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How easy it is to get caught up in to the day-to-day BS of being doing human. Work, family, friends, emotions, feelings, taxes, television, internet, wars, world peace, immigration, politics, religion, finding the meaning to life and all the other stuff we take on as souls to experience this world. No wonder we are stressed out at the end of a day.

I often wonder what experiences I would be stressing over if I chose to be an alien on a different planet. Alien invaders? Alien bugs? Two suns being too hot? New deadly diseases? Maybe there would be world peace, and I would be bored and need to find something to do.

I remember sitting in a dentist’s chair one day, spaced out on Novocain, leaning back and staring up at all the posters taped to the ceiling. One in particular caught my eye – and the words have stuck with me every since: “Life is not a mystery to be solved, but an experience to be had!”

After reading this, I did my ritualistic shaman’s journey into my human frenzied mind, thinking about how many years I have spent trying to figure out the mystery of life. My whole life has been an intense motivational study of philosophy, religion and spirituality to find the true meaning to life. This has been my purpose to live; this has been my motivation to get up in the morning. I exist to please a higher power so that I can find my true purpose, to find my spiritual path is my purpose. Now some unknown author is trying to tell me that life is not a mystery to be solved!


If they are right, I will lose all of my purpose and motivation. In fact, I would have to come down off of the high and intense drama I have created to find the meaning for why I am here, and then to do nothing but experience. I am a true dedicated, certified co-dependent DOER. Is this author unknown trying to tell me to just chill and experience! God forbid!

How does a person just experience life? Many years ago, I attended a lecture performed by a spiritually enlightened soul from Sedona, Ariz. He spoke for several hours on what it takes to become spiritually enlightened. When the lecture was over and the Q & A session began, I stood up and presented my enlightened question, “When a soul becomes spiritually enlightened, how does this soul help enlighten the world and other souls to find their path? What does a spiritually enlightened soul do to understand the mystery of life and to find their purpose?”

His answer was quick, brief and concise, “Just be.”

“Just be what?” I replied.

“Just be. Just be you and who you are. You do not have to DO anything. Just be in life, experiencing and shining your light as your heart tells you to. This is the path of soul.”

It took me about two months to digest this one. “Just be” is not as easy as it sounds. I had to join doer’s AA and work through the 12-step program:

1. I admitted I am powerless over doing – that my doing had become unmanageable.

2. I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to chilling and experiencing life.

3. I made a decision to turn my doing to the care of the big spiritual Kahuna, who is more enlightened than I.

4. I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of my doing. This took several weeks!

5. I admitted to God, myself and to another human that the exact nature of my doing was to just do.

6. I am entirely ready to have God remove all the co-dependent doing in my character.

7. I have asked God to remove my shortcomings for needing to do for everybody all the time.

8. I made a list of all persons I had been doing for, and became willing to just listen.

9. I made direct amends to people I have done everything for, and taught them to do for themselves.

10. I discontinued taking personal doing inventory and committed to living my life to chilling.

11. I pray and meditate to improve my conscious contact with God and my ability to just experience life and just be.

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, I try to carry this message to all co-dependent doers.

Now that I had made my penance and learned new tools, I had to learn how to walk the talk. Having worked in an intense, corporate job for 25 years – averaging 50 voicemails per day, 100 emails per day and 80 people working under me – it was a challenge to learn how to chill and experience in this type of atmosphere. I decided to throw away my thinking cap and to rely on my intuition.

When an issue would come up, I chose to not analyze it but feel it, experience it. The answers that would come were new, ideas that I had never thought of before. When an employee issue would be presented, I would stop, take a moment to chill my mind and listen to my heart, again hearing new answers and new resolutions. The most amazing reward for me in this new life was that I did not find my self mentally stressed at the end of the day. Every day after work I found myself ready to experience more of life’s amazing treasures instead of needing to get away from all the stress. I found myself waking up in the morning, not worrying about all the things I had to do that day as my normal pattern was, but instead found myself taking time to enjoy and experience the morning as something special.

Hey, this stuff works!

As souls, we choose what worlds we would like to visit and experience, just like we choose a vacation. We decide on a places to go, clothes to wear and experiences to be had. They do not necessarily have to have a reason or a purpose, except to experience and have fun. So enjoy your vacation. Chill and experience!

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Michael Underwood
Michael Underwood is a spiritual teacher, healer, minister, psychic and professional musician. He performs public speaking on spiritual principles, positive motivation and team building for spiritual and corporate organizations, and conducts individual and group sessions on how to balance and use spiritual principles. Michael is a minister for the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and an executive for Mid American Energy Corporation. Contact him at [email protected] Copyright © 2006 Michael Underwood. All rights reserved


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