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    A Renowned Psychic & Remote Viewer Has The Answers
    What if the uncertain future wasn’t so certain? What if you got tomorrow’s news today? Some say that’s impossible, yet for a futurist and psychic, they try to do just that tell you what’s coming so you can plan, prepare, or if you decide, even change the future.

    A futurist forecasts the future and a psychic predicts the future. They both may eventually come to the same conclusion, but they get there differently. Each have a hard time being accepted in mainstream society, yet both are hired by governments, military, businesses and individuals to help them better navigate the future and make decisions, that in some instances, may even save lives.

    Working together, a futurist and psychic can create a bridge to better help the world in chaos and crisis, and for those who are looking for answers.

    One of the most notable psychics in the world, Zorel Zone, has more than 35 years of documented psychic accuracy. He has been interviewed on countless radio and television programs, including newspapers and magazines, and is internationally acclaimed for predicting major world events before they take place. Zorel is a remote viewer and remote sensor who has worked for the U.S. government’s Stargate program, as well as consulting for other governments and military leaders. Everyone from celebrities, business executives, corporations and government agencies to home makers have sought his services.

    Among his many predictions: the fall of communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe; the massacre in Tiananmen Square in China; the mass suicide lead by Jim Jones in Jonestown; the sun shifting polarity and giving off solar flares years before NASA’s SOHO satellite captured the images; Madonna would be a successful author and write children’s books; George W. Bush would be elected to two terms as President, and Hillary Clinton elected to the Senate; a new Polish Pope in the Vatican; and 9-11.

    Born seven months premature in Havana, Cuba, Zorel was not expected to live. At age 7, suffering from spinal meningitis, Zorel’s parents were told again he would die. However, Zorel knew he would live after he saw lights dancing around his bed and his psychic abilities, which he had since he was 4 years old confirmed he would survive.

    On his family’s rooftop, he foresaw his family leaving Cuba, permanently for America, because it was destined to be. On October 10, 1961, the very date Zorel predicted to his mother they would leave, they boarded a Pan-American plane, renamed Freedom Flight, and headed to Miami.

    Like most Cubans who fled Castro, Zorel has a deep appreciation for the U.S. and the freedoms he says that Americans often take for granted. That is reflected in his work with people and governments in helping them try to maintain peace in turbulent times.

    "The way I see it, the government is paying serious attention to what I’m doing now, and I’m grateful for the U.S. government and the military," Zorel says. "I don’t want them to like me and I don’t want them to believe in me. I just want them to pay attention, because millions of lives are at stake. And even if we have a disaster, we have to save as many lives as possible. We are all responsible for that."

    Next world disaster predicted

    The next disaster he forsees for the country is the bombing of the United Nations building, and he has been warning authorities. In his vision, he has seen two men and a woman with passports, like diplomats, planting a "dirty bomb" to destroy the UN. Zorel foresees many will die in the tragedy, including school children taking a tour unless it’s stopped.

    When will this bombing attempt take place? Zorel tells it like he’s present, watching the event in real time. "There are no leaves on the trees," he says, "I see myself outside trying to warn people, to get as many people out of the building; then there’s a large explosion, massive panic and screaming."

    Zorel’s concern is that World War III could happen because of negligence. His intention is to help governments solve problems.

    "It doesn’t do any good after the fact," he says, offering 9-11 as a clear example. "Some people say we have to learn from that, but try explaining that to someone’s family that has suffered."

    He says each of us can do what he does, and be trained to do so if you are open to receive it. "But you have to ask yourself: Are you ready for the responsibility? To climb up the ladder and find out who you really are?" he asks.

    As Zorel sees it, people are looking for the answers from others when the answers actually are already inside of each person.

    "I believe in reincarnation," he says. "We keep coming back for a reason: to evolve, to make it better, to finish what we started. Now we have many new souls on the planet who can’t get it together and this is too heavy for them. The new souls have to learn from the old souls."

    Consequences often lead to death

    Zorel shares many examples of people who seek out his help but don’t take his advice, and some of those consequences result in the loss of their lives or the lives of loved ones, because they don’t take him seriously and don’t pass on what he sees.

    One such case involved a woman whom he urged not to go scuba diving with her fiancé on the upcoming weekend. Both were avid and experienced scuba divers, but Zorel predicted that weekend the trip would turn deadly for her fiancé, whom he saw being eaten by a shark. Later, he would hear from the women in grief. She dismissed Zorel’s advice and they went swimming anyway. While in the water, she had a strange feeling come over her as she saw her fiancé swim away for the last time. The next morning, his leg was found washed up on-shore, the obvious victim of a shark attack.

    Zorel recounts numerous incidences, accidents and deaths that could have been prevented, if his advice was followed. Zorel also warned upscale clothing designer Gianni Versace that he needed a bodyguard. Tragically, Versace disregarded Zorel’s advice and he was later shot and killed outside his Miami home.

