It Wants You, Too


I saw a marvelous billboard advertising the sleek and sexy BMW Z-4 sports car. The ad simply splashed a photo of the shiny car and proclaimed, "It wants you, too."

The sign was teaching a crucial metaphysical lesson: The good you seek is seeking you. If you deeply desire a mate with certain characteristics, someone just like that is looking for someone like you. If you have a house to sell, someone is in the market for a house like yours. If you need a job, an employer needs someone with your unique skills.

The universe functions in perfect balance. The voice of fear and lack tells you that you are small, alone and abandoned, and you have to struggle to get what you want and need. The voice of trust and abundance reminds you that all is well, you do not walk alone, and you are provided for in a million ways you do not understand and cannot manipulate. Fortunately, the voice of trust is far closer to the truth than the voice of fear, so you do not need to pay a moment’s attention to the ranting of desperation. You are not desperate, so don’t act like you are.

I once owned an awesome Mazda RX-7 convertible. When the time came to sell the car, I placed an ad in the local paper and received a call from an interested lady. We made an appointment to meet in the parking lot of a local restaurant, and I had the car detailed. As I was driving to the restaurant, the car’s electrical system began to fail. This was astonishing, since the car had been mechanically excellent for the five years I owned it. Now, on the way to sell it, it was punking out!

I prayed to at least make it to the appointment, and I did. But the car’s engine gave out the moment I entered the parking lot. I literally rolled into the parking spot next to where the woman was waiting. She was angry because I was late, and wanted to take the car for a test drive. I sheepishly told her that the electrical system had faltered. Her eyes bulged as she grunted, "Well, call me when you get it fixed!"

I phoned a tow truck and soon my beautiful detailed convertible was hanging on a hook, dragging along the highway like a side of beef. I told myself this was just a momentary setback; the car would get fixed and somebody would buy it. Maybe, in spite of appearances, Divine Order was still in force. That felt better.

Fortunately, the problem was just a broken belt, which was repaired quickly. Three weeks later the woman phoned me. "Is your car still for sale?" she asked. I told her it was, and I had it repaired.

"The strangest thing happened," she reported. "I looked at two other cars, and both of them failed when I went to drive them. Isn’t that weird? Maybe there’s a reason."

This time the showing went flawlessly and we made a great deal. A month later I received a thoughtful card from the buyer telling me how happy she was with her new car.

So in spite of appearances and setbacks, the car had a right buyer, and time brought us together. So it is with your needs as buyer or seller, giver or receiver, lover or beloved. The universe is trying to help you. Are you letting it?

The Law of Balance operates on a very subtle level. A student in my online prosperity course reported that he was seeking a job. He had fine-tuned his resume, printed several dozen copies, and was getting ready to send them out to prospective employers. Then he received a call from an employer who wanted him. He didn’t even have to spend the money on postage!

The key ingredients in attracting your mate, buyer or employer are clarity of purpose and intention. If you are sure of what you want and willing to receive it, the universe will deliver it with minimal effort on your behalf. Far less doing is required, and far more knowing. If what you are seeking is not coming, there may be several reasons:

• You are not 100 percent sure you want it, and you are harboring doubts, fears or resistance. You can always tell what you believe by what you are getting.

• You are trying too hard, and your strugglesome efforts are clogging the pipeline through which your good is trying to reach you.

• The desired object is not in your best interests, and the universe is protecting you.

•There are two crucial stages to manifestation: Launch and release. You have to ramp up your desire to do or have something, and take the necessary steps and actions to make it happen. Then, once you have taken your best shot, you have to release the project to the hands of the universe and let natural forces assist you. If you keep launching and not releasing, your rocket will implode on the launch pad. If you just keep releasing but not launching, you do not have the momentum to sustain flight. In our culture we are very good at launching, but not so good at releasing. Both are necessary.

Place a photo of your desired object on your desk or refrigerator and write next to it, "It wants you, too." Somewhere, your object has your photo on its refrigerator. The time will come – maybe not very long from now – when you will meet.

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