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    Medicine Men talk to the wind and listen to the earth. They feel energy. They see imbalance. They intuit solutions. They reshape pattern of thinking and work in the flow of life itself. Such healers, often portrayed in movies as superhuman magicians, are actually real people who are connected to the life force of all creation. They are people like Blue Thunder, an elder of the Eastern Shoshone people on the Wind River Indian Reservation in west central Wyoming.

    Blue Thunder, 56, has been a practitioner of earth healing wisdom for more than 35 years. He learned and studied the wisdom and knowledge of his peoples’ ancestry and traditions, and he implements universal or spiritual laws to help restore the balance between people and the earth.

    Near Duluth several weeks ago, he shared his Earth healing wisdom and knowledge at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center. On Sunday, Sept. 17, he will be just south of downtown St. Paul, in Crosby Park near the bank of the Mississippi River, to do the same. He comes when he is invited, and supported. Near or far. In service to all.

    Blue Thunder, in speaking with Edge Life by phone from the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming, demonstrated the indigenous path of spiritual activism, one that we all can take to heart, if we choose.

    What’s the significance of your name, Blue Thunder?
    Blue Thunder:
    I work with the blue thunder (lightning), known as the Blue Thunder Bird or Blue Thunder Being, as interpreted in indigenous terminology. It is wisdom and knowledge. The lightning brings water, so I work with blue, which is the water. I work with the sky, which is blue. Blue Thunder is my traditional name, given to me by warriors of old, by the Great Spirit, in a naming ceremony.

    How would you describe your purpose in this lifetime?
    My service is to heal Mother Earth and humanity. My responsibility is working as a spiritual adviser and leader to help in healing all that surround us in nature’s environments by teaching healing techniques to humanity. I work for harmony, and I work with animals, trees, insects, water, wind, earth, lava, tornadoes, droughts, floods and many more interesting environmental subjects.

    Human dis-ease in thought forms has caused many illnesses, which have impacted upon Mother Nature and human societies. This affects the daily energy or spirit of all living organisms on this planet.

    Disasters in nature have been triggered by the past, present and future, producing negative or positive actions, forcing nature and humanity to disintegrate. Results are dependent upon humanity’s actions and responses, using negative or positive thought forms, creating harmony or disharmony. Working in negative or positive manners in nature brings peace or war, separating cultures fighting over lands and resources. Turning brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, friends, families, co-workers, employers, employees, and children against children in thinking patterns of negativity. 

    My purpose is to teach how nature works in direct relation with thought forms and actions in humanities thinking patterns. This is why it is so important to know how thoughts affect the environment, in either a negative or positive way.

    Why did people become disconnected from the Earth?
    We fall apart with anger, hatred, blame, greed, materialism, egos and many more emotions that don’t serve a purpose for peace and harmony. Our low thought forms cause us to carry a low charge of electrical magnetic energy, and the cells do not re-birth themselves. They degenerate, and illnesses take place in the body.

    This is the same process that is reflected in the dispersed and chaotic energy discharged from sacred sites. When development of holes scoring the land occur, the energy lines (ley lines) are cut in Mother Earth and her elements – the earth, the wind, the fire, the water – are affected. Mother Earth’s heart energy bleeds out of these areas affected by development in many ways that are happening today. This is the electrical magnetic energy of creation. All life feeds from this energy.

    It is important to try to understand how the Earth works, and how to balance emotions. If people don’t understand that, they can destroy themselves.

    You’re part of a group known as The Spiritual Elders of Mother Earth. Will you share with us a little bit about what that group does and why you joined it?
    I was initiated into their circle as a wisdom carrier who has dreams and visions underneath the protocols or the ways that we believe as Native Americans. We go vision questing on the sacred sites and get messages like how to work with the Earth or how to heal people. Such people are called Medicine Men. We have these messages, dreams, and visions. This group of prophecy carriers wanted me to help work with people from 30 other indigenous nations, so they initiated me into this circle.

    What I do is I work with those elders. I go out into the lands of their tribal nations and ask them to consider doing Earth healing ceremonies, think about these messages of the past, of these prophecies, just like Nostradamus had given messages to many other cultures. In the indigenous nations, we’ve had the same kind of people who have given messages like that.

