Plan vs. Vision

    I feel that nothing from the past can really predict the future. Because we havefree will, we make a difference. Prophesies are spoken in such a way as to guideand assist, but not to lock us into hopelessness. As we struggle to see what is beingsaid, it is important to see where humanity can be empowered to make change.

    The Bible points out that one "just man" can save a city. Likewise, onejust man or woman can change the direction of a family, company, church, group, etc.We do, however, have to know how to use the laws of spiritual thought effectivelyand understand what we are throwing into the energy of the group mind of which weare a part. If we are fearful, we only torment and add negativity to any group, event,or challenge.

    As we struggle with life and death issues, we become more aligned to the willof God and the will of the Christ within. With that consciousness, we can act ingood light however we are directed.

    We were recently discussing the difference between "the Plan" and "theVision." To me, the Plan is that giant overview of the purpose of life, andfrom time to time we, humanity, get a flash of the overview – a part that is relatedto our space, time or group mind. This segment becomes our vision. As we work towardour vision, it will fit into the plan, but it is not the whole of it. Variables canaffect both the Plan and the vision. We are challenged to utilize the vision forinspiration, to awaken others and to serve, however it manifests. The vision is alteredby the participants and their talents – that free-will part that we each bring tolife.

    The uniqueness of creation allows us to weave our part with the understanding webring to each situation. Think of the Plan as the whole puzzle and the vision asa few little pieces we struggle to fit together, knowing that the part will fit thegreater picture. This may help us understand the idea of probable futures. If certainones come together to create and organize an event, the outcome is influenced bythose contributing. Should the contributors change, the outcome will have to adjustto the talents offered and used in the creation.

    As we dream a great future for our planet, those of us who dare to dream createand bless that probable future into happening. It is the greatest work of our time.

    Rev. Carol E. Parrish-Harra will be speaking at Spirit United Church in Minneapolison June 9-11 on "The Path of Light for One and All" with a Friday nightlecture, Saturday workshop, and Sunday church service. Contact Spirit United at (612)378-3602 or visit for details.



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