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    New DVD: For the first time, the first four classes of the famous Beginning Psychic Development course taught by noted author and Twin Cities intuitive leader Echo Bodine is available on digital video. Beginning Psychic Development with Echo Bodine, a four-hour program, allows you to explore and enhance your own intuitive abilities from the comfort of your own home. Repeat sessions as often as you like. Class one teaches about The Bible and the gift of prphecy, journaling, psychic protection and clearing, and grounding. Class two explores intuition. Class three covers clairvoyance and spirit guides, and class four looks at clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, precognition and mediumship, along with four psychic development exercises and a guided meditation. The cost is $73.95 (includes shipping). Visit www.echobodine.com

    New jewelry: The When Peace Talks© jewelry collection is a positive, peaceful, and non-violent way to express your desire for peace. When Peace Talks embodies a powerful message of peace, love and equality, as well as respect for different races, cultures and religions that speaks to people of all ages from around the world. Pendant, earrings and bracelet styles compliment your individual attitude and taste. This collection offers a calming message we would like to spread around the globe. When Peace Talks has become our new symbol for peace. The original design of When Peace Talks is a personal expression of hope and peace. As inhabitants of this great earth, we are more alike than different. We share a desire to love, protect, and care for our families in harmony, in spite of the vastly diverse "worlds" in which we live. Designers Chris and Holly Gage have discovered that those with whom we have shared this new peace symbol were uplifted by its deep meaning. We hope this is the case with all who wear it. Wear your pendant close to your heart and let this spiritual symbol motivate you to ?nd inner peace, and the strength and courage to pass it on to others. Visit http://whenpeacetalks.com

    New history book: Set during the French and American wars in South Vietnam, Fourth Uncle in the Mountain is the true story of an orphan, Quang Van Nguyen, adopted by a 64-year-old monk, Thau, who carries great responsibility for his people as a barefoot doctor. Thau manages against all odds to raise his son to follow in his footsteps and in doing so saves him, as well as a part of Vietnam’s esoteric knowledge from the Vietnam holocaust. Thau is wanted by the French regime and occasionally must flee in to the jungle, where he is perfectly at home living among the animals. As wise and resourceful as Thau is, he meets his match in his mischievous son. Quang is more interested in learning Cambodian sorcery and martial arts than in developing his skills and wisdom according to his father’s plan. Fourth Uncle in the Mountain is an odyssey of a single-father folk hero and his foundling son in a land ravaged by the atrocities of war. It is a classic story complete with humor, tragedy, and insight, from a country where ghosts and magic are real. "…An unputdownable tale, told in an intimate, oral style with an unassuming wisdom, a thrilling, Castaneda-like search for knowledge as well as a moving tribute to the most profound love between a father and son," notes Nick DeMartino of University Bookstore in Seattle. Visit www.marjoriepivar.com

    New Audio Cassettes: Money is freedom – freedom to live out your dreams, freedom to travel this beautiful world. Magnet to Money: Dynamic Psychological Breakthrough in How to Attract Money by Bob Proctor and Michele Blood showers your mind with the same concepts that wealthy people have studied and applied for years. These concepts affect both hemispheres of the brain so that old conditioning and fears of the past are quickly replaced consciously with new positive thoughts. Before you know it, you will…be a magnet to money. Visit www.musivation.com

    New inspiration: Golden Mountain (Silver Light Publishing) is the inspirational story of Chinese-American auther Irene Kai, chronicling four generations of women in her family, culminating in her own spiritual breakthrough as she learned to forgive the past and open up her future. Uncommonly well told, Irene’s life journey continues to inspire all who read it, giving us all a glimpse of a better future. The author writes, ""I care so much about sharing the universal theme of abusive relationship with other women, if we take the time to unravel the secrets and shame (self imposed,) we can definitely step out of our trapped situation and find the courage to live a life of our dreams." Visit www.thegoldenmountain.com

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    Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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