    The prophecies say that if we continue to keep doing this, then that will happen. It’s not written in stone. The prophecies don’t say, "This is what’s going to happen in the future." It’s not that. It’s that if we keep doing the things to the Earth with these actions, then it will happen. It’s important to bring those messages to all cultures and all nations, especially the indigenous nations, because the indigenous nations understand how to keep the Earth harmonized in nature and beauty. Earth, wind, fire and water. Clean water, clean air, clean fire. Electrical energy is a spirit that we all carry. We all carry an electrical charge.

    I read a powerful message on your website by Darrel Whitewolf, an elder of Cherokee decent, who challenged the elders of all native nations to release sacred information to all humanity. What was your response to his message?
    We all need to respect each other, because we’re all having dreams and visions. Those of us, like Native Americans, have the power to talk about how the Earth works and to invite all those other cultures to come in and get rid of attitudes and emotions that are not helpful.

    Everyone wants peace and love. Native Americans want that. So do the Black nations, the White nations, the Yellow nations, and the Brown nations. The Brown nations are the aboriginies. Like the five fingers of the hand, we’re coming together in peace, and those nations will come together in the future and we will promote peace on the earth.

    Only those who walk in peace will have the right to inherit the Earth. Those other ones who don’t come in peace will destroy themselves with viruses and illnesses and cancers and war. Those who choose to go there are setting themselves up to leave the planet. They curse their children with anger and hatred, causing cancerous cells to destroy themselves. That’s what they’re doing to each other.

    They do not know what they’re doing to each other, but when we come and talk about how the body works, about the Earth, why it’s falling apart, why the emotions are the way they are, then they’ll realize the truth – and if they don’t come into peace then, they’ll leave the planet with many forms of illness and viruses and death.

    Do you get a sense that the environmental crisis is very urgent right now?
    Yes. I’m getting this message through humanity. Al Gore put that documentary out just recently [An Inconvenient Truth], and now he tells us all about the problems, but he has no way to remedy the environment. He has only gathered information from all these people because he’s going to run for President, so he wants to look good and say, "We’ve got to do something for the environment!"

    Well, what are they going to do for the environment? They don’t even know what to do.

    What I do is heal the environment. I’ve healed areas that have drought. I’ve put volcanoes to sleep with the help of all nations coming together. I am gathering the nations and teaching how nature works, doing our ceremonies of the Re-Creation Songs, so that we can re-create nature in beauty.

    That’s what we’ve always felt, but the nations have never listened, because they have wanted to pillage and plunder the Earth unconsciously, not knowing what they’re doing to cause the droughts and the volcanoes. But Al Gore and those environmentalists do not want to listen to this. They say, "Ah, that’s just Native American hogwash. It’s all devil worshipping stuff."

    We are the ones who are fixing the Earth. I can prove this. I’m doing the work while they’re just only talking about it. That’s the difference.

    Is there something that the average person can do similar to what you are doing to heal the Earth?
    Yes. What I’m doing is bringing information. This information is written in two books right now [Spoken Truth: Spiritual Messages from Warriors of Old, and Nations Unite Within Souls We Walk]. I’m hoping to do a documentary talking about this, but I need someone to believe in what I’m doing, just like Al Gore did, in putting it out to the general public. I don’t have the money or the financing, so I’m hoping someone will get the message sometime and say, "Oh, my God, this is powerful information!"

    These are two of five books that are going to be written. They provide the information about the work I’m doing and the messages from the Great Spirit to the people. The books reflect on the work and reflects on thoughts and emotions and how the Earth is falling apart and how I am fixing and repairing it.

    Are other native peoples doing what you’re doing to heal the Earth?
    No, they’re not. No one’s doing anything, because the tribal nations are fighting each other over who’s right and who’s wrong, over who should be able to do this and who can’t. Darrell Whitewolf’s message is asking the tribes to come in peace and help work with the other cultures, and they’re not doing it. So I’m here to help them remember, "C’mon, please, brothers and sisters of the indigenous nations, get over your anger and hatred."

