A Conversation With Kathryn Harwig


Perhaps there is no better known medium in the Twin Cities as Kathryn Harwig, an
internationally acclaimed author, speaker, trainer and attorney. Kathryn has been
an intuitive since birth and an attorney since 1982. She grew up on a farm in Minnesota,
where her intuitive abilities were seen by her parents and neighbors as a surprising
and yet accepted skill. She went on to attend the University of St. Cloud, Minn.,
receiving a Bachelor of Science degree (magna cum laude) in Psychology and Sociology.
After graduation, she became a probation officer in Minneapolis. For many years she
supervised and wrote pre-sentence investigations regarding adult felons. As she worked
with the most dangerous of criminals, she came to fully realize the extent that intuition
aided her in her awareness and knowledge of others. She then attended the University
of Minnesota in a graduate program of Criminal Justice Studies, specializing in the
prediction of dangerousness. In 1982 she graduated cum laude from William Mitchell
College of Law with a Doctorate in Law. She was a successful partner in a law firm
for many years.

Her first book, Your Life In the Palm Of Your Hand, was written in 1994. It became
an immediate success and a Book of the Month Club selection. Her later books, The
Millennium Effect (1996) and The Intuitive Advantage (2000), also have received acclaim.
Her latest book is The Angel in the Big Pink Hat (2005).

Kathryn has trained thousands of people to use their intuition to maximize their
career goals, relationships and life skills. She works actively with individuals,
corporations and police departments. Kathryn appears regularly on television and
radio and often writes columns for newspapers and magazines on intuition and related
subjects. In August of 1999 she was featured in a one-hour television special on
the Arts & Entertainment network’s "The Unexplained." In 2003, she
appeared in a segment of Court TV´s "Psychic Detectives." In November
2003 she was featured on a news special on WCCO television. She is a regular monthly
guest on the the Pat Miles show on WCCO radio. Kathryn has traveled the world presenting
this information and has been featured on radio and television in Jamaica, Brazil
and Australia, and many other places.

In her Edge Life Expo program, Kathryn will discuss the world of Spirit as told to
her by her guides, and she also will invite the audience to ask questions about their
deceased loved ones. Kathryn will connect with those who have passed on and provide
specific answers and greetings from those who are just beyond the veil.

She spoke with Edge Life about life, death and how we manage the fear that often
unites the two.

Kathryn, you have become one of the fixtures at our annual Expos. Why do you choose
to be a part of Edge Life Expo?
Kathryn Harwig:
For one thing, I’m part of the community, so it’s just a delight
for me to see people that I haven’t seen for some time. It’s a gathering of like-minded
souls, and the energy is both comforting and stimulating at the same time.

I like that answer, because I love the Expo, too. What is the main theme, or idea,
you will be sharing with those who attend your talk?
What I’m going to be speaking of this year, which is actually similar to
what I did last year, is the transition, or what happens after people die. This is
based on what I’ve been told by my guides and by the hundreds of spirits I speak
to about what they are experiencing and what their lives are like in spirit, and
what happened after they died. So I’ll be talking about that for a short period of
time, and the majority of the time I will be taking questions from the audience.
Most questions, I suspect, will be about their loved ones who have passed, and giving
them messages.

Do you find that the sharing with people what happens is a comfort? Does it seem
to ease people’s fears?
I think it both eases people’s fears and it verifies for them what they already
know. I believe that at some level we all come into this world knowing we are eternal
beings and that this is a stop in our journey, but not our final stop. Yet, to hear
someone who doesn’t know them at all, doesn’t know their passed loved ones, and to
get a message that is personalized to them, gives them a verification. I think people
come for verification as much as anything else.

It does seem that one of the greatest fears people have is of dying, of the end,
of what happens next. There’s so much uncertainty. It often seems that even though
we may know deep down, it’s like we’re afraid to believe it, that we don’t die.
People have a tremendous fear of looking foolish. Nobody wants to, obviously,
and our society has taught us that to believe in something without proof is foolish.
Some people are looking for proof. I don’t know that there is proof, and I tend to
think there isn’t, other than our inner knowingness. But still, that’s a quest that
we have.

Isn’t it then a matter of having faith? We’re told to have faith, as well, and
yet we give in to the fear, which belies having faith.
Yes, it’s an interesting paradox, isn’t it.

