses the language of light and symbolic image, color and vibration as the vehicle for healing. Each key/image is encoded with a healing mantra. It is simple to use, yet very powerful in its ability to heal. The language of light is our seed language created at the beginning of time and recorded in our DNA. When we work with it, we understand it at a soul level. It is the word made flesh from which all of creation was born.

    The foundation of language and writing is purely symbolic. The language of light courses through our nervous system. Encoding the natural waveform geometries of the physical world, the language of light is a harmonic language, which mimics the waveform properties of light. Given the research, it is clear that Radiant Frequencies are very connected with Thoth.

    Radiant Frequencies are 2-inch x 2-inch cards with symbols on them that fit into the palm of the hand. Each symbol has a specific color combination. Each has a special mantra, which activates it, and once activated, it stays activated. I activated all 44 cards one night and it put me into an altered healing space that was very powerful. The cards were placed in a window in the moonlight from the new moon to the full moon to set the mantras of intention and expose them to the balancing power of sun and moonlight.

    What does this mean on a practical level as far as healing is concerned? The principles discovered in Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water research are supportive of the healing powers of Radiant Frequencies. The body is principally water, and Dr. Emoto discovered that water has the ability to take the images in and utilize them for healing and restructuring. Holding a card in the hand informs the cells through the water in our bodies. I was surprised the first time I held one of the cards. I felt tingling in my hands and warmth throughout my body. People who have experienced Radiant Frequencies have said the same thing.

    Radiant Frequencies works to restore harmony and balance to the body. A Radiant Frequencies session is a nurturing energy that also is powerfully healing. As you experience the energy of Radiant Frequencies, anything that is not in alignment with harmony will come up for release, such as past and present life issues that are stored in the cells of the body. Clients describe having spontaneous releases in their body and energy field.

    To illustrate the healing power of Radiant Frequencies I would like to tell a personal story, because there is no better way then experience to support credibility. I will do it by sharing entries from the journal I am keeping as I work with Radiant Frequencies.

    In November of 2004 I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and was told I needed to have my gallbladder removed. My past experience with self-healing gave me courage to tell my doctor I wouldn’t have the surgery and that I would work with alternative healing methods. She smiled her skeptical smile and agreed to forego surgery.

    Several times a month I would have problems with my gallbladder after eating. By May 2005, I began to have daily problems that got so severe that I was considering having it removed. Here are the excerpts from my journal at the time:

    – May 23, 2005: I had a severe gallbladder attack. I am working with gallbladder, liver and elimination Radiant Frequencies for the first time. I had an almost immediate response using the gallbladder frequency card and drumming over my gallbladder with my drum. Later in the day, I was pain free for the first time in a couple of weeks. During the session, I went inside of my gallbladder visually and watched as the fibroids liquefied and flushed out of my gallbladder. I feel I need to work more with this visualization, as I was able to see four of them dissolve and I feel there are more.

    – May 25th, 2005: I had another attack, which was milder than the one before. I used the Gallbladder symbol and drum and the pain stopped within 20 minutes.

    – May 28th, 2005: Since I began using Radiant Frequencies, I have been moving through fear of having surgery and have moved to acceptance. I feel that the Frequencies have brought up the fear for me so I could explore where it was coming from and release it. This morning I had a dream that I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. The surgery was today (5-28) in the dream, but I knew in the dream that it took place on May 29. I remember how good I felt in the dream and how I reached down to touch under my rib cage and could feel the stitches where the gallbladder was removed. When I woke up I realized that I had lived through the surgery. One of the fears I had been having was that I would die on the operating table. This made it easier for me to decide that I would be willing to have surgery if I didn’t feel better in a few days. That was May 28, 2005, and today, as you read this, I still have my gallbladder and I haven’t had a problem since.

    Radiant Frequencies assisted me in healing my gallbladder. I have worked with these frequencies to relieve symptoms of a cold. Clients report that they can feel the energy of the Radiant Frequencies immediately. A recent client reported that she felt 80 percent better from symptoms she had for a couple of weeks, two days after the healing session.

    I continue to work with Radiant Frequencies and receive deeper information about how to use them. When they are used with sound, such as drums, rattles and music, a deep healing experience is created. I invite you experience Radiant Frequencies for yourself and let me support you to come into greater health and wellness, whether it is spiritual, physical or emotional.



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