A Preview of New Books, Music, Products and Experiences

    New on Buddhism: The new book, All is Change, the Two-Thousand-Year Journey of Buddhism to the West (Little, Brown & Co.), by Hamline University professor Lawrence Sutin, does not argue that Buddhism can play a vital role in many spheres of knowledge here in the West. What he explores is how Buddhism came to be known in the West, in exchanges between the Classical Greeks and the Buddhists of India, between Buddhist and Christian traders and missionaries in China. All is Change, available now nationwide, will be an asset to both religious scholars and history fans.

    New on Disasters: No, not a book on hurricanes, but a book on the effects of hurricanes and other disasters on animals. In the new book Rescued: Saving Animals from Disaster (New World Library), Allen and Linda Anderson, the Twin Cities-based founders of the Angel Animals Network, ask pertinent questions that may never have been asked before. What place does animal rescue occupy in a society that spends more than $39 billion pets? How has viewing animals as members of the family changed disaster and emergency response requirements? This book makes a point to state that rescuing animals saves the lives of humans, and it takes us firsthand into the unprecedented volunteer effort that helped to reunite people with their pets during Katrina.

    New on the Ancient: Gary Renard, who opened eyes and hearts with his first book, The Disappearance of the Universe, is not finished yet. In a continuation of the dialogue that Disappearance started, the new book Your Immortal Reality: How to Break the Cycle of Birth and Death (Hay House) further explores concepts that strip away illusion and remind us that nothing is really the way we think it is. Renard relates information given to him by Arten and Pursah, Ascended Master teachers, who mysteriously appeared before him on a day that would forever change his life. Both books are a must for those interested in A Course in Miracles.

    New audio CD: Antonio Almeida, Ph.D., a mystic, philosopher and author of the book My Spiritual Bodyguard, is featured in a new audio CD, Taking Charge of Your Spiritual Life (www.PartOf.com and www.SpiritualSite.com). Sharing his discoveries of spiritual life, Tony reminds us that spirituality is not to be found in someone else or by doing something. It is something already inside of each of us. The question is, do we want to acknowledge our spiritual nature or ignore it altogether? This audio CD is available in Spanish.

    New greeting cards: Sometimes it is important to share a heart-felt message with a friend or loved one that cannot be found in the neighborhood store. A new line of greeting cards, Soulebrate, have been released by Tara-jenelle Walsch, daughter of best-selling author Neale Donald Walsch. Tara-jenelle says she is committed to helping others find freedom by voicing their heart. Her company encourages emotional awareness and a deeper, authentic connection with others. For samples and more information, visit www.soulebrate.com.



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