Volunteers for metro seniors

    Volunteers are sought to paint the homes of seniors and to take an adult golfing on a metro area course.

    Metro Paint-A-Thon invites volunteer teams to take part in the 23rd annual Paint-A-Thon weekend, August 5 and 6. They supply the paint and you supply the labor. Together, a tremendous service will be given to seniors in need.

    Volunteer teams come from civic organizations, corporations, congregations, groups of family and friends – anyone who cares about helping low-income senior and disabled homeowners continue to live independently in their own homes. An extensive survey conducted by the Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support concludes that "the most important issue affecting [seniors] is living independently, and…home maintenance services are most needed in maintaining this independence."?

    Each year, Metro Paint-A-Thon teams scrape, prime and paint approximately 150 homes in the seven-county metro area. And each year, qualified homeowners are turned down for lack of volunteer teams. Not only is participating great fun, it’s an opportunity for team-building, community service, and enjoying time with friends and colleagues in a unique setting.

    For more information about making a difference, or to refer a low-income senior or disabled homeowner in need, contact the Paint-A-Thon office at (612) 721-8687, ext. 321, or e-mail dpope@gmcc.org. Teams should register by June 2.

    Paint-A-Thon is a program of the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches, which operates a family of social service programs to help low-income Minnesota families.

    Hole in One: Hit a hole-in-one with a new friend. Become a Golf Partner volunteer and take an adult golfing on a metro area course. Share the outdoors and joy of a fun golf game with an enthusiast. You can play 18, nine or just three holes, practice on the driving range, or enjoy virtual golf or mini-golf.

    Reach out to a golfer in the community who may be isolated due to depression, anxiety or another mental illness. Volunteers will be reimbursed for pre-approved expenses and mileage. Activities and hours are up to each volunteer.

    Learn more by contacting the Volunteer Coordinator at Guild Incorporated: (651) 457-2248, ext. 36, or e-mail volunteer@guildincorporated.org. For more information, visit www.guildincorporated.org. Guild Incorporated is a non-profit agency that helps people with mental illness lead quality lives.



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