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    Geopathic Stress is a source of stress that can’t be seen, tasted, smelled, and by most of us not even sensed. Studies have found that 85 percent of people who are suffering ill health are sleeping in a Geopathic Stress Zone. Geopathic Stress lines run through every home and work place.

    Many people do not realize it but, the electricity around you may be hazardous to your health!

    Recently I was at the home of a woman who has breast cancer. Using dowsing rods, I located all Geopathic Stress lines entering the house, including lines that crossed on her side of the bed where she has slept for the last six years. Those intersecting lines crossed exactly over her right breast when she slept in her bed each night. Her cancer developed in her right breast.

    I also noted that an electrical transformer was hanging on a pole less than 100 feet from her bedroom. I neutralized and blocked more than 40 sources of Geopathic Stress lines entering the house by driving metal rods into the ground. Five hours later she called me to tell me that her husband’s headaches went away and they have not returned. He had suffered from a headache every day for the last six years in that house.

    An invisible grid

    More than 50 years ago, Geopathic Stress was first identified and reported to the medical community by two German medical doctors by the name of Hartmann (this grid of energy was named after them). The entire earth is threaded with an invisible grid of Hartmann lines. They appear every 6 to 8 feet.

    Geopathic Stress can result from natural radiation that rises up through the earth, penetrating the highest building we have, especially steel structures. Geopathic Stress also can result from electromagnetic fields caused by electrical wiring, lighting, appliances (including computers, TVs, microwaves, clocks, radios), telephones (especially cellular phones), and from outside sources, such as electric generators, transformers and electricity pylons.

    Geopathic Stress does not cause any illness. It lowers your immune system and your ability to fight off viruses and bacteria. While we sleep, the body should be at rest so that it can do its repair work on body cells, fight infection and absorb nutrients from the food eaten that day. However, if we sleep in a Geopathic Stress Zone, the body has to focus all of its energy just to keep vital organs working. Consequently, the immune system is lowered.

    The most common indications of Geopathic Stress are resistance to treatment (conventional or alternative), feeling run-down and exhausted, depression, nervousness, allergies, insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, sleep walking, headaches on waking, tingling in arms and legs, grinding teeth. Research has shown that 90 percent of babies who died of crib death had been sleeping in Geopathic Stress Zones. Geopathic Stress can result in miscarriages, infertility and behavioral problems in children, such as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD). Negative energy is also linked to cancers such as childhood leukemia and breast cancer.

    Increased risk

    A major new study conducted by the California Department of Health found that children whose birth address was within 200 yards of an overhead power line had a 70 percent increased risk of leukemia. Children living 200 to 650 yards away from power lines had a 20 percent increased risk. This indicates that danger from power lines is appreciably further from the lines than had been identified in previous studies.

    The study, which was partially funded by the power-line industry, mapped how far each child lived from a high voltage overhead power line. During the week of March 31, 2002, the Minnesota Department of Health posted an evaluation of the massive report by the California Health Department, which found that magnetic fields probably cause a number of deadly diseases.

    Geopathic Stress has been found to be the common factor in most serious and long-term illnesses and psychological conditions. Scientists at Dulwich Health Society USA studied more than 25,000 people with ill health and concluded that the following groups are Geopathically Stressed (GS):

    95 percent of people who get cancer were sleeping and or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed.

    95 percent of children who are hyperactive, have learning disabilities or are difficult to control.

    95 percent of people who get AIDS.

    80 percent of parents/caregivers who abuse children.

    80 percent of divorces are by one or both partners being GS.

    80 percent of couples who cannot have babies, one or both are GS.

    80 percent of women who have a miscarriage.

    80 percent of babies who died of crib death.

    70 percent of M.E. (post viral fatigue) sufferers.

    70 percent of people who are allergic to food/drink.

    Blocking Geopathic Stress is the first line of defense in health care, improving your health, drastically, reducing health care cost, and it helps everyone living in your home for a few pennies per day.

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    Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Geopathic Stress Dowser. He has been practicing Medical Hypnosis since 1978, holds U.S. patents for his work in energy medicine. He removes geopathic stress and is the creator of the Balance Energy Program using Voice Remapping. He can be contacted at (952) 920-0044 or visit Copyright © 2006 Michael Kelly. All rights reserved.


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