So, here I am again

    trying to get a feel for this space that I’ve created.

    Dark and nebulous.

    Indefinite and indistinct.

    Once a poem, a picture, reflection…

    Why am I here?

    Why are you?

    I ask myself these questions.

    And how shall I refer to this thing – THE INTERNET?

    Friend, or foe?


    I do wonder…

    It’s a mix, you know…

    Sleek, but clumsy.

    Intimate, yet open for all the world to see.

    Hermetic and reclusive, yet accessible

    to millions of people at the click of a button –

    millions of people searching about this virtual world,

    all spent from mental exertion.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of it some days,

    And from my own hermitish perspective, I am, admittedly,

    Both elated and exasperated from it all.

    The comings and goings.

    Quick musings and long pauses.

    Light and shadowy spaces.

    It’s all quite clever when you think about it…

    And confusing, yet certainly not incomprehensible.

    You see, paradoxical, at the very least.

    Provocative, no doubt.

    And I remain here for my love

    …my love of words. Of connection/s.

    The Life-force. The chase…

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    Ayanna Muata
    Ayanna Muata lives in Minneapolis, Minn. Copyright © 2006 Ayanna Muata. All rights reserved


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