A Conversation With Cyndi Dale


    Cyndi Dale, Keynote speaker, Edge Life Expo

    "Healing Cancer: It is Possible – An Experiential Healing Workshop," Room
    101A, 1-3 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 11, $30 in Advance, $35 at the Door

    For years, Cyndi Dale of the Twin Cities has been known for chakra healing. Now entering
    its sixth printing since 1997, New Chakra Healing (Llewellyn Publishing), has been
    translated into nine foreign languages and is regularly listed as a source for other
    authors writing about the chakras and auric fields. She is the author Advanced Chakra
    Healing, the long-awaited sequel to New Chakra Healing, as well as the newly released
    Attracting Prosperity through the Chakras.

    Thousands of people have attended Cyndi’s workshops and seminars. She has been trained
    in several different healing modalities, including shamanism, intuitive healing,
    energy healing, family of origin therapy, therapeutic touch, the Lakota way and faith
    healing and holds a fourth degree mastership in Reiki. Her travels have taken her
    around the world. She has taught business ethics at the University of Minnesota,
    served as a public relations consultant to 3M and Tonka and has been honored in WhO’s
    Who in American Business, The American Women of Noteworthy Achievement and the International
    Association of Business. Cyndi lives in Minneapolis with her sons, Michael and Gabriel.

    She is President of Life Systems Services, a highly successful corporation that offers
    intuitive-based healing, destiny coaching and corporate consulting, and she is a
    member of HPSS Global.

    Her keynote address, presented by HPSS Global, reminds us that cancer is triggered,
    not caused. To prevent or heal cancer, you need to understand, eliminate or transform
    the biological and spiritual perspectives that trigger cancer. Cyndi’s latest book,
    Advanced Chakra Healing – Cancer: The Four Pathways Approach, reveals how to activate
    the chakras to promote healing. Speaking with Edge Life about her upcoming Keynote
    address at Edge Life Expo, Cyndi offers not only a revolutionary healing system,
    but a transformative approach to changing our minds about disease.

    How do you view cancer?

    Cyndi Dale:
    I view cancer as a condition, rather than a disease.

    A lot of people have a disease mentality around cancer, which is dangerous. People
    who have had cancer say, "People have stopped talking to me or they think that
    I’ve done something wrong in my life, or they think that I’ve abused my body."
    And then people avoid them.

    Depending on the type of cancer, I think it certainly can be an emotional condition,
    a mental condition, a spiritual condition – and it is always a physical condition.
    It always has to be treated physically, but we can work on it any number of ways.

    How do you separate condition from disease?

    Most people think of diseases as something you can catch. Cancer is not contagious.
    Typically you try to get to the cause, but the allopathic system tends to more or
    less just treat symptoms. If you have a condition, you can certainly treat symptoms,
    but you also can look for causes, and learn how to live with it and work with it.
    Unfortunately, our society views cancer as just a terminal disease and illness, which
    immediately increases fear. And the more fear you have, the less apt you are to be
    able to heal anything.

    If somebody has cancer, I encourage them to learn how to live with it, even while
    they’re healing through it. We all live with conditions. For instance, I am prone
    to arrhythmia. Whenever I’m under a lot of stress, I get an erratic heart beat. Now,
    it’s very infrequent, but I’ve been working with it for 15 years. It hardly ever
    disturbs me anymore, because I have befriended it. I’ve worked with it and I’ve worked
    through it to learn about myself, to learn about the world, to learn about my heart,
    to learn about what I need to provide for myself. I don’t consider myself as somebody
    who has a heart disease, even though I do have a condition that I’ve transformed
    into something that’s quite positive for me.

    And that mindset of thinking of it as a condition rather than a disease is important
    in the healing process?

    It’s absolutely imperative in the healing process. In doing so, you decrease
    fear. If nothing else, fear keeps us from thinking clearly. If we are in fear, it’s
    hard for us to search for the real cause of what we’re dealing with. It’s hard for
    us to search for solutions and to make a real spiritual choice about options that
    would work the best for us. In fear, we tend to give our power away instead of empowering

    Fear actually shifts the conditions in the physical body. That’s why I like to emphasize
    that cancer is a physical situation, so we need to treat it physically, no matter
    what else we’re doing. We want to decrease our stress rather than increase our stress.
    Any time you’re in fear, you’re kicking in your adrenals, you’re shifting your endocrine
    system, you’re raising your heart beat, you’re emanating cortisol, you’re building
    up cholesterol, you’re putting your body into fight or flight, and you’re going to
    intensify the physical problems. You’re shifting your pH balance in a dysfunctional
    way. You’re going to accentuate any of the physical conditions creating the cancer
    condition. So first of all, you want to decrease your stress. Fear’s not going to

    You speak about cancer being triggered, not caused. Can you elaborate on that?