    What led you to begin working with Dr. Masaru Emoto [author of Messages from Water], who documents how water carries emotions?
    I was doing the Magnificent 19 + 1 Medicine Wheel Ceremony in May 2004. A few months earlier, when I was in Flagstaff, Ariz., and talked to the Hopis, asking them to come forward and do their ceremonies, Dr. Emoto was there talking about water.

    I visited with him and told him that we’re already doing this stuff, that we know this information already. And I mentioned to him that he’s only working with one element [water], but not the other elements – Earth, Wind and Fire – which also are all represented and imprinted by vibration, by thoughts and emotions.

    I asked Dr. Emoto to bring the rest of the information through, because he’s famous now. For a person like me who’s not famous, no one’s going to listen to me. So I’m asking him to represent all four elements in oneness. He’s a great wisdom carrier to bring information, but he’s missing three of the elements. I’m not saying it’s bad. I’m hoping he will consider this.

    I’m hoping that all of humanity also will learn what I’m doing, because I was told to do this. Who told me? The Great Spirit. Who brought the messages? The Great Spirit. How did they get to me? In dreams and visions. All cultures are having those dreams and visions, but those ones who are having dreams and visions are being put on Prozac and Zoloft.

    When you are at a piece of land or water that needs to be healed, what ceremonies do you use to heal the land and the water?
    I use thought forms. I’m using sound and vibration. All areas are affected differently, so all areas are not the same. I go there and I see the illness and the sickness and discern what’s wrong. It’s like when you go to a doctor and he looks at you and figures out what’s wrong with you. I go to the land, I see that, then I reflect the information to the people out there and I ask to see what ceremonies are needed.

    I want all of you to come and learn from me, so you can do the same. I will teach people how to do it, and then I leave and let them fix their environment. They live there. It’s their thoughts and emotions that’s making droughts and tornadoes and pollution. It’s up to them to educate their people in their areas. If they need help, then I come back to help them do what’s needed to fine-tune the environment and fine-tune their thoughts for peace.

    You did studies in anthropology and you’ve worked with ancient rock art?
    I was asked by my elders to go to college, to study the colleges like a spy, to see what they are teaching. So I went into anthropology and applied indigenous studies and studied all of what’s wrong that’s not the truth. I saw that they were lying and deceiving the people in anthropology, applied indigenous studies, sciences, social work, forestry and all that. There’s a brainwashing of America’s people to put them into slavery, to tear up the environment, to cause tornadoes, earthquakes, disasters. That’s what the educational system is doing to our people, all around the world.

    From your work with the sacred rock art, what is it telling us about ourselves?
    It’s telling me how to do the ceremonies that I’m doing now, with original blueprints on how to keep the Earth in balance and harmony, and how Nature and our bodies and the Universe are all connected in oneness – and not to separate anything. Everything is given freely. You take no more, no less. There are ways to use things and to generate love and peace and kindness.
    We’re coming into those days that the Great Spirit and Mother Earth have mandated, out of all the history of the Earth, that only those who will come into peace will inherit the Earth. Anyone who knows the truth and the knowledge will gather the truth and follow the teachings of peace. That’s what I was given, the job of asking people to do this. Those who will follow the direction of peace will understand that and educate themselves, and they will inherit the Earth.

    I’m only here to help remind people of how and why, of cause and effect. I’m not here to tell anyone how to think or how to do it, but bring the information. Then they have a choice: Do they want to stay on the planet, or do they want to leave. If they want to stay on the planet, then here’s the things for them to consider. It’s their choice.

    Now is the time to wake up and smell the roses, because the message is, "To be or not to be, that is the question."

    Blue Thunder in the Twin Cities: Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau Sr. will share information on Earth Wisdom, on balancing our thoughts and emotions to heal the Earth, on Sunday, Sept. 17, at the Crosby Park shelter, 2560 Crosby Farm Road, just south of Shepard Road in St. Paul, near the Mississippi River. Lecture will be from 9 to 11:30 a.m. The suggested donation is $25. To attend the lecture, as well as the Earth healing ceremony from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., suggested donation is $45. Bring your drums, rattles and a dish to pass, as participants will share a meal together. For more information, contact Barb Korte at (507) 344-0628.

    For more information on Blue Thunder’s teachings, visit or e-mail [email protected]


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