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    Brigid’s House: Center of Peace for Body, Mind & Spirit
    500 Park Ave. S., Park Rapids, MN 56470
    (218) 732-5347, [email protected]

    Brigid’s House: Center of Peace for Body, Mind & Spirit opened in Park Rapids in November 2001 because owners Brenda Mason and Jeanne Marie Troge wanted to provide "New Age" type resources to their northwoods community. They wanted to offer a place where people could come in out of the harshness of the world and be supported by like-minded people.

    "9/11 occurred just prior to us opening our doors," Jeanne says. "We knew we were providing a place of healing. Up here in the northwoods, there are neither the resources nor the number of people who practice New Age beliefs. Five years ago, the opening of Brigid’s House did cause a stir in town among the more conservative people, but we also had people coming in off the street, crying, thanking us for being there. It affirmed for us that we were providing a much needed service to the people of the area."

    Brigid’s House offers massage, hot stone massage, cranial sacral, myofascial release, hair follicle testing, zone therapy, Reiki, hot stone Reiki, shamanic energy work, personal/spiritual growth counseling and tarot card readings. Ongoing classes include yoga, belly dancing, self-hypnosis. Jeanne offers numerous classes in Reiki, shamanism, rattle making, drum making, chakras, and a two-year apprenticeship in core shamanism and in Celtic shamanism. The retail store is filled with a large selection of books and numerous gift items, from essential oils, drums, jewelry, purses, skirts and sarongs to Tibetan singing bowls, chakra charts, stones, tarot cards, music, and botanical and organic body lotions, as well as a special section of peace items including necklaces, rings, books, CDs and bumperstickers.

    "The first thing people tell us as they walk in the door," Jeanne says, "is that it smells so good and they want what that smell is! When we explain to them it is a mixture of essential oils and incense and soaps, they are a bit disappointed they can’t purchase it."

    Brigid’s House is in a beautiful, old house that still retains the natural woodwork and hardwood floors. There’s always laughter wafting amid the scents. You may hear someone playing with the drums in the back of the store, or see children playing with toys or oogling the children’s fairy books. Now and then someone tries out the singing bowls.

    I think our uniqueness is in the fact that we are in a small town of 3,500 people," Jeanne says, "yet people travel from the Twin Cities, International Falls and Fargo to come and see us! We get many people from the Twin Cities who have seen our ad in the Edge and want to check us out. So many people say, ‘I can’t believe a place like this is up here!’

    "Brigid’s House is a place of peace," she says. "We try to instill the consciousness that everyone is accepted and welcomed here regardless of your beliefs. We honor the divine in each of us. As "older" women, Brenda and I feel that one or our responsibilities is to support young women who are just beginning their spiritual path. All who enter the doors of Brigid’s House will experience the love, non-judgment and acceptance we’re all looking for in the world. It is a safe haven for the soul."

    Readings By Tiffany
    201 W. Burnsville Parkway, Ste. 109
    (612) 272-2561 [email protected]

    Tiffany Johnson offered psychic and tarot readings as a side business for many years. In 2001, after experiencing a moral breakdown in her mainstream job, she opened Readings By Tiffany as her full-time profession. "It’s part of who I am, not only what I do as a career."

    Now in a bigger office with a full-time massage therapists, Readings By Tiffany provides psychic readings, hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, jewelry, massage products, crystals and flower and gem essences. Tiffany also speaks to groups when invited.

    "I try to instill a sense of worthiness, wholeness, understanding, abundance and strength in each individual. When connecting to their highest good, there are NO LIMITS. That’s what I try to share with all my clients. The divine connection is within us all.

    "I offer empowerment and humor. It’s unfortunate, but often when working spiritually, it’s hard to see the joy in our faith. That’s what I bring. Beyond that, I work to empower my clients to work personally on their issues and not excuse, devalue or ignore what they can accomplish."

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    Tim Miejan
    Tim Miejan is a writer who served as former editor and publisher of The Edge for twenty-five years. Contact him at [email protected].


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