What Is Your Role?


    I believe the role of alternative, complementary health care is to expand awareness and encourage independence through sharing how to sustain and maintain a healthy energy. To some degree, this is already taking place. Maybe it has as much to do with the high cost of health insurance and the high cost of getting sick. After all who can afford to get sick? If the illness does not kill you, the bill from the clinic or the hospital will!

    I believe every human being is a healer. It only makes sense that if we are so adept at destroying our health, we are just as capable of restoring our health to a place of balance. Most of us can quickly identify how we are challenging our body to remain healthy. We don’t need to listen to another’s advice on how to live an unhealthy lifestyle. So why do we listen to another’s advice when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle? We already know what it takes to be healthy. But we keep ignoring our Self! We often are not too keen on listening to our inner voice. By age 17, most of us were been to turn off the inner voice and listen to the experts. We are told they know what is best for us and they have all the answers, although they seem to keep changing their ideas on what that is!

    The role of alternative and complementary health services is to encourage people to begin listening to their self. It is to discourage dependence and encourage independence. How can this be accomplished? By listening to that little voice within that encourages you everyday to look at your choices, routines, anxiety/stress and anything else that is not in balance with your total Self! This could result in a few difficult choices, which might mean alternatives you have long been ignoring.

    The base word for alternative is "alter." Alter means "to change" – change/alter your perspective, change/alter your life, change/alter your choices, change/alter your thoughts, change/alter your routine, change/alter your friendships, change/alter your relationships, change/alter how much you eat and drink, change/alter your work and play, change/alter your belief structure. Why is it that we struggle to let go of the choices that are killing us. Why do we struggle to embrace the choices that will offer us a more balanced life?

    My friends, alternative health care can provide some valuable suggestions to transform the energy that manifests in our body in a multitude of undesirable physical ways. Alternative health care is about approaching the maintainence and restoration of a healthy physical energy. Sometimes this can be done in alignment with conventional Western medicine. The information, the encouragement, the established systems are out there to take care of you. But when will you become responsible for your own role and begin to alter your choices to create your tomorrow to be healthier than today? Tomorrow?

    What is your role in the alternative health care system? Are you sacrificing your own health so that others around you can be healthy? Are you trying to take care of others and ignoring your Self? Are you focusing on the world around you and ignoring the world within you? Does fear alter your ability to make choices that will restore your health to a place of balance and vibrancy? Are the energy vampires around you stealing your healthy energy and leaving you with their unhealthy energy? Are you willingly giving your healthy energy away and taking on the issues of your world for everyone else?

    My friends, the seed of Self is centered within you! When you begin to water it, the world around you will watch you blossom. If you focus on watering that seed, those around you will benefit from your beauty, for it will never diminish or lose it’s vibrancy. Alternative health care begins with you embracing you first! It is just a matter of choice.

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