Prosperity through communal living: creating community in tough times


    Change is happening quickly – and with the economical shifts, it is causing spiritual, mental and physical stresses on much of the population.

    Many can not find employment that adequately fits their skill level. Downsizing and outsourcing is happening in corporations around the country, and with the effects of rising inflation, many people are at the breaking point.

    I was in a discussion recently with a group of people asking me questions of what lies ahead for the this nation, and society in general. They voiced their concern for the future. As heating costs continue to rise, some wondered if they will be priced out of their home and how to help those who are alone. Many people this winter have been faced with a monthly heating bill of more than $700; unfortunately, we have not seen the worst of it.

    A new sense of family will emerge from this change, as people will need to rely on friends and neighbors, just as society did before the exodus to the suburbs and people became more isolated and less dependent on one another.

    I hear of many who are buying property with acreage, where they will learn to depend on the land, with fresh running water and a natural spring located on the site. Some are even preparing multiple dwellings where friends and family can stay and take refuge in the tough times ahead.

    Communal living – relying upon each other for emotional support, physical needs of eating and staying alive, and a spiritual connectedness – may become a necessity and a welcome transition as society and earth makes its shift. Whether the definition of communal living is carried out literally or figuratively, it may be the only way some will survive.

    The elderly and indigent are taken care of in other countries. In the U.S., caretaking of these groups is not as kind. The challenge of doing so will put more of a burden on society and families – and it will force us collectively to take a look at how we treat others.

    As the forecast for future world events unfold, the simple demands of day-to-day living will receive more attention and become increasingly tough and challenging.

    This is the time when faith, abundance principles and manifestation techniques are being tested. Everything is a learning experience. Everything brings about new opportunities. Some of us experience much-needed life lessons that may not be positive at face value. How we deal with these situations is the jewel found after scrubbing away the debris.

    Consider this a time that when we all are artists sharing a communal canvas of sorts. It’s up to us how we choose to paint the canvas. It matters not what strokes we use, but that we make the stroke and help others to make it, as well. Some of us will make broader strokes than others, but in the end all that really matters is that we gave it all we had and helped others do the same.

    If we all work together, it will have been enough; the painting will be beautiful, no matter how abstract. Let’s hope we don’t paint inside the lines.

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    Brenda Miller is a forecaster and whole-systems design strategist. As a Certified Master Professional Futurist, and Certified Trainer in Emotional Intelligence, she specializes and helps people, businesses, and organizations see, understand, and respond to change so they can creatively design a brighter future. Ms. Miller is President and Chief Global Strategist of New Crotona, a Futures-based consultancy providing services in futures planning, advertising, marketing, business strategies, team building, leadership coaching, and Internet business solutions and website development. Ms. Miller is President of the Minnesota Futurists Association and a Professional Member of the World Futurists. For more information, contact her at (651) 731-4037 or e-mail [email protected], and visit Copyright © 2005 Brenda Miller. All rights reserved.


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