A Conversation With Michele Blood


    Michele Blood, Keynote speaker, Edge Life Expo
    "Become a Powerful Magnet to Money and Success"
    Room 101BC, 5-7 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 11, free CD to Attendees, $17 in Advance, $20
    at the Door

    Michele Blood is a motivational speaker who has worked worldwide and shared the stage
    with such notables as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stuart Wilde, Bob Proctor
    and others. Her recorded and written works have the power to literally change your
    life. She discovered MusiVation after a near-fatal car accident. She not only healed
    her body, but also created great success in her life using her own MusiVation discovery.

    Michele is gifted with the awareness and the unprecedented talent to successfully
    impact people spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically. Her Edge Life
    Expo talk is presented for everyone who wants to triple their income and quicken
    their speed to financial freedom and huge success.

    "Would you like to give your finances and career a huge jump start and make
    the next few months the most productive, most money making fun, and profitable year
    of your life?" Michele asks. "Make the decision now to have the life you
    have always dreamt of!"

    This live event with Michele will be tons of fun, very enlightening – and intense.
    She will motivate, teach and inspire you to achieve all of your dreams with step-by-step
    instruction that she is giving away, along with a lucky drawing for thousands of
    dollars of gifts! She may only be five feet tall and weigh ninety-five pounds, but
    Michele is one of the most powerful women I have ever met. She’s contagious, but
    in a very good way. After all, who doesn’t want to be happy and energetic? If you
    are ready for a life-altering experience, be sure to attend Michele’s keynote address.
    Just talking with her lifted me into a very high vibration.

    Where were you born and where have you lived longest in your life?
    Michele Blood:
    I was born in Forbes, Australia, but have lived most of my life
    in Sydney.

    What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?
    Pop star, I guess.

    Were you in a group?
    I had three different groups. The most popular was Clapping Hands, which
    then changed its name to Glassworks.

    Can you elaborate a bit on how your near-fatal car accident related to your current
    Absolutely! It happened in 1989 on the way home from a gig. We sometimes
    had to travel hundreds of miles between gigs in Australia. The driver was extremely
    tired and fell asleep at the wheel at about 4 a.m. That moment changed my life forever.
    I had many long operations and was told that if I did walk again I would never be
    able to walk properly or dance on stage. What happened then is that all of these
    people started bringing me tapes and metaphysical healing things, which I had never
    been aware of before. They all said the same thing, that if you want to heal your
    body or have anything in your life, you have to change the way you think, connect
    with your subconscious mind and the infinite – and you’ll magnetically attract what
    you want through your thoughts. Your thoughts create the world.

    How does music relate to this?
    I had a spiritual epiphany where, as a singer, I realized that you can’t
    get pop songs and jingles out of your head. Advertising agencies spend billions of
    dollars on jingles, because you’ll remember their products. What happens when you
    sing is that the right side of your brain, the creative side, is activated through
    the melody and the left side is stimulated through the lyrics, so you have a whole-brain
    experience. Your memory increases 300 times faster through music to take things straight
    into your subconscious mind.

    Before that, I was doing all the things these great people said. I was doing affirmations,
    such as "I am healed. I know I am. I love myself. I am my friend." But
    I was observing the things that I wasn’t. I wasn’t healed. I didn’t love myself.
    I was suicidal, because if I couldn’t sing and dance and do what I loved, I felt
    that life wasn’t worth living. So I said all the things that were opposite of how
    I was feeling. It’s like a positive lie to yourself. Affirmations don’t work unless
    they go into your subconscious mind, which is why most people give up. With sound
    and music, it goes straight into your subconscious mind. I didn’t know at that stage
    that no one else was doing this. So that’s how MusiVation began. I wrote songs and
    a friend of mine recorded them and it helped every single area of my life. It cleared
    my mind. It was magic.

    That’s an amazing story! Michele, what is your favorite word and why?
    "Yes" is my favorite word, because we’re used to saying no all
    the time. Say yes to yourself: Yes, I can do that. Yes, I am worthy. Yes, yes, yes!

    What turns you on creatively, emotionally and spiritually?
    What turns me on most and gives me absolute joy and complete fulfillment
    is seeing people wake up and start getting out of that box that they’re in and creating
    the life that they want.

    What is the main idea that you will be stressing during your talk at the Edge
    Life Expo?
    When people come to my seminars, magic happens. When they leave, things just
    start manifesting in their lives. People are in such a high vibration the whole time.
    People end up learning that not only can they be what they want to be, but they can
    have what they desire to have in a way that will seem miraculous. That’s not only
    what I’ll be stressing, but that’s what we’ll be creating during the talk.

    What is your life purpose?
    First of all, it’s to raise my vibrations and do what I can to reach enlightenment
    while I’m here – and to help others do the same. My purpose is to help them see
    and use the tools that we have available within our own selves to literally have
    the life of our dreams.

    Who was your greatest inspiration in leading you to your purpose?
    My greatest inspiration was my car accident. It woke me up to my own spirit
    and higher self. Many things that I have learned have been through my spiritual experiences
    more than my life experiences. Once your spirit is woken up, your life experiences
    then teach you, rather than make you suffer.