If you were coming to hear your own talk, what question would you have for the
speaker, and how would you answer it?
Oh, what an interesting question. I believe that like most people coming
to see me, I would want a personal message from someone who has passed. In fact,
I think I would ask to speak to my older sister, who died very suddenly at 47. And
I would want to know why. That’s what I would ask.

Have you talked to her?
Actually, I have had what I would call visits perhaps twice. She died 12
years ago now. So it’s not an everyday thing, and I don’t ask or want it to be an
everyday thing, because quite frankly that would make me nuts.

What are some of the big questions that we (as human beings) should be asking
ourselves at this time?
I believe people should be asking how to obtain clarity, and asking for help
in obtaining clarity – both in their own lives and clarity in world decisions, because
we’re all apart of it, and we’re all one. If people can develop clarity in their
intentions, then life just goes easier. On an individual basis. If we can develop
clarity in seeing what is obviously the truth, the world would become a better place.
Right now, we just aren’t. The other piece is to learn control of our emotions, so
that our emotions don’t run us.

Control of their own mind, so to speak?
Control is maybe the wrong term, but it is an accurate term. A lot of people
feel they have no power over their emotions, and that emotions happen to them. If
you look at the way things are going in the world, it seems that a lot of the anger
and all that stuff going on is driven by the fact that people feel out of control.

This is kind of an interesting parallel. I was at my daughter’s dance class the
other day. While she was dancing, I sat out in the hallway with the other parents.
Being bored, I began wiggling my toes. Then I got to thinking about those toes, and
the thought occurred that they cannot wiggle themselves. They have to be wiggled
from within, a conscious effort, so to speak.
It’s a wonderful example, because when you think about it, with everything
we do, initially the first step is to have an intention to do it. Whether it’s walking
or doing math or whatever. When people ask me, "How do I become more intuitive?"
the first step is to intend to do it.

What turns you on, or inspires you, creatively, spiritually and emotionally?
I think my prevailing passion is to travel and to learn about different cultures
and different people, and how the world functions in different areas. It doesn’t have to always be foreign travel, either, although I do travel extensively throughout
the world. I love to travel and meet people in the Twin Cities. Plus, I travel to
other dimensions, which is a fascinating thing.

Is there a particular ritual you use to get into that space that allows you to
create or do your best work?
One of the things I do very, very quickly is to relax my tongue. It is very
unusual, but it relaxes my entire body and takes away my mental chatter, and my nervousness.
And I can do that in 30 seconds to a minute, so just to relax my jaw and release
any tension that I’m carrying in my tongue, and then the rest of my body automatically
relaxes with it. It’s a very quick tool I like to share, because it is extremely

What is your favorite word?
That has changed. I would say that my favorite word today is "adventure."

Good one. Your favorite color?
That actually also has been changing, but for now my favorite color is green.

What is the most unusual job you have ever had?
Probably being a probation officer.

What is the most extreme thing you have done in your life?
I have done a lot of extreme things. We were doing a sweat lodge in Mexico
a few years ago, and there was a pool of clear, crystal water outside of the sweat
lodge. After we were done, rather impulsively, because I was with a mixed group,
I ripped of my clothes and jumped in! And almost everyone followed, so it was a very
delightful experience.

What is your life purpose?
I see my life purpose as being someone who can make the transition between
worlds, and being able to see and tell other people that.

Who or what was your greatest inspiration in leading you to discover your life
Interesting. I can’t say that I could name a particular teacher. I’ve had
a number of teachers, but no one that I would say has led me to where I am. I would
say the experience that led me to this occurred when I was a very small child. I
was very ill, and I was also in a family where it wasn’t particularly safe. Because
of those two things, I allowed myself to travel to other dimensions, to get away.
And I think that was a gift.

Are there any current projects you are working on?
Oh, there’s always a ton of projects. I am working on a new book, called
"The Violet Generation." It’s about emerging psychic abilities in older
Americans, and older adults.

If there was one thing attendees to your talk could walk away with, what would
that one thing be?
I would hope that when they walk away, they have a knowingness that life
is eternal – and joyful!

Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with our readers?
We come into earth purposefully, and we leave purposefully. And as long as
we’re here, because we chose to be here, we can enjoy it. Just enjoy the journey.

For more information on Kathryn Harwig, visit www.harwig.com

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