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    During times of stress when we are feeling the need to contract – or "pull in" – our energy, flower essences can teach us how to be calm…and when we are ready, to gently open, like a flower. The spiritualizing flowers can help us feel safer, more grounded and supported as we move through change, challenge and spiritual opening. Specific healing frequencies, colors, scents, shapes and patterns of Nature balance and ground us and lift our awareness towards the Divine. When we feel balanced – emotionally, mentally, physically – we blossom into our true beauty and divine potential!

    Supportive flower essences are important "vibrational" tools in these times of rapid change and spiritual expansion. Stress can take over unless we find ways to center, nourish and honor our full being. As we infuse ourselves with a flower’s intelligence, we receive Nature’s energetic food and nourishment. Flower essences offer a powerful, yet gentle, tool to help us release stress by shifting our perception and how our body and mind respond to change and growth. They also help us work through and release fears and patterns of thought or belief that contribute to stress. For example, the wild Phantom Orchid opens us to seeing truth by releasing fears, blocks and resistance. I find the wild lilies supportive of feminine sensitivity and creative energies, giving us "permission" to be women.

    Vibrational medicine is defined as a way of treating and balancing your subtle energy system (chakras, energy fields, meridians) using energy. Flower essences are an unscented, water-based solution preserved with brandy that contains the etheric imprint of a flower. They are most often used by placing a few drops under the tongue or in water and drinking, two or three times a day or as needed. For children, 3-6 drops can be added to a bath, water or juice, or used in an atomizer spray. For pets, add 3-6 drops to water or food bowl.

    Combining different flower essences creates a bouquet of healing energies. The key to flower essences is their ability to keep our inner energy dancing and flowing and stabilized through change. Here are a few examples:

      A teenage girl with insomnia was still wetting her bed and struggling in school. After taking flower essences, her sleeping patterns were restored, she stopped bedwetting and her schoolwork improved as a result.

    • A woman was feeling intense stress as she flew home for the holidays. Taking flower essences several times a day, she was able to maintain her calm, keep her thoughts positive and limit her need to react emotionally to what others said or did.
    • A panicking, stressed older woman had a nosebleed. Her nosebleed and panic stopped instantly after taking flower essences.
    • A very sensitive woman felt stronger, more relaxed and less like a "psychic-sponge" after taking flower essences.

    Our thoughts and emotions affect every cell of our bodies. It makes sense to bring our awareness, and loving attention, to exactly where healing is needed most – the source of imbalance. Seventy years ago, flower essence pioneer Dr. Bach made the link between stress, emotions and illness. More recently, in Molecules of Emotion: The Science Behind Mind-Body Medicine, Dr. Candace Pert offers scientific proof of the direct impact our emotions have on our body chemistry and physical wellness. Unresolved emotional patterns can sap our energy, cause imbalance and even lead to disease. Flower essences are one of the few "medicines" that work directly on our emotional/mental state to bring emotional issues to resolution. For example, Oregon Grape helps us build inner trust and clear fear of abandonment issues.

    Flower essences are powerful tools when used in conjunction with bodywork, counseling and spiritual practices, as well as medical treatments, including surgery. The healing process quickens, because the flower essences reconnect breaks in the optimal flow of energy within the body. Results from acupuncture, energy work, massage, cranial sacral, homeopathy and chiropractic treatments can be greatly improved. Taking a few drops of flower essences before, during and/or after a chiropractic treatment, for example, helps the body "hold" positive adjustments by assisting the nervous system with re-patterning, as well as releasing the emotional/mental blocks surrounding the issue.

    Flower essences can be easily incorporated into our daily lives. Just a few drops, several times a day, infuses us with the beauty and joy of flowers.

    Flower essences are now created in regions all over the world. Choose which flower essences you would like to use by the qualities of where they are created, by theme, or how they intuitively feel to you. Feel free to combine different flower essences together. Let the flowers remind your body and mind to gently open and grow, like a flower. Flower essences support you through the stress of change…and your spiritual blossoming.

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    Camilla Bishop
    Camilla Blossom Bishop is creator of the Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences, Flower Essence-Aromatherapy products and Gaia Cremes. She is a plant-communicator, certified aromatherapist, vibrational healer and Reiki Master, and she calls herself a


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