Love Is Eternal

    Frequently, people who have lost their pets want to communicate with their spirits on the other side. The grief can be emotionally, mentally and even physically crippling. They are looking for some closure and for a way to say I love you one more time.

    As I often say, I never know what is going to come up in a consultation. I have no idea what will be so specific to the humans that will give them a validation that it is their pet, and not me who is talking.

    Take for instance one consultation I did just last week. To protect their anonymity, names have been changed.

    Mary Anne, a tri-color Shih-Tzu dog, had passed two weeks prior to our scheduled appointment and her people were still in shock from the events leading to her death. Even though she was 9 1/2 years old, they were not ready for her to go. She had not been sick and was under excellent veterinary care.

    I set up a day and time for the parents to call me back. The morning of our scheduled phone call, I did a deep meditation and contacted the animal with whom I would be speaking.

    Although results vary, I always get some kind of connection, sometimes more specific than others. For me it’s always a wonderful feeling. I take notes of the pictures I see and what my senses pick up. This makes it easy for me to remember what the animals say and what it felt like, when I’m speaking to the humans later in the day.

    This one morning, Mary Anne, the dog, came in very strongly. She wanted to tell her human parents a few things — about how she was still around them, how she was moving specific things and appearing in their dreams. I thought that the information was pretty specific, but I didn’t get enough feedback from the people. I could almost “hear” their skepticism: “Any dog could say that…I vaguely remember my dreams…I didn’t notice things moving.”

    I took a deep breath and continued to read my notes to Mom and Dad. We covered several questions they had, and with each one it was more apparent that their little dog had a lot to say.

    I finally came to a sentence that had puzzled me when I received it: “Mary Anne is talking about her collar. She shows me the collar and the tags hanging out and a hand holding it. She is not wearing it. I feel that this is important. She continues to show me that the collar is serving a purpose.”

    “Since she died,” the Dad said, “I’ve been carrying her collar in my hand every day. I feel she is close to me that way.”

    That was a nice validation, but nothing like what was to come.

    “Good,” I said, “but there is more! Mary Anne shows me a little plaque, and her name is inscribed on it. She also said that it has been placed in a prominent place in the home where everyone can see it. The plate with her name on it is new and she can see it.

    “Do you know what she is talking about?” I asked.

    It was Mom this time who screamed into the receiver. Crying, and in total amazement, she told me that they had placed a clock on the mantelpiece. It had been stopped at the very time Mary Anne’s heart stopped beating. In front of it they had placed a picture frame with their favorite photograph. On the frame itself was attached a little golden plate with her name newly inscribed.

    Validations like this are not uncommon. When I connect to pets on the other side, they tell me that they are always around you. They hear you talking and know what you did with their bodies, their ashes or their things!

    Keep thinking about them by honoring their life, maybe even mourning their loss, but know in your heart that they are part of you. They are your little furry angels watching over your shoulders and whispering in your ears. They are looking at you, feeling your thoughts and still loving you.

    May our love for them be as eternal as their love was unconditional.

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    Dr. Monica Diedrich, author of What Animals Tell Me, is a professional animal communicator based in southern California. She has been communicating with animals professionally for 15 years and conducts consultations with clients around the globe. She graduated as a Doctor of Metaphysics from the Metaphysical Fellowship Church in Anaheim, Calif., and is an ordained minister. She believes interspecies communication is a natural gift most people possess but dont necessarily know how to tap into. It is her hope that even if her intuitive abilities are questioned, people will strive to be receptive to the insights it offers. Copyright © 2006 Monica Diedrich. All rights reserved



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