    Scientifically we all have cancer. Every single person, every single animal
    walking on this planet, already has cancer. There are some new theories on cancer,
    and there’s one in which the scientists are theorizing and hypothesizing that cancer
    is caused by cells that are deep in the tissue that gets formed sometime during the
    womb state or after birth. These are more or less dysfunctional or precancerous cells
    that they get triggered by certain conditions. Those cells then lose their functionality,
    the genetics are altered, and they can turn into cancer cells. That’s probably happening
    inside of any of our bodies all the time, but because of our immune system, our way
    of thinking and our attitudes, we are able to eliminate those cancer cells, or at
    least keep them at bay.

    Physically I believe that cancer is triggered, not caused. So what’s triggering it?
    Obviously, we all want to avoid triggering it, but you know, we’re going to have
    a bad day and maybe a couple cancer cells get triggered. We’re all exposed to toxins
    in our environment constantly. The key may be our body’s ability to not trigger cancer
    cells, and if we do have a problem, to be able to shift the body into high gear in
    a positive way so the body can shift back into health and get rid of cancer cells.
    So we need to support the healthy cells to do that.

    What makes your new book on healing cancer unique?

    I think it presents four different ways that we can heal cancer, based on
    a system I’ve developed called The Four Pathways Approach to Healing. It reveals
    that each of us lives simultaneously on four different levels of reality: the physical
    reality, the supernatural reality, the world of creative imagination, and in the
    Divine. We’re in all of these levels of reality simultaneously. Now think about how
    much easier it would be to address and heal the condition of cancer if we not only
    knew we were physical, but knew we were also supernatural beings, or knew we can
    access the power of our imagination, or knew that we are Divine. Perhaps the cancer
    we have is just a way to look for love – and maybe we can find an easier way to
    love ourselves than having cancer in our bodies.

    So, it’s a very unified system that helps us access hidden powers and abilities.

    Are you suggesting that if we acknowledge and are aware that we are living on
    all four levels simultaneously, perhaps cancer may never be triggered?

    Yes, I am suggesting that. I think that it is possible. And, if it is triggered,
    we certainly don’t want to beat ourselves up. On each of these pathways, we can then
    look for some of the causes and address them in different ways. We would look at
    physical causes, emotional causes or belief systems. But also, let’s look for some
    way that our attitude is shifting our imagination into negativity rather than positivity,
    and by shifting that frame of reference we can use our imagination to help us heal
    ourselves. Yes, it is possible to not trigger cancer. And I want to make sure that
    people understand that they don’t need to be embarrassed if cancer has triggered
    inside of their body.

    Because it’s something that potentially could happen to anybody at any time.

    It could happen to any of us. It’s been shown that 80 percent of most of
    our problems are actually caused by energies that we internalize, that are outside
    of ourselves, that we allow into ourselves – usually unconsciously.

    Give an example for somebody of what that might look like.

    This is a really interesting situation. A woman called me from California.
    Her husband had fourth-stage terminal colon cancer that has metastasized. Her name
    is Therese and her husband’s name is David. Her husband was too ill to actually get
    on the phone with me, but he gave permission for his wife to join me in doing some
    healing work for him over the telephone. They were done with chemo, and he wasn’t
    taking herbs or anything at this point.

    I looked at what was going on and what I saw was more or less a death wish from
    one member of his family toward him. He had a sibling who really hated him, who was
    very, very, very jealous of him. It was not like his brother was sitting around trying
    to kill his brother off energetically. He probably wasn’t even aware of it. But the
    two brothers had always been competitive. It was a family systems issue. I talked
    about that to my client and we did a gentle release process – not sending the bad
    energy back to the brother, but giving it up to the greater Spirit. That is what
    we did in the hour that we had.

    I didn’t hear from her and I didn’t know what happened. About three weeks ago, I
    was in L.A. and she came up to me at the Bodhi Tree bookstore where I was giving
    a talk. She told me that her husband is fine and healthy, that the cancer went away.

    We often internalize energies, because we make energetic bargains that we’re not
    even aware of. Such bargains are the most important thing to get to if somebody wants
    to seek healing through a situation or a condition like cancer. They have to figure
    out where and when they bargained their health away, bargained away their life energy,
    or bargained away their ability to transform a disease into something positive. Most
    of those bargains are pretty easy to spot, because we re-enact them with our family
    of origin: "I will surrender my health, or I will always be good, or I will
    never get angry, or I will sacrifice myself, or I will give up my life energy in
    exchange for being loved or being fed or being taken care of." I find that if
    we can get to that level of work, usually we can free the person up from what’s holding
    their immune system in a self-sabotage sort of cycle.

    Your work in healing has involved the chakras, the energy centers in the body.
    What role do the chakras play in this process of healing cancer?

    Every chakra regulates a certain part of the body, and the chakras are frequency
    based. The lower the chakra in the body, the more physical the parts of life that
    chakra runs. The higher in the body, the more spiritual that part of life that chakra

    There are two basic types of energy. There’s psychic energy – information that
    moves faster than the speed of light – and there’s sensory energy – information
    that moves slower than the speed of light. We would love to approach healing using
    psychic means, because we can do it more quickly than using the sensory means. Chakras
    are very useful because these are the organs that are able to transform psychic information
    into sensory information, and back again. By working through the chakras, you could
    technically work at a tumor site near a chakra, figure out what information or vibration
    is dysfunctional in that area, use the chakra to transform the tumor (sensory energy)
    into psychic energy and literally wiz it out of the body, and therefore you get rid
    of the tumor.

