Nothing to lose (Everyone loves Doug)


    A bit of whimsy.
    Or not.

    I am Doug and I love you.

    Its true.
    Everyone loves Doug.
    Even you.
    Of this you can be assured.

    I am assured by this fact everyday.

    You have to love Doug.
    All the good books tell you so.

    Thatís right.
    Every good book on the planet tells you so,
    as if I am your brother.

    All the bad books
    tell you something else.
    The bad books are wrong.

    You have to love Doug
    because if you don’t,
    the world you see will be askew.

    It will be colored by the murky waters of doubt,
    dying to recognize a friendly face
    yet afraid to do so.

    The one person responsible for such a cloudy view
    is you who think you do not love Doug.
    Quite bluntly, you are reading the wrong books.

    So yes, you love Doug.
    Every one does.
    You must love what you are
    or this would become a hellish world,
    don’t you think?

    you’ve got nothing to lose by doing so,
    and every thing to gain.

    Quite literally.

    All the good books tell you so.

    Call Doug at (763) 433-9291 – if you dare.

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