Living In The Flow Of Generosity

    Here we are in May, a perfect time to witness Mother Nature’s awesome flowering. Her prolific beauty is a stunning example of why sustainable living and renewable energy usage is so very important. Being able to witness the beauty of Mother Nature is just one of many reasons why sustainable living and renewable energy usage is so very important to me.

    I do all of what I consider to be the ordinary things to conserve energy and live sustainably. I buy organic foods. I recycle everything possible. I add or remove a layer of clothes as needed. I rarely use air conditioning even though I have it in my home and car. I minimize my driving as much as possible. I support all political initiatives that speak to the issues of living sustainably and saving our wild areas. I realize these choices literally save our very lives. I recognize my impact on myself and others.

    Sustainable living values are the spiritual values that underlie all of my personal choices. Living green is a longstanding personal spiritual value that is so deep in me it’s almost beyond words. Living green is a personal spiritual value that says to me treasure the Divine in all its many expressions. Living green is a spiritual value that says, "Remember who you are. Remember how you got here. Remember why you’re here."

    It is clearer to me than ever before that we are to be caretakers of our beloved Earth, not dominators of it! When I think of the values and the value of living green, I remember that my every thought, my every action has enormous power. We often hear the analogy that we are the ripple in the stream. Here is another analogy to consider: As fast as the polar ice cap is melting, we are much more like the flood of the ocean rushing forth. This change is a cataclysmic reminder of how we do impact our environment.

    When I think of living green I think of reassessing our values at the very root of our existence. It means everything to me to get beyond the "myth of scarcity" that is so deeply rooted in our thinking, doing and being. This myth is so deeply rooted in fear, separation and competition that we don’t see the forest for the trees. That is not how I want to live.

    The spiritual values that I hold dear tell me we live in a vastly abundant Universe where there is far more than enough to spare and to share. I call this value the consciousness of Love. This value calls me to remember who I am. This value calls me to remember that I am Divine Love in expression. We all are Divine Love in expression. Everyone and everything comes from this very same Source. As we move more and more into the enlightened consciousness of who we are individually and collectively, we cannot help but see the reality and necessity of living in the flow of generosity. We cannot help but see the necessity of recognizing and preserving the beauty within us and all around us.

    We are being mightily called these days to invoke a new way of looking at ourselves and each other. We are moving beyond the victim mentality, the enemy mentality and the separation mentality in all its many forms. To be the sustainable, renewable energy force we truly are, we must value our true nature. The Cultural Creative movement has called us into focus again. We are entering a time of a new Renaissance period. We are reclaiming our true nature as loving, generous, sharing beings. We are reclaiming the sacredness of our divine heritage that is within us and all around us!

    From this place of the new Renaissance, my tips for every day living are: Be love in action; be generous; be kind.

    I love the ideas expressed in Rev. Edwene Gaines book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. She writes: "We have far more food than we ever need. We just have a problem with distribution. We have not yet valued our need to distribute all this food before it rots on the ground." This is a key tip for renewing ourselves and each other in our every day life. This is one example of how we invoke the flow of generosity and renew our spirits, bodies and minds daily. For our lives to be sustainable, we must mobilize our hearts, minds and bodies to get this food distribution accomplished. The very basis of sustainable living rests in and on the values of loving, caring, generosity, hopefulness and sensitivity. It is absolutely unconscionable to me to realize that 70 percent of the world lives on less than $2 per day, and 40 percent of the world lives on less than $1 per day. The spiritual values I hold dear say I must do something about this reality. I want to invoke the value of generosity toward everyone and everything! I want to be the change I want to see in the world!

    I am purposefully speaking to the issues of living green, sustainable living and renewable energy in this manner because I truly feel these values are the underpinnings of how our green living values outpicture in all the realms of our beingness: physically, socially, emotionally, financially and politically. When we cherish the spiritual values of "caring for the Earth and each other because our lives depend on it," we are living from a spiritual perspective that is truly life-sustaining and renewing. The earth-based spiritual traditions have been living from these values for eons. I’m grateful that these age old values are finally catching fire in the rest of the worldview.

    I believe there is nothing that love can’t heal. All the violence that exists in the world is simply a raging scream of despondency asking to be loved and understood. We can do that for each other as we continue to cultivate the attitude that everyone is valued and needed. These attitudes flourish in an atmosphere of generosity and renewal. We collectively flourish in an attitude of generosity and renewal. Let’s work together to bring these cherished values into full bloom – here and now. Our lives truly do depend on it. Mother Nature is telling us that as clearly as she can.



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