    We all took eighth grade biology and they tell you that information or math can’t
    move faster than the speed of light, but that’s not true. At a research institute
    in New Jersey, scientists proved that mass can move faster than the speed of light.
    In fact, they said that the light coming into the test chambers entered so fast it
    disappeared before it even entered. Chakras can do that. They are able to transmute
    information and energy psychically. Theoretically, if we really get this down, we
    could literally make a tumor disappear before it appears.

    What will people experience at your talk at the expo?

    I’m going to present the ideas very briefly and informally. I love to take
    questions. But I’d really like to tap into the powers that each of us have and demonstrate
    some techniques and some examples. I want all of us to work together and practice
    some of the techniques and the exercises from the Four Pathway system. That’s as
    experiential as I’m going to be able to fit into two hours.

    Why do you choose to be a part of Edge Life Expo?

    I love the Edge. It is one of the few mediums out there that’s really integrating
    the wisdom of the past with the wisdom of the present and the wisdom of the future.
    The Expo is a great forum, because the people who come in through the Expo tend to
    be bright people who are searching beyond. I’m part of the search beyond. I like
    being at the edge! No pun intended.

    What is your life purpose?

    My life purpose is to help people unfold to their spirits. It’s simply to
    help them ignite their spirit. I think life is great. I think life is joyous. I think
    life is wonderful, and I think each of us has in us the gift, the abilities, the
    attitudes needed to make our lives as happy as they can be.

    Who was your greatest inspiration in leading you to your purpose?

    I’m going to give you two answers, and this is not a religious answer. One
    is actually Christ. And it’s very outside of the church, as the church would probably
    tell you. I think He, in many ways, was able to tap into a gifting and a power and
    a way of knowing what it means to be human that is just absolutely splendid. I want
    to tap in the same way. I would say that’s my greatest inspiration.

    My second inspiration was really more an experience – when my father was dying of
    cancer. Ironically, a good friend of mine took my oldest son out to shop while I
    was at the hospital, at the death bed. My son, who was 8 at the time, came back with
    a game of Life. Isn’t that beautiful? And so, in the middle of all of that, my son
    showed me what really matters and what really counts.

    What is your favorite word?


    Who do you look up to as someone who is leading humanity in the right direction
    right now?

    Oh, that’s a lovely question. Maya Angelou. I think her attitude and her
    kindness and her strength are really revelatory for all of us.

    I’d also like to mention a number of my friends, to be honest. These are real,
    everyday people who pay their bills, who go to work, and who are always available
    to help other people in any way that they can. Those are really my heroes. They are
    Dr. Michael Issacson, Carolyn Vinup, Wendy Kardia, J.J. Jeska, Debra Arone, and Carol
    Lee. Those are just a few of my heroes. I go to them daily for inspiration. For many
    of us, we don’t really need to look beyond our circle to see who the heroes are.

    What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

    Learning. I’m all about learning. I read as much as I can, I talk as much
    as I can. I go in spiritually as much as I’m able to. It’s really curiosity and learning.

    Tell me about your next project.

    In January, I’ll have a book out on healing heart disease, and I’m almost
    finished with a book on intuitive boundaries called The Seventh Sense: the Intuition
    Bible. It’s all about psychic boundaries and how maintaining them can improve your
    life. Then I’m going into more of a spiritual direction by exploring what Mary Magdalene
    would be saying today.

    Is there a particular ritual you use to get into that space that allows you to
    create or imagine or do your best work?

    Wearing my sweat pants (laughter). No, it’s true. I do best if I don’t shower
    and I put on my sweatpants and I don’t have to talk to anybody. That’s pretty much
    my ritual.

    What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done in your life?

    I’ve done a lot of them. I tend to take off into different countries, because
    I feel like I’m spiritually guided to do so. On October 20, I will be taking off
    to Spain to search for a sacred relic. I think the wildest was when I went down to
    an Indian reservation in the south of Costa Rica to hunt down a shaman that my intuition
    told me existed, but I had no proof of. And I did find him. Yeah, I almost got killed
    by a jaguar in the process, but I did find him.

    And finally, if you could recommend a few things people could do in their everyday
    lives to help them become fully realized human beings, what would they be.

    I’d say every day to take at least 10 minutes to do something you really
    love to do. It’s real simple to do. I do it every day. Just 10 minutes. And don’t
    worry so much about what you’re eating, but what attitude you’re eating it with.
    I think that’s really important. I used to have a ton of food allergies. Most of
    them are gone now because now I’m just deciding just to enjoy myself and my food.
    It’s that simple. I don’t think we need to get too complicated. And thank the people
    around you as often as you can for who they are – not for what they’ve done, but
    for who they are. And then you know what I do? I try to consciously smile, even if
    I’m on the phone with somebody, I try to consciously smile. That’s why I have wrinkles.
    That’s the only reason.

    For more information on Cyndi Dale, visit www.cyndidale.com

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