    "Some people say they don’t want to know when they’re going to die," Zorel says, "but you want to know when and how to make things different, and to make preparation. That’s why we’re intelligent and that’s why we have a brain. If it were me, give me all the details, because you are saving my life but some walk away in disbelief."

    As was the case when Zorel sat down with a 28-year-old man from Washington, D.C., and his mother. Zorel told them he saw that in three weeks, a blue-and-white car would run through a red light, strike the man and kill him. Zorel urged him to be cautious and on guard. The man didn’t believe Zorel. Later, the mother notified Zorel that a blue-and-white Chrysler went through a red light, and hit and killed her son while he was crossing an intersection, exactly three weeks after visiting Zorel.

    Some people do listen. Once, Zorel told a women that he saw her husband flying a plane without propellers, turning upside down, crashing, and him burning to death. That same morning, her husband, who loved to fly, received an advertisement for a free flight in a glider plane. The women warned her husband. A possible accident was averted; the man was still alive.

    "No matter what lies ahead, don’t go into fear," Zorel says. "We can’t be afraid of anything. What is there to be afraid of?"

    Zorel suggests whatever you are confronted with, be grounded, be peaceful, have faith, know there’s a divine being behind everything and good will prevail. "I know as a fact," Zorel says, "that there’s a wonderful God and that energy exists, and it is real and cares about us."

    Severe weather continuing

    The psychic notes that for those who refuse to go with the flow, to change with the times, Zorel says, their numbers will diminish. He predicts that a transition from this life to the next will take place for some in the form of natural disasters more floods, droughts, fires, hurricanes and severe winters that will push people to get their priorities in order and not take life for granted. Zorel forsees that the Bahamas will receive the brunt of the hurricanes and so will Georgia and the Carolinas. Florida will get colder while the Midwest will get warmer. He predicts more dramatic weather patterns throughout the United States.

    "There also will be disasters in Asia, Africa and Latin America," Zorel says, "and the way people handle themselves will determine who survives and who doesn’t. For some, it won’t take much. People who are not strong will drown in a glass of water."

    Politically, Zorel predicts Hillary Clinton will be elected the first female President of the United States, but he warns that she has to be careful who she picks as Vice President, because he will believe the prophecy of the anti-Christ coming through as a Vice President harming the President and coming into power in 2012, declaring martial law and removing all acknowledgement of God and prayer in the U.S.

    Although many sources foretell of the anti-Christ coming from Europe, Zorel says Washington, D.C., and the Vatican have many similarities. In the District of Columbia, Capitol Hill has seven hills like the Vatican, connecting the biblical prophesy of the Roman Empire to the seven hills.

    "The messiah is already here and the anti-Christ is already here," Zorel says. "Everything is happening as is prophesized, the good force knows what the evil force is going to do. During these times, the worst and the best of us will come out."

    The Future: Hi-Tech & ETs
    On a positive note, upcoming technologies will be beyond our wildest dreams. Zorel sees himself being pivotal in guiding businesses and technologies that are good for people, making life better not worse for everyone, helping to produce healthier, happier lives. Zorel envisions technologies that will enhance the planet. People will have replaceable body parts, so we live longer than 100 years. He also foresees people traveling to other planets to see our roots.

    "Extraterestials already co-exist on earth with the rest of us and are blending in," Zorel says, "and that’s why we have the technology we have today. They are not the green people with the large eyes that we’ve been told about."

    Likewise, what Zorel refers to as "star children" are on the planet and some already have children of their own to help us along in our evolution. Soulmates are also being drawn to each other now, he says, to not only make life good for themselves, but also good for all of humankind.

    Part of our evolution, Zorel says, involves shifting our focus, not expecting a messiah to snap his fingers and make all the problems go away. Most people are programmed for somebody else to do the work, to make the effort, whereas the truth is in their own ability "with divine assistance" to be a part of the solution.

    Good vs. evil, free will vs. fate
    "Evil uses negativity to destroy people, because it’s a parasitic energy that feeds on people and can’t exist by itself," Zorel says. "Evil is an energy. You don’t have to believe in it, but it exits; we don’t see gravity or oxygen, but it exists. Once we understand those principles and learn how it manifests in a physical form, we can monitor, correct and alter it."

    Zorel reminds us that in the movie Star Wars, the principle of hate is the dark side of the force.

    "Everyone feels anger and hurt, wanting to hit somebody, but then you have to realize that you have to overcome that. An eye for an eye makes everyone blind. What will we gain from that if we all destroy each other?" he asks.

    "Anything is possible if you let it be, if you get out of the way, and feel what your destiny is and follow that journey," Zorel says.

    I asked Zorel, "What is the difference between free will and fate? He wisely responds like a sage, "There are events that are fated, and then you have free will to follow through with that fate, or change the events for your good or not."

    The choice is always ours and so are the consequences.

    Zorel Zone can be reached at (305) 383-5730, or visit www.zorel.com. Currently, a book is being written about Zorel, and he’s in discussions for a major motion picture to be made about his life. Zorel can be seen on his new cable program, Zorel, broadcast in English and Spanish, on TeleMundo.

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