    If you were coming to hear your own talk, what question would you have for the
    speaker on the topic, and how might you answer it?
    I would want to know, "What is different about this speaker?" And
    I would say that what is different about me is that not only will you learn how to
    change your life, you will experience it. I literally show people step-by-step how
    to do it, whether it’s to make money, to heal their body, to attract what they want.
    Then I give them the tools, the music, everything. And everybody who comes to my
    talk will also be getting a free CD, "Michele’s Songs for Success." These
    are the 10 most powerful songs that I’ve ever written and recorded that will help
    people change their mind literally to the positive side.

    What are the big questions that we should be asking ourselves at this time?
    Each individual must know what they want. They must know who they are. So
    the biggest question is: "What do I really want? What do I really want to be
    when I grow up?" And, "Who am I?"

    What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
    Seeing people do that thing that everyone else told them they could not do.
    It’s seeing people living their dream. And it’s not always easy. Some people may
    be at a point where they’ve done everything, but they might be one fine hair’s breath
    away from being in the vibrational pull that they need to be to let the law of attraction
    get into their lives. Smile! To be in that vibration, you must be happy. If a minister
    in a church seems angry or is putting fear into you, run away! You don’t want to
    be in that vibration. It’s not about religion. It’s about who’s teaching you. Who’s
    really getting the true spirit of what life is about?

    What’s your favorite movie and why?
    I think Groundhog’s Day is an amazing film. Before watching it, people
    should ask themselves, "What can I learn from watching this film? How can I
    get myself out of my same old, same old – everyday? What really happens to this
    man during all of these thousands of days in the same place?" You’ll really
    have a spiritual awakening. Also, a new movie coming out is Conversations with
    . It’s a great film about Neale Donald Walsch’s life before he wrote the book
    and then what happened to him after he wrote the book. It’s a really great film to
    inspire people to realize that God speaks to you. Your higher self is the God in
    you. One other great film is The Secret. It’s a documentary all about the
    law of attraction. You can see a preview of it and buy it at Edge Life Expo in the

    What is your favorite song and why?
    I have two favorite songs, both of which I have written. The first is called
    "Success." That was co-authored with myself and Robert Proctor, who is
    a great inspirational speaker and teacher. That song gets you into such a high vibration
    that you can have the success that you want, because the magic is within you. The
    other song that I wrote is called "I am Love." It’s a love song for yourself
    to yourself.

    Why did you choose to be part of the Edge Life Expo?
    The Edge Life Expo is very important. It is accumulating all these great
    minds and great teachers who have great tools and products to help people in every
    area of their lives. It is the most powerful church you can be at that weekend. This
    is one of the biggest expos in the world and I encourage people to come from all
    over the country.

    What are you currently working on?
    This is very exciting! We’ve spoken about how music changes your mind and
    gets you into that high vibration. But what about when you’re in a negative vibration
    and not feeling well? How do you get yourself to even put the CD on? We’ve worked
    very hard to put the technology together these past 12 months to create what is called
    "Ring Time for Success." These are positive ring times that you literally
    download onto your cell phone so that every time your phone rings, you you’ll hear
    a song like "I’m a magnet to money," or "You can do it." People
    can get to this by going to ringtimeforsuccess.com. Don’t let the simplicity of the
    idea lessen the power of it. One other thing we’re working on passionately is a club
    called "The Mystical Success Club." It’s very inexpensive to join and you
    can talk to best-selling authors, film makers, and home makers, all kinds of people.
    Just go to msuccessclub.com.

    Who do you look up to as someone who is leading humanity in the right direction?
    The people I look up to are the people who are changing the way people think
    through doing positive films, and through positive TV and positive music.

    Is there any kind of a ritual you use to get into that space that allows you to
    create or imagine or do your best work?
    Absolutely! The number one thing to get people out of a negative vibration
    is exercise. I think yoga and martial arts are the two best, because they help you
    with your meditation. Meditation is extremely important, because you can release
    all the thoughts that are in your aura from other people and get in touch with your
    true self, your higher self.

    What’s the most extreme thing you have done in your life?
    I lived in Malaysia. I went over there to do a big seminar and I fell in
    love with it. My spirit said I just had to stay there for a while. I ended up having
    huge hit records there. And while I was there, I did some really bizarre things.
    I went through dangerous jungles to meditate and to become one with the earth. And
    I taught the government. It seemed bizarre that I was speaking in front of Prime
    Ministers and royalty.

    What signs do you see in our world that make you hopeful for our future?
    Expos like the Edge Life Expo! I’m very serious about this, because once
    upon a time if you were a whole group of people speaking about metaphysics and the
    laws of attraction and how you can have alternative healing, you would have been
    burned at the stake. Anything that was outside of the direct fundamentalist Christianity
    thinking was thought of as evil. I love that we’ve got these things together where
    people can gather and grow and learn. Events like Edge Life Expo make me really hopeful
    for the future. The fact that brave filmmakers like Stephen Simon (Conversations
    with God
    ) and Drew Heriot (The Secret) are getting these films out makes
    me hopeful.

    Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
    The Edge Life Expo is something that has a powerful amount of spirit and
    life behind it. Just coming to the expo will change your life. It will give you a
    high vibration. So if you’re wanting in any way to have more happiness, joy, wealth
    and more spiritual awakening in your life, please do yourself a favor and come. People
    have worked so hard to put this expo together, so please support this great work
    that they are doing.

    For more information on Michele Blood, visit www.musivation.com

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