Lilibeth And The Fairies’ Special Pumpkin


    Lilibeth, our beagle, has a chronic cough. At night, she sounds like a train is passing through the bedroom. The vet says it’s a symptom of aging, and we should blindly accept it. We’ve been to hell and back with our little girl, and she’s been there for us in the worst of times. I wasn’t going to allow her to suffer needlessly without finding alternative solutions. I turned to the Fairies I work with – the ones who have guided me through my fairy research – for answers.
    It is strange how guidance sometimes arrives. After asking the Fairies for help, it seemed there was only silence. But then there were the whisperings inside me that kept drawing my attention to the aging October pumpkin sitting in our January front lawn. Could we make a flower essence from a pumpkin? Where’s the flower? Or was it two separate thoughts – to make a pumpkin essence for some other problem, and my guidance on what essence to make to help Lilibeth? I’d have to make the essence and see.

    As I was guided, I put the pumpkin next to a bowl of water, and called on the Deva of that particular pumpkin to capture its healing pattern. I waited the next few hours for the essence to "cook" before preparing the master essence.
    I had no idea what I had in my hands or what this particular essence would accomplish, so I asked the Fairies.

    "It’s a cleanser," they told me. "This healing essence hollows things out gently. It is the healing pattern of this particular plant. The pumpkin is the flower of the plant."
    They then instructed me to write about my love of pumpkins to determine more about its job.
    Pumpkins, I wrote, represent Halloween, my favorite holiday.

    No big realization yet. I would just keep writing.

    They are round and happy and bursting with life; ready to be painted and decorated, or carved out to include bright lights to shed light in the darkness.

    Was I onto something here? The pumpkin, when carved out, could hold more light. Whatever was clogging up my beagle could be cleaned out, so she could be back to her jolly self, and her light, with the bad stuff gone, could come back in!

    Lilibeth readily took the flower essence dripped onto my finger. She’s a flower essence genius who asks for essences when she needs them with exuberant beagle barks. Sometimes, she even licks the essence bottles of what she needs, according to our 11-year-old daughter.

    I took the essence myself under the tongue. I had some dark that I also wanted to replace with more light.

    That afternoon, Lilibeth coughed something up that looked like a beagle hairball. There were pieces of book and leather belt, and was that part of my good shoe? Her cough no longer sounded like the passing train and weakened to a soft gasp. Lilibeth, feeling bouncy again, barked rudely at dinner – a sure sign she was feeling better. We could sleep at night now that we no longer lived at the railroad.
    My healing took a little longer, which didn’t surprise me. With less resistance and garbage to weed through, the essence could do its magic quicker on Lilibeth than me – her reaction and process with the essences were fast and noticeable.

    At first I felt nothing except the soft feeling of being supported. I didn’t cough up a hairball, but I did manage to cry at weird times like at the Hallmark commercial I usually think is sappy. Later I would write down in my research notes that I would feel fear leave from my stomach. At dinner, I had a strong feeling of panic that seemed to pass out of me and into the air. My stomach now released, I felt calm and relaxed. The entire process was gentle; delivered in a way that I could handle easily.

    Later when I met with the Fairies to thank them, I realized that my thought to make the pumpkin an essence was Fairy-guided. It was amazing to realize that what was sitting in our front yard – this leftover, aging Halloween decoration from nature that we flippantly ignored – was what our beagle buddy most needed. The Fairies in their wisdom worked with my higher guidance to point me to the obvious, and gratefully, reconnected me and Lilibeth to our natural roots and the earth wisdom just waiting to help us heal. And like that aging pumpkin, although it looked weathered and worn on the outside, it still held its healing spark, much like our Lilibeth, whose light now shone brightly.

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    Ronni Ann Hall is a fairy and animal communicator and a writer/illustrator. She writes and creates online Fairy healing classes and ebooks for her Fairy School, and has Fabulous Animal Healing Tuesdays on her Blog. She also creates and documents her fairy research in her book in progress, The Fairy Field Guide. Her most recent class addition is the Healing our Animals With the Fairies online course, sharing her experience asking the Fairies questions on how to help her animals, and the Fairies providing the answers and tools. To sign up for this helpful class or to buy an ebook, go to She also gives private fairy lessons and readings. Lilibeth Beagle Hall is still coping with other issues brought on from the aging process, but is happy to be supported by the flower essences and the knowledge from the Fairies. Copyright © 2006 Ronni Ann Hall. All rights reserved


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