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    As an intuitive reader and animal communicator, I have honored the importance of animals all my life and have always known that pets talk to us, communicating with their minds. My French Birman cat, Pierre, was a charming feline who communicated with me by using flashes, images and ideas.

    I am a writer and was working on another book when he let me know he wanted "his" book written first, which turned into Angel Star Cat (Aventine Press, 2005). I did not know how it would come about, so I sat at the computer and composed, as he gave me ideas while resting on my lap, purring loudly. He talks the first half of every chapter, and I talk the second half. We shared the book together, with an autobiography of him and of me, and also shared family (human and animal) stories, lessons and philosophies of life.

    When I finished the book, I told Pierre it was done. He was 19 years old by this time, and he died three days after the book was finished. He knew he had accomplished his goal.

    Now, from the other side, he still assists me in many ways and wants me to get the word out – pets are important. Animals are our hope for the world!

    Why are animals important? Because they bring us unconditional love and joy. No one loves us as much as our own pet. They forgive us any transgressions, even if we go on trip, or neglect them, and even if they get frustrated with us. They don’t hold grudges. Animals give us a purpose and reason to be alive – by having the responsibility of taking care of them every day. They bring us hope, by showing us how to live for the moment, live in the moment, and be happy. They make us laugh and remind us to have a sense of humor.

    What other lessons can they teach us? Pets bring us out of ourselves and won’t let us be selfish, as they depend on and need us. They help our self-worth, making us realize we are so loved by them. Animals help us to not be lonely and are great companions. They teach patience, and show us how to reach out to the world and realize we are connected to each other. Pets help us to be creative – giving us new ideas, new thoughts and fresh ways to do things, just by being around them.

    Can they heal us? Yes, in many ways. A woman whose husband had died now has a dog. A goldfish in a nursing home can make someone smile. An aviary of singing birds in another nursing home can bring joy. Handicapped people can get healthier by riding a horse. Depressed person can hold a small dog and be comforted. Another person can lower her blood pressure just by holding a cat, even briefly. Walking a dog once a day can help someone to lose weight or just plain get in shape.

    Can they protect us? Yes, a woman I know bought a Great Dane who helped her to feel strong and unafraid, after having been in an abusive relationship. I know someone else who depends on her dog for her eyes, as she is blind, and yet she’s able to get around because of her seeing-eye canine. My cat, Pierre, was so determined that I finish our book, so that I could bring the message to the world that animals are very important in our lives. The main ingredient is Love!

    The following is an excerpt

    from Angel Star Cat, with Pierre speaking:

    "I have been in some dangerous situations over the years wherein I do believe I got some extra help from Spirit. One of these times my pet mom and dad were both at work. No one was home with me and a summer storm had swept in across the lake. My pet mom had forgotten to close the windows as it was a clear day and she didn’t know a storm was coming. Sometimes storms in Minnesota can be very lively, and this one seemed to be so, with green hues in its clouds. It was quite eerie looking outside.

    "I am a very calm cat and don’t usually get excited about storms, but this one was different. I was sitting in the living room eyeing the storm when a northwest wind blew so fiercely it actually blew out a screen from the open window. I had never seen this before and I slowly and cautiously walked up to gaze out the window.

    "Now, the natural curiosity of a cat can be a dangerous thing. I knew I should not go through the open window and yet it was so tempting. Even though the wind and rain were sprinkling water on my whiskers, I stood at the window ledge staring into the tempest of the storm.

    "I was sniffing the air, thinking about the consequences of jumping out of the window onto the outside porch when I heard the key in the door. My pet mom bounded up the stairs two steps at a time, intuitively feeling the danger in the air. She found me in my precarious place and swept me up in her arms, holding me closely and whispering many endearing words of gratitude as I purred.

    "Actually, I was glad she made the decision for me and I did not have to deal with the danger. I am not sure I would have fared very well in the elements or that I would have ever gotten back through the window again. She kept muttering something about angels and God, but I was just grateful to be getting extra special petting and love from her!"

    Karla Wessel will attend a booksigning at Magus Books, 1309 1/2 ES 4th St., Minneapolis, on July 8. Call (612) 379-7669 for store directions or for more information.

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    Karla Wessel is an intuitive reader, animal communicator, Reiki Master, artist and author. She has created a business designed around her spiritual gifts, and she is currently working on the second in this series of books about using intuition, filled with more mystical stories. She is also recreating her animal cards, which she had dreamed and uses as a tool for doing readings. Karla works at the Metaphysical Emporium in North St. Paul, Minn., as a reader. She also does intuitive coaching and classes on dreams, shamanism, angels, messages from nature, feng shui and raising intuitive children. Angel Star Cat is available now at Magus Books, Metaphysical Emporium, Barnes and Noble bookstores and other stores. Visit Karla at www.angelstarjourneys.com, or at www.metaphys.com. Copyright © 2006 Karla Wessel. All rights reserved


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