Spotlight on Conscious Business


    The following are several business that Edge Life is highlighting this month in its "Spotlight on Conscious Business":

    Amanae Workshop Experience (AWE)

    School of Amanae, 2324 37th St. E., Minneapolis MN 55406, (612) 345-6044,,

    When Pat Burdy first discovered Amanae and experienced its power, she knew that she wanted to help bring it to the world.

    "Many of us, human beings, are prisoners of our emotions," she says. "Prisoners of ideas, values and ideals that we accepted as truth unintentionally. Delivered to us by well-meaning people. We surrendered our fire and inner passions betraying our truth and power. Life is meant to be lived fully in richness and enthusiasm and to be enjoyed. Amanae helps us to recommit and reawaken to our divine nature and to live more fully. Having this business allows me to fulfill and live my truth, my passion. It makes my heart smile."

    Fifteen years ago, Pat and the founder of Amanae, Christine Day, began this work in California. Pat then established an Amanae School in Israel. When she returned to the States, she decided to relocate to Minnesota. The Amanae and Frequency of Brilliance Center, and the School of Amanae, were established in Minneapolis in January 2006.

    "Amanae offers an opportunity for people to explore themselves in new depths and to manifest and experience the freedom that comes with awareness, expression and release of deeply hidden emotions," Pat explains. One-day Amanae Workshops, as well as five-day, Live-in Intensive Workshops, are offered. She says these workshops are life changing, intense and are for "those who are willing and committed to create change in their life."

    Trained practitioners also offer private sessions, conduct monthly demonstrations of Amanae and Frequency of Brilliance, and offer Amanae and Frequency of Brilliance Practitioner Training Programs. The center’s space is available for rent to others doing like-minded work.

    "What we offer is a safe space to explore one’s mysterious depths," Pat says. "It is our commitment to hold the space for each individual to have his/her own experience without judgment or interference. Holding this space is love manifested. For Amanae is a work of love in the truest sense. Love that holds you and allows you to realize your full potential so that you may create the life that you were meant to live in balance, peace and harmony."

    Who benefits from experiencing Amanae? "People who realize that there is more to the life that they are leading," Pat says. "People who want out of their self-imposed prisons. People who are willing to say ‘yes’ to transforming their lives. People who are no longer willing to hide their light, who are no longer willing to live with lack with pain and who are now willing to face their own fears. People who want to move into their own joy who choose to live in peace and harmony. Our target market is humanity."

    Anew Fitness and Spa / Anew Wellness Center and Spa

    2920 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55408, (612) 825-9355,,,

    Sooki Jalali, CEO and facilitator of Anew Fitness and Anew Wellness Center, opened the business in April 15 to provide services that nurture the mind, body and spiritual growth.

    "We believe in lifelong learning and being the C.E.O. of your destination," Sooki says. "Some of the main services we provide are yoga, personal training, group fitness classes, social dance classes, spa services, life coaching and workshops that nurture health and well-being."

    Considered a one-stop shop for "health, beauty, fitness and complete wellness," Anew Fitness and Anew Wellness invite those in search of balance and well-being – especially Baby Boomers and discerning, educated and proactive people – to experience a warm and inviting spa that provides tranquility and energy to go.

    "People will experience our personalized care," Sooki says. "We invite and encourage maintenance of self-care. We instill awareness of our ability to be proactive in our body’s path to living a lifestyle of ‘feeling healthy inside and out.’ Maintenance is the key to living a long and vibrant life."

    Anew Fitness and Spa, and Anew Wellness Center and Spa, recently opened up its studios for workshops and weekend intensives for mind, body, spiritual workshops. Sooki, a Chopra-certified teacher, presents a unique yoga teaching called "Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga," an integrated yoga class intended to connect and ground the body’s energy centers, as well as cleanse the body and release stagnant emotions and air in the breathing passages. Future classes will include T’ai chi, chi gong, self defense, and tea time in the afternoons, with social time and live music. In addition, Sooki plans to offer Spanish classes in the evening, with interactive Latin dance lessons.

    "I chose to create a business that bridged the general health club concept – with the holistic services, along with health education," Sooki says. "I chose this business based on what makes me happy and growing. I live the model of nurturing oneself first, so you can make a difference for others. I also want to create Anew community center, where people have healthier places to belong outside of coffee shops and bars."



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